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Round 3 British Supermoto Championships Results, Llandow, Cardiff - Apr 18th 2004

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The Husky Sport team hit disaster this weekend, Dave McKee the stand in for the injured Warren Steele ended up paying a visit to the hospital himself. A huge crash in the first Open Class race saw Dave hit the tarmac at about 100mph. Landing heavily on his side Dave was taken to hospital by Husky Sport Team Manager/Owner Mike Carter. X-rays were done and it was confirmed that Dave had badly broken his collarbone and was put on the next flight home to Ireland.

Jay Smith was struck down with a fever and illness on Friday afternoon leaving him also out of the race. All hopes laid on current British Championship Christian Iddon, it was a tight fast track and suited very much to moto crossers. The off road section was very tricky and former Moto X Champion and new KTM signing Matt Winstanley was making impressive ground over the back section making it impossible for anyone to catch him.

Struggling in the 450 Christian still managed to force himself through to 4th place in both the 450 races. Winstanley gained an 8 second lead from Honda's Leighton Haigh in the first 450 race and a massive 14 second lead from KTM's Ady Smith in the second 450 race.

Christian sustained a massive crash on the off road part in the Superpole for the Open Class races, severely winding himself Christian was feeling somewhat second hand for the races. Still starting from 2nd place on the grid Christian was keen to push himself forward, the crash knocked his confidence slightly and he was on the heels of Dave Tougher in a battle for second place unfortunately he was unable to make the pass on the Irish man. Still finishing in third Iddon was reasonably happy.

Wanting to better his results from the first race Iddon got his head down for race two, on lap six whilst leading Winstanley finally came to blows and hit the dirt. This left Irish Champion Dave Tougher and Iddon to battle it out. Tougher began to pull a slight lead, Christian was being hotly hunted down by Husaberg rider Sam Warren however it was Iddon that managed to hold his place and gained a second place in race two.

Commenting he said 'It was a really different track and the off road section was tricky. Matt was just leaving everyone there even the experienced rider Ady Smith couldn't close in on Matt down the dirt section. Not a good weekend for me but things can only get better. I'm riding in the first German Championships this weekend and will be contesting in the first Bemsee Supermoto race at the end of this month.'

450 Race 1

  1. Winstanley - KTM
  2. Haigh - Honda
  3. A Smith - KTM
  4. Iddon - Husqvarna
  5. Tollet - KTM
  6. 450 Race 2

  7. Winstanley - KTM
  8. A Smith - KTM
  9. Haigh - Honda
  10. Iddon - Husqvarna
  11. Tollet - KTM
  12. Open Race 1

  13. Winstanley - KTM
  14. Tougher - TM
  15. Iddon - Husqvarna
  16. Mitchell - Husaberg
  17. A Smith - KTM
  18. Open Race 2

  19. Tougher - TM
  20. Iddon - Husqvarna
  21. Warren - Husaberg
  22. Mitchell - Husaberg
  23. Kinsella - VOR
  24. Information provided by Carly Rathmell,