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2007 Royal Enfield Electra 500-T

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2007 Royal Enfield Electra 500-T 2007 Royal Enfield Electra 500-T

The 'trials' styled Electra 500-T is powered by the Company's all-aluminium 499cc OHV single cylinder engine, which replaces the original 50 year-old British-designed unit, so that the Bullet meets current stringent emissions controls in Europe and the USA. Royal Enfield had an outstanding record of success in the ISDT [International Six Days' Trial], during the glory years for British riders between 1948-1953. The Bullet Electra 500-T has been designed to capture the sprit of the 'unstoppable Bullet' in a package that will be comfortable to ride on today's roads. The Bullet Electra 500-T shares the frame and running gear with the Electra-X road bike as well as electric start, 5-speed gearbox, 280mm single calliper front disc brake and gas filled rear dampers. Changes from the standard bike include alloy mudguards, scrambles handlebars, solo sprung saddle, revised rear sub-frame and tail light assembly, alloy bash-plate, smaller indicators and upswept sports silencer. Continental TKC 80 Rally tyres complete the picture, offering high levels of grip when used on or off-road plus long service life.

  • Capacity - 499cc
  • Engine Type - 4-str a/c single
  • Transmission - 5-speed chain
  • Power - 25bhp @ 5500 rpm
  • Torque lb/ft - 32.5nm @3000 rpm
  • Wheelbase - 1370mm
  • Weight - 182 kg
  • Seat height - 760mm
  • Fuel Tank - 14.5 L