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Honda Classic Motorcycles

Honda Classic Motorcycles

In 1949, Honda manufactured our first commercial motorcycle, the "Dream Type D," in Japan; in 1963, they opened their first overseas plant, in Belgium. Ever since, Honda has followed one basic rule: build products close to the customer.

More Honda motorcycle history | Honda Racing History.

Bike Image Description
1977 Honda CB50 Honda CB50  
1979 Honda CB50 CB50  
1980 Honda MB5 MB5 Honda MB5 Gallery
1970 Honda Amigo 1970 Honda Amigo
1967 Honda P50 1967 Honda P50 The Honda P50 (known as the P25 in some markets) was introduced in June 1966. It earns a place in history as being the last motor-wheel moped design by Honda (and probably by any other large manufacturer).

It features a step-through frame made from steel pressings, leading-link front suspension, plastic mudguard and chainguard. The fuel tank is located above the rear mudguard. The key distinguishing feature of the design is the 50cc engine being located at the extreme lower left rear of the frame, with all its components housed within the large hub of the rear wheel. Like other Honda mopeds of the time, the engine is a 4-stroke.

1967 Honda P50 Honda P50 Apart from the Chinese Flying Pigeon (a cycle-attachment knock-off of the Cyclemaster engine) the P50 was the last Cyclemaster-styled machine to be produced, and it is always interesting to see a Japanese version of any British machine - because it invariably works a lot better than the original. This being a 4-stroke, it is certainly the case here.

Image provided courtesey of
1963 Honda S50 Honda S50  
1977 Honda SS50 SS50

Four stroke classic moped.

Honda SS50 gallery

1976 Honda Novio Moped 1976 Honda Novio Moped
1975 Honda Chaly Scooter 1975 Honda Chaly Scooter
Honda Super Cub Honda Super Cub

The biggest selling motorcycle ever with sales exceeding 20 million worldwide.

  • Engine - 50cc, 70cc and 90cc air-cooled four-stroke single
  • Power - 6.5bhp
  • Top Speed - 45mph
  • Launched - 1958-2003. More info..
  • 1966 Honda 50 Cub Honda 50 Cub

    A rare early C100 model, registered new in Gloucester, on 1st April 1966.

    The Honda Cub debuted in 1958, 10 years after the establishment of Honda Motor Co. Ltd. The name ‘Cub’ was said to be the acronym of Cheap Urban Bike because the development of this model was aimed to provide a kind of cheap urban transportation in busy cities. The name also likely refers to the earlier Piper Cub, an affordable and extremely popular light aircraft from the 1930s possessing many of the same mechanical qualities of the Honda bike (note that improved versions of the Piper Cub were also called Super Cubs).

    1972 Honda C50 Honda C50  
    1968 Honda C-115 Sport 55 Honda C-115 Sport 55 55cc. Canadian model.
    1964 Honda S65, 65cc 1964 Honda S65, 65cc Honda S65 gallery
    1971 Honda C70M Passport 1971 Honda Passport
    1982 Honda C70C  Honda C70
    1969 Honda CL70 K0 Honda CL70 K0 Honda CL70 Gallery
    1973 Honda SL70 K1 1973 Honda SL70 K1
    1978 Honda NF75 1978 Honda NF75 71cc, 4 Bhp. Two-stroke step thru.
    1976 Honda XR75 XR75 75cc
    1974 Honda XR75 Honda XR75  
    1985 Honda MBX 80 Honda MBX 80  
    1984 Honda MBX80 Honda MBX80  
    1971 Honda CT90 1971 Honda CT90
    1970 Honda CT90 Honda CT90
    1979 Honda C90 1979 Honda C90 Honda C90 Cub Gallery
    1965 Honda 90 S 1965 Honda 90 S Honda S90 gallery
    1969 Honda SL90 Honda SL90
    1970 Honda CD90 1970 Honda CD90
    1965 Honda CM91 1965 Honda CM91
    1953 Honda Benly J, 90cc 1953 Honda Benly J, 90cc
    1969 Honda CL90 Honda CL90  
    1964 Honda HM90 1964 Honda HM90  
    1972 Honda SL100 SL100  
    1971 Honda SL100 Honda SL100  
    1979 Honda XL100 Honda XL100  
    1982 Honda XL100 1982 Honda XL100  
    1982 Honda H100 1982 Honda H100 Honda H100 Gallery
    1964 Honda C100 Honda C100  
    1973 Honda CL100 Honda CL100  
    1972 Honda CL100S 1972 Honda CL100S  
    1980 Honda CB100N Honda CB100

    More info..

