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Kawasaki Z550 Gallery

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Bike Image Description
1979 Kawasaki Z550 1979 Kawasaki Z 550
  • Air cooled, four stroke, transverse four cylinder, DOHC, 2 Valve per cylinder.
  • 58bhp @ 9000rpm
  • 192kg
  • 6 speed
1980 Kawasaki Z 550 1980 Kawasaki Z550 Updated 1980 version of the earlier, unsung 500-4, the Z550 was to suffer, in its turn, from the attention given a few months later to a more developed model, the GP550. But in the period before that startling newcomer arrived, the 550 was able to establish something of a reputation for itself as a crisp-handling middleweight giving away very little in speed to the old-established 650 from the same factory. It marked also the beginning of a new styling phase at Kawasaki in which colour-matching (generally in rather understated shades) and an angular line, replacing the adipose curves of the 1970s' models, were to be carried through the range. Thus the 550 was finished in one colour — usually silver-blue — on tank, side-covers, seat support and tail, and front mudguard, with the cast-aluminium wheels in matt-black picked out with polished metal.
1980 Kawasaki Z550 A1 Kawasaki Z550  
1981 Kawasaki Z550D GP Kawasaki Z550D GP Sometimes called a GPZ550D.
1982 Kawasaki Z 550GP (GPz 550) Kawasaki Z 550 GP  
1986 Kawasaki z550-GT Kawasaki z550-GT  
1987 Kawasaki Z550-G4 Kawasaki Z550-G4  
1985 Kawasaki Z 550-GT Kawasaki Z 550-GT  

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