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2007 Kawasaki Z1000
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2007 Kawasaki Z1000

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2007 Kawasaki Z1000 2007 Kawasaki Z1000

Primed to once again set the performance naked class ablaze, the Z1000 receives seriously bulked up performance and styling for the year 2007; just a look at the new Z1000 should tell you something of the awesome ride in store, for the savage beauty of this machine directly mirrors its ferocious performance. With engine and chassis characteristics refocused for serious street riding, the new model more than takes up where its predecessor left off - it redefines what pure naked performance really is all about out there in the real world.

The realm

In 2003, the Z1000 set the standard - ultimate performance in a naked motorcycle, a muscle machine that demanded to be taken seriously by even the most hard-core of riders. With the new Z1000, we set out to build on this class-topping performance and provide even more opportunity for serious street riders to revel in it. More than ever, to make the real world the Z world.

In this bold new world, boosted Z1000 engine performance means greater exhilaration when passing, blasting away from lights or powering out of corners. Chassis mods provide more agility and controllability than ever, for awe-inspiring ride sensation whether manoeuvring through the city or carving the twisties in the hills. And all with a fearsome styling package certain to cut the meanest figure on any street.

The power

The Z1000 engine has been tuned to satisfy the most demanding big-bore power riders, with torque boosted across the rev range, particularly in the low- to mid-range to provide loads of muscle when and where it's most needed out there on the street. Even from cruising speeds a twist of the throttle really delivers the goods, and the engine will keep on pulling hard right through the rev range as the world around you seems to switch to fast forward.

The control

Because superior machine control is a cornerstone of any great, adrenaline-laced ride, for the new Z1000 we developed a new engine sub-frame and re-engineered the chassis rigidity balance to provide truly outstanding feedback, enabling the street rider to instantly read and respond to the bike's behaviour in all speed ranges. Further enhancing rider-machine synergy are improved mass centralisation and revised ergonomics, with handlebars positioned closer to the rider and a slimmer seat resulting in a compact riding position which allows the rider to take full advantage of the Z1000's greater stability and sharp, nimble handling qualities.

The style

With pure aggression emanating from the very core of the Z1000, it is not at all surprising that its performance levels are in turn reflected in this bike's fierce styling and sheer physical presence. Indeed, the crouching, muscular appearance of the new Z1000 are direct testimony to the bike's potency, stemming not from mere styling superficialities but from the underlying structural attributes and performance capabilities of the machine itself, as the body of a conditioned athlete poised to explode from the blocks.

The result

Massive performance at its most relevant - and its most striking. The new Z1000: destined to deliver the purest hard-core street ride ever in the performance naked class.

Engine Tuned For Low-mid Range Perforamce:

The realm of performance nakeds extends from winding roads to the highway to the city. Powerful launches from lights and out of corners, effortlessly passing cars on the highway - all are enhanced by a strong low-mid range. To offer hard-core riders the most gratifying riding experience possible, the Z1000's low-mid range performance gets a serious boost care of numerous engine changes and a revised layout for its iconic quad-style exhaust. The change is accentuated by a new transmission with lower gearing, contributing to the intensified ride sensation. Ultra-fine injectors and oval subthrottles offer crisper throttle response. And thanks to revised engine mounts and changes that reduce friction loss, the new Z1000's aggressive "power feeling" is transmitted more directly to the rider, further augmenting ride sensation.

Features for enhanced low-mid range performance;

  • New quad-style muffler continues the image of the previous Z1000. Revised muffler arrangement (change from 4-2 (with balancer)-4 to 4-2-1-2) contributes to a large mid-range performance gain. Twin-outlet silencer end-caps help maintain the quad-style image.
  • An exhaust device added to the right-side muffler (just upstream of the silencer) helps "tune" back-pressure waves for enhanced response in the low-mid range.
  • New cam profiles optimise low-mid range performance.
  • Smaller intake and exhaust valves (0.5 mm smaller diameter than 06MY) also contribute to the increased low-mid range performance
  • Meatier crank webs increase flywheel mass (about 7% increase from 06MY) for more satisfying mid-range power feeling.
  • A revised transmission with lower gearing complements the increased low-mid range torque. The result is great torquey acceleration at all engine speeds - especially noticeable when accelerating from stops in town, and when passing on the highway.
  • Changes for increased overall performance and riding sensation

  • New fuel injection system is managed by a high-precision ECU.
  • Ultra-fine injectors and smaller-bore throttle bodies (down to 36 mm from 38 mm) with oval sub-throttles offer ultra-smooth response across the rev-range.
  • Iridium plugs deliver a hotter spark for high combustion efficiency.
  • Relocating the engine mounts behind the cylinder greatly reduces engine vibration transmitted to the rider. The new engine mount positions are closer to the engine's centre of gravity. (Please also see Refined Chassis with Enhanced Feedback / Frame.)
  • Transmission set lever with ball bearings and a revised shift change drum result in superb shift feel and smoother shifting.
  • Clutch springs with a lower spring rate result in a lighter clutch feel.
  • New cylinder casing with reduced pumping loss and a revised oil pump gear ratio contribute to reduced mechanical loss.
  • New lightweight radiator offers improved cooling.
  • Refined Chassis ith Enhanced Feedback

    Like the engine changes, the new Z1000's frame modifications were designed to offer more exhilaration in real-world riding situations - whether in the hills, in the city or on the highway. By reducing the frame's overall stiffness, the new chassis offers riders much greater feedback.

