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2007 Honda SH300i
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2007 Honda SH300i

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2007 Honda SH300i

Europe's Next-Generation Mid-Sized Scooter Slimmer, lighter and faster than anything that has come before. Honda's exciting new SH300i sets a bold new direction in the development of mid-sized scooters with breathtaking performance, incomparable riding control and comfort and by far the slimmest, most compact proportions in its entire class. Featuring the same easy-mounting step-through flat floorboard frame and large 16" wheels that have made Honda's SH series the most popular and best-selling scooters in Europe, the new SH300i represents a quantum leap forward in both scooter engine and chassis design.

Powered by the smallest yet most powerful and fastest accelerating fuel-injected 4-stroke single-cylinder engine in the mid-displacement class, the SH300i delivers dynamic performance, crisp, neutral handling and confident high-speed control on par with sporting motorcycles, yet coupled with the smoothest, most comfortable ride ever experienced in any scooter of any size. Figure in Combined antilock brakes, ample carrying capacity and sleek, attractive lines that draws admiring attention wherever it goes, and the SH300i undeniably sets the pace for style and performance in largedisplacement scooters for years to come.

Main Features

The new SH300i boasts an impressive list of styling and technological features unheard of in the world of scooters until now. The future is here, and it's brighter than ever.

Styling Features

  • 'Solid and Elegant' design projects a heightened sense of quality and prestige.
  • Much slimmer, smaller and more compact body proportions than comparable mid-displacement scooter models.
  • Flat floorboard provides ample legroom and easy mounting and dismounting.
  • Ample carrying capacity includes compact compartment under locking seat with room for a half helmet or other necessities.
  • 785mm seat height to provide an ideal balance of rider eye level and comfortable seating.
  • Water-resistant forward glove box features DC socket for charging mobile phones and other accessories.
  • Performance Features

  • All-new fuel-injected, liquid-cooled 280cc SOHC 4-valve engine delivers the strongest performance and fastest acceleration in its class.
  • Sealed crankcase design separates the crank cavity from the oil reservoir to eliminate windage resistance caused by crankshaft contacting motor oil.
  • New sealed crankcase design features one-way reed valve to evacuate both oil and air pressure from the crank cavity for greatly improved power characteristics, quicker acceleration and much better mileage than current 250cc-class scooter engines.
  • Sealed crankcase design also makes possible a much smaller and lighter engine, with a more compact oil pan that permits lower engine positioning while maintaining ample ground clearance.
  • Plain bearing crankshaft eliminates conventional ball bearings for reduced vibration, noise and mechanical loss.
  • PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system fully integrated into one compact 34mm throttle body unit that includes the ECU, sensors and high-performance digital ignition for easy starting, high performance and exceptional fuel economy.
  • HECS3 oxygen-sensing catalytic converter system reduces harmful exhaust emissions to well below strict EURO-3 regulations.
  • Chassis Features

  • Newly developed underbone-style scooter frame achieves more responsive handling and greater high-speed stability with its unique flat floorboard than any other scooter in its class.
  • Shortest wheelbase in class at 1,420mm for lighter handling and easier manoeuvrability in tight situations.
  • Revolutionary new 'floating link' unit swingarm pivot system achieves smoother handling, lower vibration and more stable high-speed control than any scooter in its class.
  • Compliant, sure-handling 35mm motorcycle-style telescopic front fork.
  • Comfortable-riding dual-damper rear suspension.
  • Large-diameter 16" wheels made popular on the SH series provide smoother, more comfortable handling, especially at higher speeds.
  • Large-diameter 256mm front and rear Combined disc brakes for exceptional stopping ease. Advanced ABS version also available for the ultimate in braking ease and control.
  • Combined-ABS version features three-piston front callipers for the ultimate in sports riding braking control.
  • Equipment Features

  • Sleekly styled instrument panel features large, easy-to-read central speedometer, coolant temperature and fuel gauges, large LCD digital clock and dual-trip meter, and assortment of indicator lights.
  • HISS immobiliser security system.
  • SH-exclusive rear carrier specially designed for easy one-touch mounting of optional 35-litre top box.
  • Specifications SH300i ED-type

  • Engine - Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 4-valve SOHC single
  • Displacement - 279.1cm³
  • Bore x Stroke - 72 x 68.5mm
  • Compression Ratio - 10.5 : 1
  • Max. Power Output - 20kW / 8,250min-1 (95/1/EC)
  • Max. Torque - 26Nm / 6,000min-1 (95/1/EC)
  • Idling Speed - 1,500min-1
  • Oil Capacity - 1.7 litres
  • Carburation - PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
  • Throttle Bore - 34mm
  • Aircleaner - Dry, cartridge-type paper filter
  • Fuel Tank Capacity - 9 litres
  • Ignition System - Digital transistorised with electronic advance
  • Ignition Timing - 10° BTDC (idle) ~ 28° BTDC (8,250min-1)
  • Sparkplug Type - LMAR8A-9 (NGK)
  • Starter - Electric
  • Battery Capacity - 12V / 11AH
  • ACG Output - 368W
  • Headlights - 12V, 55W x 1 (low) / 60W x 1 (high)
  • Clutch - Automatic; centrifugal
  • Transmission - V-Matic
  • Final Reduction - 8.571
  • Final Drive - V-belt
  • Belt Converter Ratios - 2.350 ~ 0.800
  • Frame - Underbone; steel tube
  • Dimensions - (LxWxH) 2,100 x 730 x 1,220mm
  • Wheelbase - 1,420mm
  • Caster Angle - 27° 30'
  • Trail - 98mm
  • Seat Height - 785mm
  • Ground Clearance - 136mm
  • Dry Weight - 161.8kg (*164.7kg)
  • Kerb Weight - 169.1kg (F: 65.3kg; R: 103.8kg), *172kg (F: 68kg; R: 104kg)
  • Max. Carrying Capacity - 180kg
  • Loaded Weight - 319kg (F: 101kg; R: 218kg), *322kg (F: 103kg; R: 219kg)
  • Suspension - Front; 35mm telescopic fork, 102mm axle travel, Rear; Dual-damper unit swingarm, 95mm axle travel
  • Wheels - Front; U-section 6-spoke cast aluminium, Rear; U-section 6-spoke cast aluminium
  • Rim Size - Front; 16 x MT2.75, Rear; 16 x MT3.50
  • Tyre Size - Front; 110/70 16 (52P), Rear; 130/70 16 (61P)
  • Tyre Pressure - Front; 200kPa, Rear; 225kPa
  • Brakes - Front; 256mm x 4.5mm hydraulic disc with triple-piston calliper, drilled rotor (*ABS) and sintered metal pads, Rear; 256mm x 5mm hydraulic disc with single-piston calliper, drilled rotor (*ABS) and sintered metal pads * ABS Version
  • All specifications are provisional and subject to change without notice.