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The 2005 Bimota Motorcycle Range

Bimota DB5 | Bimota Tesi | Bimota SB8K Gobert | Bimota SB8K Santamonica | Bimota History

Bimota's heart beats strongly in the company's historic headquarters, Via Giaccaglia in Rimini, where the passion and determination to create a true emotional experience for the performance bike enthusiast is ever present. The company's abiding goal remains the same today as it has always been, to manufacture machines based on a philosophy of quality, technological innovation and exclusiveness.

Bimota's creations are designed to generate for their clients a unique emotional experience either through riding, or merely through the appreciation of the unique and pioneering styling. Bimota is fully established in all the major world markets through a network of highly professional distributors and dealers, who are able to provide to the client full technical assistance and servicing requirements, as well as a comprehensive spare parts inventory for both current and historic models.

Thanks to the spirit of co-operation that characterises all the "bimotisti", Bimota has thousands of registered members in the various Bimota Clubs all over the world. These clubs and their members are obviously a great part of the historic heritage of the company. Bimota today is proud of being considered as the reference point for the fusion of technological progress, style and pure passion, whose dedicated team constantly strive to make imagination, reality. Because of an innate competitive spirit Bimota can provide a glorious alternative to the products of large-scale motorcycle industry.