    Honda CB100 Gallery

    1963 Honda CR 110 1963 Honda CR 110

    In 1961, the FIM (Fédération Internationale Motocycliste) announced that the world championships for the following year would include a 50 cc category.
    For the Japanese manufacturers who were starting to invade the European market this development offered an opportunity which could not be missed and Honda came out with its first 50 cc privateer, the CR 110.

    The engine suspended from the frame is a 4 stroke single twin overhead cam with four valves and pinion distribution . 5 speed gearbox and a multi disk dry clutch. The bike weighs in at 59 kg and reaches 140 km/h and develops 8,5 hp @ 14 000 rpm.

    1974 Honda CR125M Elsinore Honda CR125

    This is the first year of production silver and green tank model. It stil has the original tank, fenders, side covers, and seat cover.

    Honda CR125 Elsinore Gallery

    1968 Honda SS125A Honda SS125A Twin cylinder 4 valve engine with electric start and kick start.
    1969 Honda SS125 1969 Honda SS125  
    1981 Honda CG125 Honda CG125  
    1989 Honda CG125 1989 Honda CG125  
    1984 Honda MBX125 1984 Honda MBX125
    • Liquid cooled, to stroke, single cylinder
    • 99kg
    • 6 speed
    • 22bhp @ 9500rpm
    1984 Honda MBX 125 FE Honda MBX125  
    1983 Honda RS125 R111 Honda RS125 CRMC post-classic 125 series eligible, 31bhp.
    Honda RS125 RS125 ex-Chris Palmer 2004 TT & Ulster GP winner.
    1966 Honda CL125 Honda CL125 Honda CL125 Gallery
    1975 Honda TL 125 Trials
    Honda TL125

    The Honda TL125 was produced between 1973 and 1976 as a custom-built trials machine, its lightweight construction enabled it to quickly become a competitive mount.

    Honda TL125 Gallery

    1977 Honda CT125 1977 Honda CT125 Honda CT125 Gallery
    1972 Honda SL125 Honda SL125 Honda SL125 Gallery
    1979 Honda XL125 SZ 1979 Honda XL125 SZ Honda XL125 Gallery
    1983 Honda CM125 Custom Honda CM125 Custom Honda CM125 Gallery
    1978 Honda CB125T 1978 Honda CB125T

    Honda CB125 Gallery

    1976 Honda MT125 M3 Honda MT125 M3 Six-speed. The first of Honda's 125 2 stroke racers.
    1983 Honda MTX125R Honda MTX125R
    • Liquid cooled two stroke, single cylinder.
    • 99kg
    • Drum brakes
    • 6 speed
    • 18bhp @ 8700rpm
    1987 Honda MTX125 1987 Honda MTX125R  
    1981 Honda CD125 Honda CD125


    Honda CD125 Gallery

    1986 Honda NS125R Honda NS125R
    • Liquid cooled, single cylinder, two stroke, Reed valve induction
    • 69mph
    • 68mpg
    • 103kg
    • 6 speed
    Honda CB92
    Honda CB92

    The diminutive 125 twin cylinder Honda CB 92 was launched in the days when the BSA Bantam was the standard by which others were judged, and it represented the first of a generation of motorcycles that was destined to become dominant throughout the world.

    Honda CB92 Gallery

    Image provided by

    Honda CB93 125 Honda CB93 More Honda CB93 info..
    Honda CR93 Relpica Honda CR93 Relpica More Honda CR93 info..
    1963 Honda CR93
    Honda CR93

    Introduced in the spring of 1962 the CR93 was offered in two guises, the familiar racing version and a fully equipped road going variant. In road going form the machine produced 16.5bhp at 11,500 rpm, however, in racing form the machine produced 20 bhp at 11,500 rpm and was safe to 13,000 rpm thanks in part to the four-valve per cylinder technology that it inherited from the works machines.
    Costing £609 the machine was equipped with a five speed gearbox and wet sump lubrication. The twin cylinder engine featured a 360 degree crankshaft with the drive being taken to the gearbox by a geared primary drive. It rapidly established itself as the machine to have in the 125cc short circuit class, dominating it until 1970 and the appearance of the YAS1.

