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2004 Suzuki Motorcycle Range

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Suzuki DL650
Suzuki DL1000
Suzuki DRZ400
Suzuki GS500
Suzuki GSF600
Suzuki GSF1200
Suzuki GSX750
Suzuki GSXR1300
Suzuki GSX1400
Suzuki GSXR600
Suzuki GSXR750
Suzuki GSXR1000
Suzuki GZ125
Suzuki RV125
Suzuki SV650
Suzuki SV1000
Suzuki VL125
Suzuki VL800
Suzuki VL1600

Suzuki GB PLC announces motorcycle price savings and 0% increase Suzuki has seen significant growth in its market share and has announced savings of up to 1000 on selected models.

Although overall UK bike sales in 2003 were 4% down on 2002, Suzuki motorcycle registrations grew by 2%, giving them an overall market share rise of 3%, plus the number one spot in the over-125cc sector.

Speaking from its annual Dealer Conference, held this year at the world famous Grand Hotel in Brighton on December 11th 2002, Suzuki's General Manager of Motorcycle & ATV Sales Nick Barnes, reported that the company is the only Japanese manufacturer to increase its motorcycle registrations in the year.

"We set our target this year to achieve the number one position in the all-important over-125cc market and we're pleased to announce that as a result of our dealers' efforts, we have secured our target and achieved it," said Barnes.

As a further bonus to loyal Suzuki customers and as part of an on-going sales and marketing drive, the company is freezing prices. At the same time, many models are to receive a price reduction as in the case of the Adventure Sports DL1000 V-Strom, by 1000 to 5999.

Other models benefiting from the Suzuki price drop include the SV1000 K3 (5499), the SV1000S (5699), the GSX1400 (5999) and the RV125 VanVan which will now retail at 1999.

Looking ahead to the New Year, Suzuki's National Sales Manager Andy Pringle sees a strong and steady growth across its model range.

He said: "In the broader market picture, our expectation for 2004 is that the market will continue its current trends and with the all-new GSX-R600 and GSX-R750, Suzuki will be looking to continue to steadily grow sales and market share.

"In terms of over-125cc sales, we have taken a long-term view of the market and have steadily worked our way to the front and it is now our aim to grow that gap and build on our number one position," he added.

  1. All new GSX-R models, which have gone through significant engineering changes and improvements, will be an incredible 6499 + OTR of 350.
  2. The GSX-R750K4 - which is set to become a classic Suzuki model, and available in March - will also be a fantastic 7299 pounds + OTR of 350.
  3. The GS500F, which is aimed at a younger audience, will be a sensibly priced 3299 + OTR of 350, making it the best value full-faired model in its class.
  4. The Adventure category is still small, primarily due to the high prices commanded for basically half-fared street models, but the DL650 V-Strom will be in the range of 4800- 5000 + OTR of 350.
  5. The AN650A is the most luxurious specification Grand Scooter on the market and will retail at 6699 + OTR of 350, while the awesome Marauder 1600 is still competitively priced at 8199 + OTR of 350. All these models will be available from March.
  6. The new children's class JR50 and 80 will be released at 899 and 1299 respectively.