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2007 Moto Morini MM3 Concept

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2007 Moto Morini MM3 Concept 2007 Moto Morini MM3 Concept 2007 Moto Morini MM3 Concept

The lights have barely dimmed on the show in Cologne, where Moto Morini introduced an international crowd with the definitive version of the 9 1/2 set for dealerships and the Corsaro 1200 Veloce, the sporty evolution of the Corsaro, but Moto Morini already has a new product in the offering. This time the vehicle is for motorcyclists who rack up mileage, and not just when the weather is nice, who use the bike for city manoeuvring, who demand comfort, whether alone or in company, and who are looking for fun. What better occasion than the EICMA in Milan to present the Italian and international public with the concept of a motorcycle categorized as a crossover, a vehicle type increasingly winning favour around the world. MM3 concept, as it is called, is Moto Morini's third issue since its rebirth in 2004 and marks the bike manufacturer's way of interpreting the crossover.

MM3 concept has a tough look, where the trellis frame is enhanced to accent the Italian DNA and sporty character of this Morini creation. Styling by Marabese Design has sought to create a perfect balance between curves and tensions of the upper structures -- the streamlined headlight fairing, tank, seat and tail reveal Italian aesthetics at work - while placing emphasis on the technical solutions that reconcile with the functional aspects. The short, tapered tank is designed to allow an advanced riding position without forgoing the capacity to ensure the rider a long ride; the raised riding position echoes the setup of an enduro road bike, but the slim sides, as narrow as a supermotard, allow the rider to lean way down with ease. Comfort is also assured by a good aerodynamic protection.

But the rider isn't the only one the designers had in mind: the passenger benefits from the long, contoured seat preventing a forward sliding movement, a double handle that perfectly integrates into the design of the tail, well-positioned footpegs that won't put strain on the legs even during long rides, and excellent thermal insulation on the exhausts. Simply put, it is the ideal position for travelling comfortably and having as much fun as the one at the controls.

MM3 concept fully reflects the Morini style, not only as far as looks go, but in general for the concrete approach that a concept bike must convey. The Moto Morini style also comes through in the adoption of advanced technical solutions and in the choice of sophisticated electronic equipment, like ABS and DRIVE-BY-WIRE paired with the TRACTION CONTROL system, an increasingly important feature on a type of bike that combines touring use with a sporty ride, and that regardless has to ensure high standards of safety.

The characteristics of comfort and versatility typical of the crossover optimally bond with the extraordinary 1187cc twin-cylinder Bialbero CorsaCorta, which on this vehicle could be utilized in a 125 hp configuration and that has already demonstrated exuberance as well as excellent fluidity and regularity at any speed. It is not difficult to imagine the pleasures this duo has to offer. MM3 promises to be a gratifying motorcyle, easy to ride, agile yet powerful, a bike we like to call a fun utility, a neologism that aptly describes, if not a bike category, the philosophy that has guided Moto Morini in the definition of the MM3 concept.