    Image provided by

    1966 Honda CA150 Benly Honda CA150 Benly  
    1966 Honda Dream Honda Dream 150cc
    1966 Honda CL160 Honda CL160  
    1968 Honda CB160 Honda CB160

    CB bikes typically came with the engine as a stressed part of the frame. They had low exhaust pipes and were geared for higher top end speed than the CL model.

    Image provided courtesey of

    Honda CB160 Gallery

    1972 Honda CL175-K6 Honda CL175
    • Displacement: 174.00 ccm (10.62 cubic inches)
    • Engine type: Twin
    • Stroke: 4
    • Power: 19.00 bhp @ 9500 rpm
    • Max rpm: 10500
    • Compression: 9.0:1
    • Bore x stroke: 52.0 x 41.0 mm (2.0 x 1.6 inches)
    • Fuel system: Carburettor. Keihin
    • Valves per cylinder: 2
    • Fuel control: OHC
    • Ignition: Contact breaker
    • Starter: Electric
    • Lubrication system: Wet Sump
    • Cooling system: Air
    • Gearbox: 5-speed

    1972 Honda CL175 CL175  
    1978 Honda CD175 1978 Honda CD175 Honda CD175 gallery
    1974 Honda MR175 Honda MR175 Elisnoir
    Honda CB175 K3 Honda CB175 K3

    More Honda CB175 K3 info

    Honda CB175 Gallery

    1970 Honda SL175 Honda SL175 Honda 1970 SL175 twin cylinder trail motorcycle. One of
    Honda's early MotorSport purpose built trail bikes, derived from the CB/CL175 but with tubular duplex chassis and engine performance modifications.

    These machines are rare in the UK as they were never formally imported

    1972 Honda SL175 1972 Honda SL175  
    1978 Honda CD185T Honda CD185T  
    1978 Honda CD185 Honda CD185  
    1979 Honda CM185T Twinstar Honda CM185T Twinstar 185cc.
    1979 Honda XL 185S 1979 Honda XL185S
    • Air cooled, four stroke, single cylinder, OHC, 2 valves per cylinder
    • 110kg
    • Drum brakes
    • 5 speed
    1981 Honda XL185 Honda XL185  
    1980 Honda CD200 Benley Honda CD200 Benley Honda CD200 Benley gallery
    1984 Honda MTX200R Honda MTX200R
    • Liquid cooled, two stroke, single cylinder.
    • 114kg
    • 6 speed
    • 28bhp @ 8000rpm
    1983 Honda MVX250F Honda MVX250F
    • Liquid cooled, two stroke, 90°V-three cylinder, reed valve
    • 138kg
    • 6 speed
    • 49bhp @ 9000rpm
    Honda RC165 250-6 Racer' Honda RC165 250-6 Racer
  • Engine - air cooled 247cc DOHC transverse six
  • Horsepower - 60bhp @ 18,000rpm
  • Top Speed - 153mph
  • Brakes - double drum/drum
  • Frame - tubular steel open cradle
  • Transmission - 7 speed
  • Honda RC166 Honda RC165 250-6 Racer

    Honda commissioned British engineer George Beale to build six exact working replicas of the RC174 (a 297cc version for the 350cc class), costing £235,000.00 each to produce.

  • Engine - 249.7cc air-cooled dohc four
  • Power - 60bhp
  • Top Speed - 130mph
  • Produced - 1966-1968
  • 1984 Honda TLR 200 E Honda TLR 200 E
    • Falcon shocks
    • Sammy miller footpegs (lowered and moved slightly back)
    • Headstock angle adjusted (tighter turning circle)
    • Renthall bars 6" rise
    • New hebo grips
    • Headstock taper bearing kit
    • Hebo bar pad
    • New fork seals
    • Modified Wes silencer
    • Clutch lightener
    • Frame and swingarm shotblasted and powder coated

