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2004 Harley Davidson VRSC Range

Harley Davidson RSCAHarley Davidson VRSCB


Long, menacing, and very, very bad. The VRSCB V-Rod is the newest power cruiser from Harley-Davidson. Based on the award winning VRSCA V-Rod but setting its own agenda, the VRSCB VRod has a tougher presence that will appeal to the traditionalist with an interest in performance.

The VRSCA V-Rod and VRSCB V-Rod are almost identical mechanically. Power comes from Harley-Davidson's first liquid-cooled V-twin. The Revolution engine is a 60-degree V of 1,130cc. Revving to 9,000 rpm, it is fuel injected, with double overhead cams. Power output is 115 hp with 105.0 NM of torque at 6600 rpm.

Both VRSC models offer an unmatched blend of classic Harley-Davidson style, road-burning performance and cutting-edge technology. The bodywork is aluminium. The disc wheels and a 38-degree fork could be straight off a dragster. The tubular, hydroformed chassis is stiff, strong and beautiful. The VRSCA and VRSCB also share several mechanical changes for 2004. The instrument cluster receives several upgrades. The speedometer maximum speed is changed from 140 mph to 150 mph (220 kph to 240 kph) to more accurately reflect the top-end power of the Revolution engine. The odometer reading can now be accessed with the ignition off by simply pressing and releasing the "trip" button.