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2007 Kawasaki 1400GTR

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2007 Kawasaki 1400GTR 2007 Kawasaki 1400GTR

Aluminium monocoque frame, radial-mount calipers, inverted fork, Ram Air - in short, everything you'd expect on a top-of-the-line supersport model. But, the new 1400GTR represents an entirely new genre of high-performance motorcycle: the Transcontinental Supersport. Starting with breathtaking engine performance, sublime handling and slim riding position thanks to an emphatically supersport core, the new GTR adds shaft drive, panniers, electrically adjustable windscreen and a host of other features that make it the most impressive long-distance flagship-class machine on the market today.

And because it's a Kawasaki, the GTR is naturally designed to do much more than just take a rider from point A to point B. Not only an awe-inspiring mileeater, with its sporting heritage the GTR cuts up mountain roads like a true supersport bike. For those riders who cross countries and continents the way others cross the city, this machine offers riders more excitement than anything else in its category.

Most riders carry a driver's license; GTR riders will want to take their passports, too. Brilliant Handling on Mountain Roads Although the GTR is a physically impressive machine, as soon as riders flip up the side stand they'll be astonished at the bike's lightweight feel. And thanks to variable valve timing the GTR's engine performance is just as remarkable. Ultra-low-rpm and midrange torque output is simply breathtaking, as is the effortless acceleration from any speed. From low rpm to high, the GTR churns out a silky spread of linear and impressive power. How impressive? Off-the-line acceleration is actually a match for that of the ZZR1400! And it spite of the GTR's touring-facilitating equipment, it offers a bank angle on par with the ZZR1400, with excellent steering feedback from the rigid chassis, inverted fork and other high-spec running gear. The all-weather ABS brake system features radial-mount front calipers operated by a radial-pump master cylinder, for the superb control and powerful, reliable braking performance that continent-crossing sport riders demand. Belying its tourer-like appearance, the GTR's phenomenally responsive handling characteristics make standard tourers seem like transports by comparison.

Touring Equipment for the Sporting Rider

An electrically adjustable windscreen, shaft drive and standard panniers mean the GTR is always ready for a transcontinental jaunt. But these are more than mere "touring" features. Wind protection for rider and passenger is based on a supersport-style design philosophy, aerodynamically curving wind around the riders to reduce buffeting that occurs when wind curls around screens that simply "block" the wind. Maintenance chores on long-distance trips are minimised thanks to quiet and reliable shaft drive. Featuring a special four-shaft design, the Tetra-Lever shaft drive system significantly reduces driveline lash during sport riding and ensures smooth acceleration when exploiting the engine's immense power output. In fact, power delivery to the rear wheel is so smooth and so direct that it gives the same natural ride quality as a chain.

The pannier cases feature a slim, integrated design which mounts the cases closer to the machine's centreline, for excellent centralisation of mass. Tyre pressure sensors at the front and rear wheels monitor changes in air pressure and display this information on the instrument panel, giving riders peace of mind during high-speed riding or when carving up a mountain road. In short, with all the equipment needed for safe and exciting long-distance riding mated to a decidedly supersport core, the new 1400GTR amplifies all the best riding features that motorcycling has to offer.

In addition to its high level of sporting performance, the new GTR has the functional performance of a Grand Tourismo machine. Features include KI-PASS (Kawasaki's Intelligent Proximity Activation Start System), the first electronic authorisation system in its class, and an AC power outlet located under the cockpit for powering grip heaters and other accessories.

Kawasaki's Transcontinental Supersport bike

The new 1400GTR, designed for riders whose love of high-performance sport riding takes them from one country to the next - and then the next.

Supersport Features;

  • 1,352 cm3 engine with variable valve timing
  • Aluminium monocoque frame
  • Ram Air system
  • Inverted fork
  • Triple petal disc brakes
  • Radial-mount calipers
  • Radial-pump brake master cylinder
  • Radial-pump clutch master cylinder
  • Short wheelbase
  • Steep bank angle
  • Touring Features;

  • Tetra-Lever shaft drive
  • Panniers
  • Electrically adjustable windscreen
  • Comfortably up-right position
  • Hand-adjustable rear preload
  • KI-PASS (Kawasaki's Intelligent Proximity Activation Start System)
  • Tyre air-pressure sensor
  • ABS
  • Glove box on the fuel tank cover
  • Colour(s)

    ZG1400A (ABS):

  • Neutron Silver
  • Metallic Diablo Black
  • ZG1400B (non-ABS):

  • Neutron Silver