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2007 Royal Enfield Electra Sportsman XR

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2007 Royal Enfield Electra Sportsman XR 2007 Royal Enfield Electra Sportsman XR

Produced exclusively for the UK market, the Bullet Electra Sportsman is styled to capture the essence of the cafe racers of the 1960's, but with user-friendly concessions to modern life, including electric start, 5-speed gearbox, halogen headlight and 280mm front disc brake. Gas-filled rear shock absorbers and Avon Super Venom tyres enhance handling. The composite GRP tank, which encases a steel fuel tank, and GRP solo seat unit give the Sportsman a radically different appearance to the standard Bullet. Chrome mudguards, rear-set footrests and ace bars, further enhance this. An upswept "Gold Star" style silencer completes the picture and gives the Sportsman a truly authentic 'British single' exhaust note that will turn heads wherever it goes. In terms of performance the Electra Sportsman is a significant leap forward from previous models that still used the 1950's-designed engine. The new lean burn engine offers improved reliability, better fuel economy (regularly returning over 75mpg) and lower emissions. Perhaps even more importantly, the combination of a 32mm Dell'Orto carburettor and sport silencer allows the engine to breath more freely, producing 30 bhp.

The Sportsman XR shares its engine and bodywork with the Sportsman but the classic Bullet headlight nacelle is replaced by twin speedometer and rev counter. The XR also gets flat handlebars and stunning red paintwork, reminiscent of the iconic Continental GT of the 1960's.

  • Capacity -
  • Engine Type -
  • Transmission -
  • Power -
  • Torque lb/ft -
  • Wheelbase -
  • Weight -
  • Seat height -
  • Fuel Tank -
  • Bullet Electra Sportsman/XR 499 cc 4-str a/c single 5-speed chain 30 bhp @ 5500 rpm 35nm @3000 rpm 1370mm 187 kg 760mm 14.5 l