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Kawasaki Z1300 Gallery

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Whether you're talking platform shoes, flares, ties or motorcycles, bigger was presumed better in the 1970s. Honda started the ball rolling with the Goldwing and CBX, Yamaha riposted with the XS1100, and Kawasaki rounded off the decade with the Z1300, a 305kg, six-cylinder sumo-bike with all the grace and handling of a filing cabinet on top of a wayward supermarket trolley.

As it happened no-one really wanted to try, leaving the Z13 looking increasingly quaint until it finally disappeared in 1989. The only obvious update was electronic fuel-injection instead of a set of three double-choke Mikunis.

Sales were slow in Britain, so there aren't many around now so restoring a Z13 would be difficult and hideously expensive. Classic status has been a long time coming but the Z1300's appeal has finally been recognised. Although the long-stroke engine feels tame now, it makes a musical noise, and the sofa-on-wheels chassis is surprisingly good for its era.

  • 1978 - Version A1: This is the original model.
  • 1980 - Version A2: increase the amount of engine oil and replacement Shock (springs harder and increased travel).
  • 1981 - Version A3: introduction of the electronic ignition, further increase the amount of engine oil, replacement oil shock by combined air / oil.
  • 1982 - Version A4: Changing the transmission (primary and secondary), moving the ignition behind the alternator.
  • 1983 - Version A5: increase the amount of oil the fork.
  • 1984 - The Z1300 becomes ZG1300 and adopt the electronic injection. The power of the machine goes to 130 hp (but 1000 trs / min above)
  • The machine is marketed until 1988. No machine will take the baton. The machine still has many followers throughout the world.
  • In 1984, the Z1300 Voyager is marketed for the U.S. market.
Bike Image Description
Kawasaki Z1300 Kawaskai Z1300
  • Engine - 1286cc, dohc six
  • Top Speed - 130mph
  • Maximum Power - 120bhp
  • Weight - 300kg (660lb)
  • MPG - 35
  • Production - 1981-1989
  • Price new - £3099
  • 1979 Kawasaki Z1300 1979 Kawaskai Z1300  
    1980 Kawasaki Z1300 1980 Kawaskai Z1300  
    1981 Kawasaki Z1300 Z1300

    Kawasaki Z1300 road test

    1984 Kawasaki Z1300i Kawasaki Z1300i  

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