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2007 Yamaha Giggle

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2007 Yamaha Giggle 2007 Yamaha Giggle

Yamaha's First 50cc 4-Stroke Scooter

The new Yamaha Giggle. It's got something for everyone! For 2007 Yamaha are proud to present the new Giggle, the company's first 4-stroke 50cc scooter for the European market.

Featuring some of the most advanced engine technology ever seen on a 50cc scooter, and offering excellent functionality with its massive storage space, the fashionable new Giggle is ideal for commuting, leisure riding and general running around.

By combining an advanced new liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 3-valve environmentally-conscious engine with a lightweight chassis clothed in distinctive and stylish bodywork, Yamaha have succeeded in creating a new kind of high-tech, high-function, high fashion scooter for the 21st century which offers so much more to so many different customers.

Advanced new liquid-cooled 4-stroke

Driving the new Giggle is an advanced 4-stroke electric-start 50cc engine featuring a whole range of class-leading technology, including a miniaturised electronic fuel injection system, clean-burning 3-valve cylinder head and high-efficiency liquid-cooling system.

As well as delivering excellent response and strong performance, this stylish and functional new fully-automatic 4-stroke Yamaha scooter also offers outstanding fuel economy, and exceeds all current emissions requirements.

3-valve cylinder head

While the majority of today's 50cc 4-strokes feature a conventional 2-valve layout, the new Giggle benefits from Yamaha's innovative new 3-valve cylinder head. Featuring two intake valves and one exhaust valve, the 3-valve head not only offers improved performance, but also plays a significant role in reducing emissions.

The two intake valves increase the intake port area to give a major boost to the new engine's intake efficiency, and the Giggle's pent-roof combustion chamber design gives the incoming fuel-air mix a tumbling motion which makes for quicker and more complete combustion. The result is that the combustion of the fuel/air mix is much more efficient, giving stronger performance and cleaner exhaust gases.

Electronic fuel injection

Another key element that helps to make this new engine one of the cleanest and most efficient in the class is the new fuel injection system. Developed in association with Mikuni, this miniaturised electronically-controlled fuel injection system has been designed specifically for small displacement engines.

This highly advanced new system features sensors which monitor throttle position, intake temperature, intake pressure, engine temperature and crank angle. The data supplied by these sensors is processed by the ECU which then instantaneously adjusts the fuel supply to ensure optimum combustion efficiency, and minimum emission levels.

The fuel is supplied via a 19mm diameter throttle body featuring an Idle Speed Control (ISC) system, and the compact 54.2mm long injector delivers a 20 degree wide spray of fuel into the 3-valve cylinder head.

As well as being highly efficient, the Giggle's electronically-controlled fuel injection system is one of the most compact designs produced, and consumes very little power. Combined with the clean-burn 3-valve cylinder head, it is undoubtedly one of the most significant features on this new-generation lightweight 4-stroke engine.

Twin catalysers and air induction system

In order to ensure that the Giggle comfortably exceeds current emissions regulations, it is equipped with two honeycomb catalysers situated in the whisper-quiet muffler.

These two catalysers work in association with a simple air induction system which delivers air straight into the muffler when required. The induction of air ensures more complete combustion of any unburnt gases, and in doing so the exhaust emissions are reduced to a level that is well below EU-3 requirements.

Fully-automatic transmission

Power is transmitted from the engine to the 10-inch alloy rear wheel through a fully-automatic constantly variable transmission. This proven system features a durable V-belt which ensures smooth, step-less acceleration, making the Giggle ideally suited to stop/start urban commuting.

The attractive combination of a fully-automatic transmission with features like simple controls such as the handlebar-mounted brake levers also make this new scooter a perfect bike for new riders. And with its easy manoeuvrability, generous luggage space and remarkable economy, the Giggle is sure to be a favourite with car owners and public transport users who are looking for a congestion-beating, fuel-efficient, cheap-to-run and easy-to-park commuter.

