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2007 Suzuki B-King

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2007 Suzuki B-King 2007 Suzuki B-King

Not many bikes are hailed as a legend prior to launch, but the B-King is one such achiever. Launched as a concept machine at the Tokyo show in 2001, the B-King is an eagerly awaited model, making its production debut in 2007.

Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2001, the B-KING concept machine was highly acclaimed from the moment the covers were lifted.

Featuring incredible concept technology and radical styling not seen before, the B-KING caught the imagination of motorcycle enthusiasts the World over.

After its unveiling in Tokyo, the British public first caught eye of the whacky futuristic machine at the Alexandra Palace Show in London in early 2002. It was without doubt the star of the show and left the British public unanimous in their desire to see a production version brought to the road.

With such outlandish styling, the B-KING's transition from concept to reality has not been an easy one, but uncharacteristically for a concept machine, it has stayed remarkably true to its original form as it gets ready to become reality in 2007.

With technical specification still a closely guarded secret, the B-KING will break cover throughout 2007. Expect to see B-KING in your Suzuki Showroom in August next year. For information as it arrives please forward your contact details to: with a Subject heading of : B-KING News List Request.