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2006 Ducati Monster Range

Ducati Monster 620 Dark | Ducati Monster S2R Dark |Ducati Monster S2R 1000 | Ducati Monster S4R | Ducati Monster S4RS

Ducati has always believed in the "naked" bike formula, an area in which the Italian company has acted as a pioneer and continues to offer innovative, exciting and original ideas, pre-empting trends and keeping a tight hold on a segment in which it is the undisputed leader.

Alongside the classic Monster machines, which have achieved record sales and long occupied the position of the most envied, the most admired, and - of course - the most widely imitated bikes, for 2006 Ducati is extending its range still further, focusing on the SR series, better known to the biking community as the "single-sided swingarm" family, distinguished by an aggressive, captivating and exclusive appearance.

In 2004 the arrival of the high-powered gritty S4R represented a major milestone in the history of Ducati bikes, while 2005 saw the launch of the S2R: more docile and with a less daunting powerplant, maintaining the hallmark appearance of the super bad S4R but appealing to those who don't insist on extreme performance. Offered in 800 cc and 1000 cc versions, with two valve Desmo and air cooling, the SR2 immediately won favour on the international market, as proven once again by the massive number of sales.

2006 will leave an equally important mark on the history books, bringing a breakthrough in terms of quality, performance, exclusiveness, and sheer personality. For the new season Ducati offers an all out machine, an authentic superbike with the fairings removed, while maintaining the unparallel power and grunt of the desmodromic "testastretta" powerplant. This new gem comes with a brand new nametag: the Monster S4RS is destined to become the new benchmark in this segment, the new offering from the Borgo Panigale production plant that will soon become an object of desire of serious biking enthusiasts all over the world.