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The 2005 Harley Davidson VRSC Range

Harley Davidson VRSCA Harley Davidson VRSCB Harley Davidson VRSCE


VRSC Models Lead Harley-Davidson European Sales Since Launch MILWAUKEE ( July 15, 2004) - V-Rod motorcycle riders love red lights. Let everyone get a good look at the long, low drag-bike styling. Then say goodbye as you roll on the throttle and unleash the power of the Harley-Davidson Revolution V-Twin engine.

Both 2005 Harley-Davidson VRSC V-Rod models are no-compromise motorcycles, offering a unique combination of ground-breaking styling and ground-shaking performance. The VRSCA V-Rod and the VRSCB V-Rod are powered by the muscular Revolution engine-an 1130cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 60-degree V-Twin that pounds out 105nm of torque at 6000rpm and 115 peak horsepower while revving to a 9000-rpm redline. The Revolution V-Twin is cradled in a hydroformed, tubular perimeter frame topped with aluminium bodywork. A clipped rear fender, 180mm-wide rear tyre, slash-cut dual exhaust and forks raked way out at 38 degrees complete a look that's pure drag bike.

Colour drastically changed the look of the V-Rod last year, and for 2005 the VRSCB will be available in five colour choices, while the VRSCA model will be offered in nine colour choices, including four two-tone paint combinations. Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories will also offer new custom paint options and a host of new accessories for both V-Rod models for 2005.


Sleek and modern, and the most award-winning Harley-Davidson motorcycle ever, the VRSCA V-Rod features a silver-leafed aluminium frame, chrome engine trim, custom mirrors and an aerodynamic reflector optic headlight. A chrome clamshell instrument housing is perched above drag-style handlebars. A security system is standard.

Choose from three solid colours, two Sunglo Pearl colours and four two-tone paint options.

VRSCA V-Rod features:

  • Liquid-cooled, 1130cc Revolution V-Twin engine
  • Two-tone silver and charcoal powder-coated cylinders with chrome covers
  • Aluminium bodywork available in nine colour choices
  • Silver-leafed aluminium paint on hydroformed frame
  • Welded pull-back handlebars
  • Clamshell instrument pod
  • Aerodynamic reflector-optic headlight
  • 18-inch disc rear wheel, 19-inch disc front wheel
  • Aluminium radiator shroud with twin vortex air scoops
  • Custom mirrors
  • VRSCB V-Rod

    The tough-looking VRSCB V-Rod features a black frame and polished engine covers, black hand controls, black brake calipers and lines, adjustable handlebars and a minimalist instrument housing. A new round headlight mount and a black nacelle house a clear-lens reflector-optic light. Bodywork is available in the original V-Rod anodised aluminium and four solid-colour paint choices.

    VRSCB V-Rod features:

  • Liquid-cooled, 1130cc Revolution V-Twin engine
  • Black-and-silver powder-coated engine with polished highlights
  • Aluminium bodywork
  • Black-painted hydroformed frame
  • Black-painted controls
  • Conventional clamped handlebars
  • Traditional round headlight
  • 18-inch disc rear wheel, 19-inch disc front wheel
  • Aluminium radiator shroud with twin vortex air scoops