    Further, the steering head was moved 10 mm forward. The slightly longer wheelbase and more rearward weight balance result in a highly manoeuvrable package - quick steering with a good feeling of stability. Revised suspension settings contribute to the bike's nimble handling, and offer confident corning as well as excellent ride quality. Increased feedback, more dynamic handling, and a reassuring feeling of stability - like the engine, the chassis revisions prioritise real-world riding. The highly communicative chassis lets the rider know what is happening, giving riders greater confidence and making possible a more conscious relish of their riding experience.

  • A new cast aluminium engine sub-frame allows the engine mounts to be relocated. Previously located at the front of the cylinder head, the new mounts are behind the cylinder, closer to the engine's centre of gravity. The result is less engine vibration transmitted to the rider for a much improved ride quality.
  • Newly designed pressed aluminium swingarm, revised swingarm bracket and new engine mounts allow the frame rigidity to be reduced (which also contributes to the reduced engine vibration). Using the semi-rigid mount engine as a stressed member, chassis rigidity balance enables high level riding.
  • The overall reduction in chassis rigidity results in a highly communicative chassis. Through the use of a combination of rigid and rubber mounts, chassis tuning delivers a very planted feel and high levels of feedback. The result is a superb level of control: the rider is better able to understand what the bike is doing.
  • 41 mm inverted front fork delivers brilliant steering performance. Smooth action in the top half of the stroke is complemented by firmer damping in the bottom half. This gives the feeling of a long-stroke suspension initially, followed by a solid, planted feel in corners - a combination which makes the bike both easier to ride as well as facilitating sport riding.
  • At the rear, the Bottom-link Uni-Trak rear suspension features a nitrogen gascharged shock with piggy back reservoir. The rear suspension settings complement those of the front fork: suspension action is excellent, offering exceptional road holding. Since the rear shock also offers a greater "stroke feel" the bike's pitching motion is very easily understood, enabling riders of various skill levels to get a taste of the Z riding experience.
  • The superior ride quality offered by the new suspension settings is particularly noticeable when riding in town.
  • Completely revised brake package includes components that would not be out of place on our Ninja supersport machines.
  • Radial-mount brake calipers and a radial-pump front brake master cylinder (both firsts for this category) offer more precise brake control and superb feel at the lever. The confidence-inspiring brake performance allows riders to dedicate more of their concentration to riding.
  • Triple petal disc brakes contribute to reduced unsprung weight.
  • A larger rear disc (increased from 220 mm to 250 mm) offers improved rear brake control. (Front discs are 300 mm as before.)
  • For added braking reassurance (e.g. in wet conditions), ABS models are also available in certain markets.
  • Revised Riding Position For Increased Man-Macjine Synchonicity

    The new Z1000 offers superb control - there is no sense of delay when manoeuvring the bike. This is thanks in part to the revised engine and chassis tuning, but also to the finetuned riding position.

    When considering the best position for in-town riding, a slightly more upright position was deemed best. The handlebar is slightly closer to the rider, offering greater control. The width below the seat is approximately 40 mm narrower, which with an overall slimmer design, better enables riders to reach the ground with both feet. The narrower fuel tank shape allows riders to better hold the bike with their legs. The foot guards have moved inwards, further contributing to the slimmer riding position. In town, in the twisties or on the highway, the revised riding position contributes to the superb machine control, enabling riders to focus on their riding and offering an excellent ride quality.

    Additional Features

  • New exhaust system is lighter than the old one, contributing to the new Z1000's quicker handling.
  • Three catalysers, one in the collector pipe and one in each of the silencers, and oxygen sensors ensure that the Z1000 clears strict Euro-III emissions standards.
  • Immobiliser function incorporated into the ignition switch on most European models helps prevent theft.
  • New instrumentation gives at-a-glance information to the rider. Analogue-style tachometer is complemented by an LCD display with digital speedometer, odometer, tripmeter, water temp, fuel gauge, clock, etc. Minimising the time the rider needs to look at the meter allows greater concentration on the road.
  • Colour(s)

  • Pearl Wildfire Orange
  • Metallic Diablo Black
  • Metallic Ocean Blue
  • Specification

  • Suspension - Front: 41 mm inverted fork with stepless rebound damping and spring preload adjustability, Rear: Bottom-Link Uni-Trak with gas-charged shock, stepless rebound damping and spring preload adjustability
  • Brakes - Front: Caliper Dual semi-floating 300 mm petal discs Single 250 mm petal disc, Rear: Caliper Dual radial-mount, opposed 4-piston Single-piston
  • Overall length - 2,090 mm
  • Overall width - 780 mm
  • Overall height - 1,065 mm
  • Wheelbase - 1,445 mm
  • Ground clearance - 160 mm
  • Fuel capacity - 18.5 litres
  • Maximum power - 92 kW {125 PS} / 10,000 rpm (EUR/USA/CAN/AUS)
  • Maximum torque - 98.7 N?m {10.1 kg¦?m} / 8,200 rpm (EUR/USA/CAN/AUS)

    The specifications mentioned here apply to and have been achieved by production models under standard operating conditions. We intend only to give a fair description of the vehicle and its performance capabilities but these specifications may not apply to every machine supplied for sale. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice. Equipment illustrated and specifications may vary to meet individual markets. Available colours may vary by market.