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Ducati Multi Strada - 2005

Multistrada 1000 S DS | Multistrada 1000 DS

With the Multistrada, Ducati invented a whole new motorcycling concept, that of a machine capable of tackling all types of road and performing superbly on them all, a highly personal motorcycle able to combine touring comfort and sports performance. The Multistrada burst on to the motorcycling scene and in some ways redefined versatility and performance, and offered a true alternative to traditional motorcycles. Now, with the arrival of its 2005 models, Ducati provides more alternatives. The Multistrada family has expanded in two directions, with even higher performance in the form of the new 1000 S DS with a more sophisticated chassis to satisfy the most demanding riders and to a wider audience with the introduction of two new entry level models.

The real news for 2005 is the arrival of the Multistrada and Multistrada Dark, with nothing in their names to identify the engine size but actually powered by the latest 620 cc engines. The Multistrada is designed for fun on all types of road, and adapts with perfect versatility to smooth asphalt surfaces, rough mountain twisties and city centre cobblestones. Its winning characteristics include light weight and fantastic agility on the one hand and the sort of stability normally only found in thoroughbred racers on the other, the latter being indispensable if a bike is to be used on high speed roads in total safety.

The Multistrada concept is a previously unattempted combination of two completely different types of motorcycle, the enduro and the sports. The revolutionary Ducati Multistrada incorporates the key characteristics of both, the comfort and versatility of the enduro plus the precision frame and engine power of the sports, combined the way only Ducati knows how. In just over one year of life the Multistrada has conquered an enviable slice of the market and the experience gained has enabled Ducati to make the bike even better still. That is why the 2005 Multistrada range has redesigned seats, better shaped and more comfortable for the rider and with a new anti-slide system for the passenger.

The cockpit fairing now boasts a taller, more protective screen and the rear view mirrors have been moved outwards by 40 millimetres for improved active visibility. There is also a new side stand for more stable parking. All Multistrada models in Ducati's 2005 catalogue have a long list of options to enhance their touring or sports vocations. Owners can fit dedicated panniers, a rear luggage rack, a GPS navigator, a racing exhaust system and many more enhancements.