    1980 Honda XR200 1980 Honda XR200
    1983 Honda XR200R Honda XR200R  
    1980 Honda CM200 Honda CM200
    • Air cooled, four stroke, parallel twin, OHC, 2 valve per cylinder
    • 119kg
    • Drum brakes
    • 4 speed
    • 17bhp @ 9000rpm
    1979 Honda Seeley Trials 1979 Honda Seeley Trials 200cc.
    1964 Honda C200 1964 Honda C200
    1964 Honda C200 Touring 90 Honda C200 90cc. It is comparable to the CA 200 and has a 4 speed manual transmission.
    1964 Honda C200 1964 C200  
    1973 Honda CL200 Honda CL200 US model, imported in 1994.
    1975 Honda CB200 CB200 Honda CB200 Gallery
    1983 Honda MTX200 Honda MTX200  
    1992 Honda XLR200 Honda XLR200 Imported to the UK from the Far Eastern market. This model not sold in the UK, but many parts interchangeable with those from similar models.
    1954 Honda 4E Honda 4E Approximately 28,000 of these were produced and only a few reached the US.This was the first model, 8.5 HP, to be built from the lifting of Government mandated displacement limitations after WW ll.
    1974 Honda MT250 1974 Honda MT250
    1973 Honda MT250 Elsinore 1973 Honda MT250 Elsinore
    1979 Honda CJ250 T 1979 Honda CJ250 T Honda CJ250 gallery
    1964 Honda CA72 Honda CA72 250cc Dream. This bike is part of U.S. History and was in the Saigon Vietnam from 1964-68.1 of 2 Diplomatic Escort Motorcycles used by the U.S. Embassy in Saigon.

    1962 Honda CB72 Honda CB72

    250cc Hawk.

    Honda CB72 Gallery

    1965 Honda CL72, 250cc 1965 Honda CL72, 250cc
    1964 Honda CL72 Honda CL72 Its earlier smaller production number, aluminum fenders, louvered chain guard, steel forks, steel front foot pegs, smaller brakes, smaller carburetors, smaller engines, baffles instead of a muffler. CL72s were made from 1962 to 1965 and CL77s were made from 1965 to 1967. There are far more CL77s out there than the CL72s.
    1975 Honda TL250 Honda TL250 Honda TL250 Gallery
    1968 Honda CL250 Honda CL250  
    1970 Honda CL250 CL250  
    Honda XL250 Honda XL250
  • Engine - 249cc, 4-stroke ohc single
  • Power - 20bhp
  • Top Speed - 80mph
  • MPG - 70
  • Launched - 1976-1986
  • Honda XL250 gallery

    Honda CB250N Honda CB250N
  • Engine - 249cc, 4-stroke ohc twin
  • Power - 28bhp
  • Top Speed - 90mph
  • MPG - 50
  • Weight - 172kg (380lb
  • Launched - 1979-1983
  • Honda CB250 Gallery

    1987 Honda CBX250 RS-E CBX250

    There is only a handful of these bikes left now, mainly due to the fact that they were only made for two years. 32bhp.

    Honda CBX250 Gallery

    1974 Honda CR250 Elsinore Honda CR250 Elsinore Honda CR250 Gallery
    1981 Honda CM250 Honda CM250 Honda CM250 Gallery
    1988 Honda XR250 Honda XR250  
    1966 Honda CA72 Honda CA72 250cc. More info..
    1985 Honda NS250R MC11 1985 Honda NS250R MC11

    The NS250R's design and styling was taken directly from the works RS250R's of that era, a bike that was cleaning up in GP's and eventually allowed Freddie Spencer to win both the 250 and 500 World GP titles in the same season!

    Honda NSR250 gallery

    1985 Honda RS250
    Honda RS250

    More Honda RS250 info..

    Honda RS250 gallery

    1981 Honda RSA250 Honda RSA250  
    1989 Honda CBR 250R Honda CBR 250R  
    1989 Honda CBR250 Honda CBR250 MC17
    1986 Honda VT250 FD Honda VT250 Honda VT250 Gallery
    1966 Honda CA77 CA77 Honda CA77 Dream Gallery
    1966 Honda CL77 Honda CL77
    1964 Honda CB77, 305cc 1964 Honda CB77, 305cc Honda CB77 Gallery
    1975 Honda XL350 1975 Honda XL350 Honda XL350 Gallery
    1971 Honda CL350 Street Scrambler
    Honda CL350

    The CL350 was advertised as a 100mph machine in 1972, claiming 33bhp at 9500rpm, though popular in the US it never really found favour in Europe.

    Honda CL350 Gallery

    Image provided by

    1971 Honda SL350 SL350 Honda SL350 Gallery
    1974 Honda 350 CB 1974 Honda 350 CB

    The Honda CB350 was a 325cc twin-cylinder, four-stroke motorcycle produced by Honda between 1968 and 1973. Its reliable motor, coupled with dual Keihin carburetors proved to be a popular design, becoming the highest selling motorcycle in American history, with 300,000 units sold. The machine evolved cosmetically over the course of its production, although engineering changes were mainly limited to the introduction of a hydraulic disk front brake on the 1973 CB 350G edition.

