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2004 Harley Davidson Softail Range

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Some ideas never go out of style. Inspired by the classic design cues introduced on bikes like the 1936 Harley-Davidson EL, the 2004 Harley-Davidson Softail family retains the clean profile of the vintage hardtail frame in a variety of custom and classic styles. Each of the six 2004 Softail models utilises a frame with the classic hardtail style while offering a modern, comfortable ride thanks to hidden horizontal shocks. To maintain the classic hardtail look, the 1450cc Twin Cam 88B engine is rigid-mounted in the frame. The engine is equipped with internal balance shafts that eliminate 90 per cent of primary vibration for a smooth, comfortable ride. The Twin Cam 88B engine is now available with electronic fuel injection on all Softail models. Softail models are offered in up to 13 solid and two-tone colours for 2004.

The FLSTS Heritage Springer model has been discontinued for 2004.