Engine Technical highlights

  • 49cc liquid-cooled SOHC 4-stroke single
  • Clean-burn 3-valve cylinder head design
  • High technology combined with mechanical simplicity
  • Economical low-maintenance design
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Low-noise exhaust
  • Low-emission, environmentally-conscious design
  • Bore x stroke 38.0 x 43.5mm
  • Electric and kick start
  • Ultra-compact electronic fuel injection system
  • Large-capacity 2.1 litre airbox
  • Twin catalysers with air induction system for minimal emissions
  • 12.0:1 compression ratio
  • Fully-automatic, constantly variable transmission (CVT)
  • Durable, quiet-running low-maintenance V-belt final drive
  • High-output 130W AC magneto
  • A distinctive retro-look combined with impressive functionality

    With its distinctive 'box' design bodywork, large-diameter round headlamp, wide front fender and motorcycle-style tubular handlebars, the Giggle combines a refreshingly individual retro look with very high levels of functionality.

    Equipped with lightweight alloy wheels, wide-section tyres and hydraulic telescopic front forks, the Giggle delivers good roadholding and high levels of rider comfort. And with an enormous 33 litres of storage space, this scooter is built to carry more than just about anything else in the category.

    Offering style with practicality, as well as high levels of rider comfort and a class-leading luggage capacity, the new Giggle looks sure to become a real favourite with commuters and leisure riders who appreciate a scooter that offers fashion, function, economy and luxury.

    Double-cradle steel tubular 'U' frame

    Manufactured from large-diameter steel tubing, the Giggle's double-cradle 'U' frame has been designed to offer just the right level of chassis rigidity to ensure easy handling performance.

    The widely-spaced double-cradle structure allows for a flat and roomy footboard area to give a relaxed riding position - and the minimalist design of the lightweight frame ensures that this new 50cc scooter's weight is kept down to just 87 kg for easy manoeuvrability.

    Box-style retro bodywork

    Seen from just about any angle the new Giggle looks like nothing else in the class. The 'box-style' bodywork is reminiscent of some of the classic 1960's scooters, while the wide, curved front fender and large diameter round headlamp emphasise its cool retro look.

    Another special feature on the new Giggle is that, unlike many scooters, the front cowl, fender and headlamp all turn with the handlebars. In addition, the large and relatively flat body panels make this fashionable scooter ideal for personal customisation or even promotional use.

    Massive 33-litre luggage capacity

    One of the most significant features on the new Giggle is its enormous luggage space which is accessed by folding the hinged seat assembly to the side to reveal the remarkable 33 litres of carrying capacity.

    The under-seat luggage space is large enough to carry everything from a tennis racket and sports gear through to items such as power tools - or even provisions from the local store. Whatever the rider wants to carry, the fact that it is contained beneath the seat gives added protection from the weather, making the Giggle one of the most functional 50cc scooters.

    Hydraulic telescopic front forks

    For smooth suspension action and strong roadholding qualities, the new Giggle is equipped with hydraulic telescopic front forks. These motorcycle-quality forks feature a caster angle of 26 degrees for relaxed steering characteristics, and offer 58mm of front wheel movement for a smooth, comfortable journey.

    At the rear there is a single shock absorber giving 56mm of rear wheel travel, which, combined with the additional shock-absorbing properties of the fat, high-profile tyres, ensures a luxurious ride every time.

    10-inch alloy wheels and wide 120-section tyres

    For reduced unsprung weight - which ensures improved suspension performance - the Giggle is equipped with 10-inch diameter lightweight alloy wheels featuring an attractive 5-spoke design. These stylish wheels are fitted with wide 120/90-10 tyres at the front and rear which offer good roadholding. In addition, their high-profile construction also helps to give additional cushioning on uneven surfaces for a first class riding experience.

    Front and rear drum brakes

    For strong stopping power this lightweight 50 is fitted with 110mm diameter drum brakes at the front and rear. Operated by handlebar-mounted levers, this well-proven braking system delivers smooth and progressive deceleration.

    Comfortable seating position

    The Giggle is fitted with a short, wide and well-padded duo seat, as well as a large, flat footboard. This combination, together with the raised tubular handlebars, allows riders of different sizes to find a seating position that is comfortable for them. And with a seat height of just 747mm, most riders will find this new 50 allows them to get one or both feet on the ground when coming to a standstill.

