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2007 Royal Enfield Electra-X ES

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2007 Royal Enfield Electra-X ES 2007 Royal Enfield Electra-X ES

The future of the Royal Enfield Bullet, first produced in 1949, is secured thanks to a new lean-burn engine. The Electra-X retains the traditional appearance, simplicity and sound of the British 'single' but with greater inherent reliability and performance coupled with better fuel consumption and the ability meet anticipated emissions legislation around the Globe. In addition to electric starter and 5-speed gearbox, this machine has a modified frame with new front forks and mudguard, 280mm single calliper front disc brake and gas filled rear dampers. It is equipped with Avon Super Venom and Roadrunner tyres front & rear and has higher gearing than previous 500cc models, giving improved cruising speeds.

  • Capacity - 499cc
  • Engine Type - 4-str a/c single
  • Transmission - 5-speed chain
  • Power - 23bhp @ 5000 rpm
  • Torque lb/ft - 29.5nm @3000 rpm
  • Wheelbase - 1370mm
  • Weight - 187 kg
  • Seat height - 820mm
  • Fuel Tank - 14.5L