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2006 KTM Supermoto Range

KTM 450 SMR KTM 560 SMR KTM 625 SMC KTM 660 SMC KTM 640 LC4 Supermoto KTM 950 Supermoto

KTM Supermotos are all about combining the business of racing with the pleasure of riding. It's a package that provides the ultimate kick for seri-ous motorcycle enthusiasts. Originally designed for use under tough racing conditions, the super-agile chassis takes everything in its stride, leaving you plenty of room for super-quick reactions. These are easy handling ma-chines for easy riders who like to apply the pressure, enjoy the power and revel in the hot racing looks of these bikes that grab the attention of the opposition.

Supermoto Technical Changes;

KTM continues to strive for perfection with its Onroad models and the 2006 range features many new innovations that continue to make these bikes stand out in the crowd and deliver the performance their extraordi-nary appearance promises. For the model year 2006 the former 525 SMR is replaced by the new 560 SMR featuring even more torque and perform-ance due to a larger piston and a new cylinder.