    Tubular motorcycle-style handlebars

    As well as emphasising the retro style, the motorcycle-style raised tubular handlebars can also be adjusted forwards or backwards to suit different riders. And unlike conventional scooters, these tubular bars can be easily removed and replaced with different-shaped handlebars to suit the rider's individual preference.

    4.5 litre fuel tank under footboard

    The Giggle's fuel tank has been located under the footboard, and this offers two main advantages. Firstly, the scooter's centre of gravity is kept low for easy handling characteristics, and secondly, this has allowed our designers to create the massive 33-litre luggage space under the seat.

    Tamper-proof ignition switch with magnetic shutter

    For improved security the Giggle is fitted with a new-style main ignition switch incorporating a magnetic device which seals the keyhole once the key is removed. Upon returning to the scooter, the rider can access the ignition by inserting a specially-shaped magnet moulded within the key into the ignition switch, which then opens up the keyhole.

    Comprehensive instrumentation

    The simple but stylish instrument panel features a large analogue speedometer, as well as an odometer, turn signal light and engine management displays. And there's also a useful fuel gauge which tells the rider when the 4.5 litre tank needs a refill.

    Stylish lighting

    Matching the scooter's unique style is a large diameter 170mm round headlight equipped with a powerful 35W/35W halogen bulb - and at the rear end the Giggle is equipped with a curved one-piece tail light.

    Chassis Technical highlights

  • Stylish and functional retro-style bodywork
  • 33-litre under-seat luggage space
  • Easy-handling lightweight steel tubular double-cradle U-frame
  • Low 747mm seat height
  • Lightweight 5-spoke cast aluminium 10-inch front and rear wheels
  • Wide-section 120/90-10 tyres for good traction and enhanced riding comfort
  • 110mm diameter front and rear drum brakes deliver smooth stopping
  • Oil-damped telescopic front forks ensure optimum riding comfort
  • Compact single rear shock gives 56mm wheel travel
  • Convenient carry-hook below front of seat for increased load carrying potential
  • Anti-tamper main ignition switch with magnetic shutter
  • 4.5 litre fuel tank located under footboards helps to centralise mass
  • Large easy-to-read analogue speedometer and fuel gauge
  • Large, round 170mm diameter 35W/35W headlamp
  • Stylish curved taillight
  • Raised, pull-back tubular steel handlebars for riding comfort
  • Convenient cover for spark plug access
  • Optional sidestand
  • Colours

  • California Yellow
  • Midnight Black
  • Yamaha Giggle Bullets

  • Yamaha's first-ever 4-stroke scooter
  • Stylish and functional retro-style bodywork
  • 33-litre underseat storage (sideways opened)
  • Low-emission electric-start fuel-injected 50cc engine
  • Advanced technology with class-leading functionality
  • 10-inch alloy wheels and wide 120-section tyres
  • Low 747mm seat height
  • Funky retro-styled instrument panel
  • Ideal for commuting, leisure riding and general running around
  • Technical Specification

  • Engine Type: Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 3-valve, forward inclined single cylinder
  • Displacement: 49 cc
  • Bore x stroke: 38.0 x 43.5 mm
  • Compression ratio: 12.0:1
  • Maximum power: 2.1 kW (2.9 PS) @ 6,000 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 3,4 Nm (0.35 kg-m) @ 5,500 rpm
  • Lubrication system: Wet sump
  • Carburator/fuel supply: Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Clutch type: Dry, centrifugal automatic
  • Ignition system: TCI
  • Starter system: Electric and kick
  • Fuel tank capacity: 4.5 L
  • Transmission system: Automatic with V-Belt
  • Overall size (LxWxH): 1,885 x 685 x 1,045 mm
  • Seat height: 747 mm
  • Dry weight: 87 kg
  • Wheelbase: 1,280 mm
  • Min. ground clearence: 115 mm
  • Front suspension system: Telescopic forks
  • Stroke: 58 mm
  • Rear suspension system: Unit swing
  • Stroke: 56 mm
  • Front brake: Drum, 110 mm
  • Rear brake: Drum, 110 mm
  • Front tyre: 120/90-10 57J
  • Rear tyre: 120/90-10 57J
  • Specification are subject to change without notice, in accordance with national regulation and legislations.