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Kenny Roberts Jnr

Kenny Roberts Jnr

After all the pre-season testing I now want to start racing.

We have made many improvements with the bike over the winter and all of our pre-season tests have shown that we are getting on the pace. All the testing is starting to become a bit redundant - one way to really know how good the bike is will be when I get out in a group and can start racing with other riders and machines in the real race.

I have worked closely with my new Chief Technician Tom O'Kane - who joined Team SUZUKI MotoGP from my Dad's squad during the winter - on many different settings and we are getting closer all the time to what we will need to be competitive.

Bridgestone has worked closely with us to find the tyre combinations for the GSV-R and when we get the right package I am confident of being at the front.

Suzuki has definitely worked a lot on the engine, it has more power down the straights as our top-speeds have shown in the tests, but some of the other bikes have also increased their pace so we are still playing catch-up. The Factory has made the bike a lot more responsive and we still have possibly the best handling bike in the MotoGP class. When Suzuki finds that extra horsepower we will have a top three bike and I know that on the day we will be able to beat anybody out there.

The changes to the team's image are the biggest I've seen since I've been at Suzuki - we've got a new-look bike and many other things. Most of this is down to new team-manager Paul Denning. He has been able to do many new things to improve the team's new look.

Paul has been involved in racing for some time now and he has brought a lot of good things with him to the team. He had a winning season last year with his Rizla Suzuki British Superbike squad and he will bring that success with him.

The new season is just about to start. I am ready to go as I feel fit - my arm has had sufficient time to heal from Japan last year and I've done my normal routine in the winter with my trainer Dean Miller. We do a lot of competitive training and plenty of basketball games. I also have another trainer that we use, so some times we have at least three at a game and many times there are four of us. Some of the nights during the week I'll play some pick up games of basketball with some friends of mine at the local college. Most of them are cops so you have to be careful not to beat them too badly.

I now just want to get out there racing with Suzuki. I know I still have the capability to win races and to be World Champion again.

  • Place of Birth: Modesto, California
  • Date of Birth: Jul 25 1973
  • Nationality: American
  • Home Town: Modesto, California
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Car: Pick-up truck
  • Motorcycle: Suzuki GSV-R
  • Favourite Food: I travel so much I've learned to like all types of food
  • Favourite Drink: Nothing in particular
  • Favourite Film: Caddyshack
  • Favourite Music: Anything that's not metal
  • Ideal Holiday: At home
  • First Race: 1988, Motocross
  • Career Highlights

  • 2004: MotoGP World Championship - 18th (Suzuki). Four top 10 finishes. Pole position at Brazil
  • 2003: MotoGP World Championship - 19th (Suzuki).
  • 2002: MotoGP World Championship - Ninth (Telefónica MoviStar Suzuki).
  • 2001: World Championship - 11th (Telefónica MoviStar Suzuki).
  • 2000: 500cc World Champion (Telefónica MoviStar Suzuki), Four GP Wins.
  • 1996: World Championship - 13th (Yamaha).
  • 1993: GP debut - US GP (10th, 250cc), First overseas win - Calafat, Spain.
  • 1995: 250cc World Championship - 8th (Yamaha).
  • 1992: AMA 250cc championship - fourth.
  • 1991: WERA 250cc championship - second.
  • 1990: Full Road Racing debut, Willow Springs, 250cc - 5 race wins.
  • 1989: Tarmac debut, First Race Win (minibikes).