    Honda CB350 Gallery

    1976 Honda CJ360T Honda CJ360
    • Air cooled, parallel twin cylinder, SOHC, 2 valve per cylinder
    • 184kg
    • Drum brakes
    • 34bhp @ 9000rpm
    1974 Honda CB360G Honda CB360 Honda CB360 Gallery
    1975 Honda CL360 Honda CL360 American model, street scrambler.
    1978 Honda Hawk 1978 Honda Hawk 400cc Twin.
    1987 Honda Nv400SPD 1987 Honda  Nv400SPD
    Honda CB400N Honda CB400N
  • Engine - 395cc, 4-stroke ohc twin
  • Power - 37bhp
  • Top Speed - 100mph
  • MPG - 50
  • Weight - 175kg (385lb
  • Launched - 1979-1986
  • Honda CB400 Gallery

    1985 Honda NS400R 1985 Honda NS400R

    In the mid 80's each of the Japanese manufacturers was represented in the 'two-stroke Daddy' class, Honda's was the NS400R. It was never quite as fast as the RG500 or the RG500 but it wasn't as likely to blow up either and if you've ever been stranded on the side of the road you soon learn which is preferable. The NS is still a fast and desirable bike and in this paint scheme it is magnificent.

    Honda NS400R Gallery

    Honda VF400F Honda VF400

    Japanese import. 399cc, 55bhp.

    Honda VF400 Gallery

    1989 Honda VFR400 NC24 Honda VFR400

    Honda VFR400 gallery

    1981 Honda Luxury Custom 400 1981 Honda Luxury Custom 400  
    1989 Honda CBR400RR Honda VFR400 NC23
    1985 Honda GB400TT Honda GB400TT Japanese import.
    1986 Honda GB400 Honda GB400 The Bike was imported from Japan in 2007.
    1979 Honda CM400 Honda CM400
    • Air cooled, four stroke, parallel twin, OHC, 2 valve per cylinder
    • 173kg
    • 5 speed
    Honda CB450 'Black Bomber' Honda CB450 'Black Bomber
  • Engine - air cooled 444cc DOHC vertical twin
  • Horsepower - 43-45bhp @ 9000rpm
  • Top Speed - 104mph
  • Brakes - drum/drum
  • Frame - tubular steel single cradle
  • Transmission - 4 speed (later 5 speed)
  • Honda CB450 Gallery

    1979 Honda GL400 Honda GL400
    • 40bhp @ 9500rpm
    • 5 speed
    • 216kg
    1970 Honda CL450 Honda CL450 Honda CL450 Gallery
    1987 Honda CMX450 Rebel Honds CMX450 Rebel Honda CMX450 Gallery
    1981 Honda CR450R Honda CR450R  
    1981 Honda CR450R 1981 Honda CR450R  
    1982 Honda CM450 Honda CM450
    • Air cooled, four stroke, parallel twin, OHC, 2 valve per cylinder
    • 64mpg
    • 181kg
    • 5 speed
    • 37bhp @ 9000rpm
    1983 Honda CR480 MX Honda CR480  
    1983 Honda VT500E Honda VT500 Honda VT500 Gallery
    Honda RC500
    Honda RC500 More Honda RC500 info.....
    1984 Honda FT500C Honda FT500 Honda FT500 Gallery
    1989 Honda GB500 1989 Honda GB500
    1978 Honda 500 Cafe Racer Honda 500 Cafe Racer
    • Frame: The frame has been modified and is loosley based on the Henning Honda - loads of extra bracing giving a far more rigid construction – is so much stiffer than was, so can crank it up with confidence when cornering.
    • Carburration: The old Kei Hin CV carbs were junked and replaced with 34mm Amal Mk 2 dual concentrics with velocity stacks. The 60’s ‘Black Bomber’ tank has a big bore Norton fuel tap fitted to feed these. I have stacks of jets to re-tune if deemed necessary.
    • Motor: Wiseco race pistons and external oil routes.
    • Exhaust system: Fitted with ‘Swarbrick racing’ underslung downpipes and virtually brand new 17” Megaton reverse cone megas.
    • Brakes: The forks have been reversed and we now have twin discs fed by a nissin master cylinder with Goodrich braided hosing. The twinning has meant the speedo is now gone (but you know how quick you’re going, don’t you?). Rear brake is original hub brake and not very good – new shoes may improve.
    • Rearsets: Hand built.
    • Electrics: More than half the wiring loom has been removed – it’s caused me a headache over the years but now is far more simple than ever – check out the battery now housed under tail piece. As you can see there are no indicators, nor are there any funny little lights to tell you’re in neutral or whatever!
    • Shocks: Hagon shocks about 2 years old – no more than 1000 miles!
    • Tyres: Battleaxe rear and venom front.
    • Rims: Rear is alloy rim, front original steel chromed with stainless spokes.

