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Kawasaki KH400 Gallery

In 1976, the 400 KH (mdèle A3) replaces the 400 S3 victim of the oil crisis and anti-pollution standards. This development does not preserve the original spirit of this machine.

The engine loses 6 bed at this development. This reduction in power is mainly due to the introduction of new exhaust pipes (less free) and new fuel settings. Each year, the decoration of the machine will be delivered to every day. In 1977, the model A4 replaces A3

1978 and the A5 model marks the end of the import of the KH 400 in France. In 1979, the model line A6 is based on the rest of the range. Model 1980 with the A7 marks the end of the international career of this small 3-cylinder 2 stroke.

Bike Image Description
1976-77 Kawasaki KH400 1976-77 Kawasaki KH400 Air cooled, two stroke, transverse three cylinder,
1976-77 Kawasaki KH400 A8 Kawasaki KH400 A8 In 1976, the 500 model KH A8 succeeds the 500 H1. The evolution of this model is driven by anti-pollution standards in place in the United States and the oil crisis. This context is not conducive to performance and the machine loses his soul with this development.

After culminée to 60 hp with the 500 H1, formally returning to 59 hp model with the H1B, it falls to 52 hp with this new model. After 8 years of existence, Kawasaki finally normalizes the floor of the gearbox to a 1 ° down (instead of neutral). 1976 also marks the end of the career of this machine.

1976 Kawasak KH 400 KH400 Kawasaki KH400 road test
1976 Kawasaki KH400 Triple Kawasaki KH400 Triple  
1978 Kawasaki KH400 Race Rep Kawasaki KH400 Race Rep  
1978-79 Kawasaki KH400 1978-79 Kawasaki KH400  

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