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2006 KTM Sport Minicycles Model Range

KTM 50 Mini Adventure KTM 50 Senior Adventure KTM 50 SX KTM 50 Supermoto Racing KTM 65 SX KTM 85 SX

First it should be fun, because it's only when you like doing something that you do it well. We pack state of the art technology into our smallest motor-cycles because we understand that it is today's juniors that will be riding rings around the seniors in a couple of years. Our smallest motorcycles are constructed by racers for racers, so that juniors too are "Ready to Race" and that they enjoy every moment of it.

Technical Changes;

KTM has made a point of further developing the Sport Minicycles with the younger rider in the forefront of development considerations. The result is a range of exciting new bikes that will satisfy the "Ready to Race" ideals of the most ambitious youngster, while at the same time making both safety and reliability utmost priorities.

Exciting new graphics for the Sport Minicycles give the bikes a fresh, young appearance as well as integrating them and their riders firmly into the KTM family of motorcycle enthusiasts.