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Yamaha RD80LC

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The RD 80LCwas the baby of the family, a bit cheeper to insure falling in to the sub 100cc group. It sold for just 2 years, It was not that popular a little spindely and when you could have the 125 for not a lot more wich had a big bike feel about it why go for the 80lc. Still quight a few did get sold and now days they are very rare to find and when you do come across one its usualy a shed. They had a iron barrel not an alloy one like the rest of the family. Quight a few people put a 125lc lump in to the frame and theys realy did fly. I had a frend who did this after crashing his 125lc and picking up a shed 80lc for £100 he ezaly fitted the lump and everything over the weekend. It was so fast it left my MK2 125lc standing.

Bike Image Description
Yamaha RD80LC RD80 LC
  • Introduced : March 1982 Discontinued : July 1984
  • Frame/ engine nos : 11A-000101
  • Colours : White or candy blue
  • Bore and stroke : 49mm X 42mm
  • Capacity : 79cc
  • Power : 10bhp
  • Gears : 6
  • Wheels : 18-inch front and rear
  • fuel capacity : 2.2 gallons
  • Speed : 65ish mph Standard
  • Weight : 180 lbs
  • MPG : 65/75
Yamaha RD80 Yamaha RD80 LC  
Yamaha RD80 LC Yamaha RD80 German import.
1983 Yamaha RD80 LC 1983 Yamaha RD80 LC  

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