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2008 Ducati Sport Classic Range

2008 Dutaci Sport 1000 bipostoDucati Sport 1000 S

Ducati GT1000

The SportClassic family was launched at the end of the 2005. It recreates the original styles that came from the Ducati factory during the 1970s, motorcycles characterised by minimalist, sporting design with exposed frames and classic bodywork shapes typical of the ‘Café Racer’ era. To emphasis the unique style of these bikes, Ducati has applied modern engineering techniques and finishes to original component design, featuring plenty of chrome and polished finishes that literally mirror the beautiful features of the original motorcycles.

The entire SportClassic family combines retro style with modern technology and uses the fantastic Desmo 1000 DS engine. Delivering impressive torque, this air-cooled 90° L-Twin is the ideal engine for the SportsClassic models. The cylinders, with their traditional cooling fins and classic L-configuration, remind us of the original design by Taglioni. The 1000 Dual Spark Desmo two-valve engine, which complies with the Euro 3 standards,  has electronically controlled fuel injection to guarantee smooth, linear power delivery, reliability and thrilling performance.

For 2008, the SportClassic family boasts three versions: the Sport 1000 biposto, with a removable rear seat-cover so as to retain that perfect Café Racer style, Sport 1000 S using a classically shaped half-fairing with central round headlamp in keeping with the 70s styling and the
GT 1000. As well as its two traditional colours of red and metallic-black/cream, the GT 1000 is now available in a new two-tone livery of classic silver & smoke grey, which recalls the original designs of this Ducati grand tourer.