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New Imperial Classic Motorcycles

New Imperial Classic Motorcycles

After a rather unsuccessful attempt to enter the motorcycle market under the name Imperial in 1901, the company made a serious comeback in 1910 under the name New Imperial and managed to stay in business till 1939. At first only a few models were offered, 293 cc side valve single and 8 hp twins, all with JAP engines. New Imps got the image of middle of the road machines, offering good value for money. In the early twenties the company, based in Hall Green, Birmingham, became more and more active in racing and year by year more models were marketed, to expand the market share in the years in which competition between motorcycle manufacturers was fierce. Till 1926 JAP proprietary engines were used, after that their own engines were built in. In 1927 some 19 different models were available. The make did not survive the Second World War. More New Imperial motorcycle history...

Bike Image Description
1920 New Imperial Light Tourist, 300cc 1920 New Imperial Light Tourist, 300cc This New Imperial is equipped with a ca. 300cc JAP sidevalve engine and 2 speed gearbox. This push-starter is very suitable for the less powerfull rider who desires an uncomplicated machine.
New Imperial Model 7 New Imperial Model 7 V-twin.
1924 New Imperial Model 8 New Imperial Model 8 New Imperial, or as they were then known, Imperial claimed the distinction of producing the first all British motorcycle when they exhibited their Werner type machine, powered by a 500cc single of their own manufacture, at the Stanley Show. By the 1920's the firm was well established offering a range of machines from singles through to large capacity vee twins. In the middle of the range were four 680cc v-twins.
1925 New Imperial Model 1 New Imperial Vintage, Flat Tank New Imperial 350 1925. J.A.P. engine.
1927 New Imperial Onbekend Model 2 1927 New Imperial Onbekend, 300cc 350cc
1932 New Imperial Model 23 1932 New Imperial 150cc, but of 1933 model year.
1934 New Imperial 1934 New Imperial 150 Image supplied by
1934 New Impreial 1934 New Impreial


Photo courtesy of Christopher Kemp.

1934 New Imperial 1934 New Imperial
1936 New Impeial Model 36 1936 New Imperial
1936 New Imperial Model 23 New Imperial Model 23 150cc
1936 New Imperial 1936 New Imperial 250cc, OHV.
1937 New Imperial 110 Clubman New Imperial 110 Clubman 500cc.
1937 New Imperial Model 36 New Imperial 36 .
1937 New Imperial Model 36 1937 New Imperial 36 250cc.
1938 New Imperial Model 76DL New Imperial Model 76DL 500cc twin port.
1939 New Imperial Model 23 1939 New Imperial Model 23 150cc ohv.

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