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Jeremy McWilliams - 2005 Rider Profile

Jeremy McWilliams
  • Status: Married to Jill, two sons (Jack and Zak)
  • Date of Birth: 04/04/1964
  • Place of Birth: Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Residence: Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Height: 162 cm
  • Music: Everything from Rap to R&B
  • Favourite Food: Chicken and Pasta
  • Favourite Drink: Coffee, VK Energy
  • Hobbies: Trials, Moto X and anything on two wheels
  • Dream: To win BSB and keep racing
  • First Race: 1988 Irish Championship, 350cc Production Yamaha
  • First Success: 1988 Winner Irish Championship Production 350 cc
  • First Grand Prix: 1993 Australian Grand Prix, 500cc Yamaha
  • First GP Win: 2001 Dutch TT, 250cc Aprilia
  • Podiums: 1998 German Grand Prix, 250cc Honda, 2nd Position, 1999 Dutch TT, 250cc Aprilia, 3rd Position, 2000 Italian Grand Prix, 500cc, 3rd Position, 2000 British Grand Prix, 500cc, 3rd Position, 2001 Japanese Grand Prix, 250cc, 3rd Position,
  • Pole Positions: 1999 Australian Grand Prix, 250cc Aprilia, 2000 Australian Grand Prix, 500cc Aprilia, 2002 Australian Grand Prix, 500cc KR Proton
  • First Major Victory: 1991 British 250cc Supercup (Yamaha), Brands Hatch
  • Career Highlights: 1988 Irish Champion, Production 350cc, Yamaha, 1990 Irish Champion, Open 350cc, Yamaha, 1991 Irish Champion, 250cc, Yamaha 1991 9th British 250cc Supercup, Yamaha, 1992 12th British 250cc Supercup, Yamaha, 1993 21st 500cc World Championship, Yamaha, 1994 12th 500cc World Championship, Yamaha, 1995 19th 500cc World Championship, Yamaha 1996 16th 500cc World Championship, Yamaha, 1997 10th 250cc World Championship, Honda, 1998 9th 250cc World Championship, Honda, 1999 10th 250cc World Championship, Aprilia, 2000 14th 500cc World Championship, Aprilia, 2001 6th 250cc World Championship, Aprilia, 2002 14th Moto GP World Championship, KR Proton, 2003 18th Moto GP World Championship, KR Proton, 2004 19th Moto GP World Championship, Aprilia