    1978 Honda CB500T 1978 Honda CB500T Honda CB500 Gallery
    1987 Honda VF500F2 Honda VF500 Honda VF500 Gallery
    Honda CX500 Honda CX500
  • Engine - 499cc, 4-stroke ohv V-twin
  • Power - 50bhp
  • Top Speed - 110mph
  • MPG - 50
  • Weight - 200kg (440lb)
  • Launched - 1978-1983. More Honda CX500 info.
  • Honda CX500 gallery

    1987 Honda RS 500 1987 Honda RS 500 This superb Honda RS 500 RW is one of the last 3 cylinder 500 cc privateer bikes distributed by HRC. This model with an aluminium frame is complete, original and in perfect mechanical and general condition.
    1984 Honda CR500R Honda CR500R Honda CR500 Gallery
    1977 Honda GL500 Silver Wing Honda GL500 Silver Wing Honda GL500 Silver Wing Gallery
    1985 Honda XBR500F Honda XBR500  
    1982 Honda XL500 Honda XL500 Honda XL500 Gallery
    1976 Honda CB550F 1976 Honda CB550F

    More info..

    Honda CB550 Gallery

    1983 Honda CBX550 1983 Honda CBX550
    • Cost new- £1870
    • Power – 62bhp
    • Weight – 196kg
    • Torque – 36ftlb
    • Colours – Red/orange/black, red/white/blue
    • Fuel Capacity – 17litres
    • Seat height – 780mm
    • Wheelbase – 1385mm
    • Engine – Air-cooled 572cc (59.2 x 52mm), 8v, DOHC inline four. 4 x 30mm Keihin CV carbs, six-speed.
    • Chassis – Tubular steel double cradle frame. Air-assisted telescopic forks, no adjust. Pro-link rising rate monoshock, preload adjust.
    • Brakes – 2 x 230mm front discs, twin-piston calipers. 230mm rear disc, twin-piston caliper.
    • Tyres – 3.60 x 18 front, 4.10 x 18 rear.

    Honda CBX550 gallery

    1980 Honda 600 Honda 600
    1984 Honda XL600R Honda XL600R Honda XL600 Gallery
    1980 Honda CB650 Custom 1980 Honda CB650 Custom Honda CB650 Gallery
    1988 Honda CBR600 F Honda CBR600 F  
    1988 Honda Bros Hawk 650 Honda Bros Hawk 650 It includes corbin seat, dynojet kit, kN airbox filter, MPH speedo, ebc front disc, its got proper 3 spoke wheels from a bros 2 so the rear is 18 inch.
    1986 Honda CX650 Eurosport Honda Bros Hawk 650 Honda CX650 Gallery
    1986 Honda CB700 Nighthawk 1986 Honda CB700 Nighthawk Honda CB700 Gallery
    1984 Honda VF700 Magna Honda VF700 Magna Honda VF700 Gallery
    1986 Honda VFR 700F Honda VFR 700F
    • Liquid cooled, four stroke, 90°V-four cylinder, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
    • 6 speed
    • 198kg

    Honda VFR700 Gallery

    Honda CB750 Honda CB750
  • Engine - 4 cylinder 736cc SOHC
  • Horsepower - 67bhp @ 8000rpm
  • Top Speed - 115 mph
  • Brakes - single disc/drum
  • Frame - tubular steel twin cradle
  • Produced - 1969-1977
  • Transmission - 5 speed
  • Honda CB750 Gallery

    1971 Honda CR750 Replica 1971 Honda CR750 Replica
    1970s Honda Cr750 Evocation
    Honda CR750 More Honda CR750 info....
    1970 Suzuki CR750 1970 Honda CR750 More Honda CR750 info..
    Honda CBX750 Honda CBX750
  • Engine - 747cc, 4-stroke dohc 4
  • Power - 90bhp
  • Top Speed - 130mph
  • MPG - 45
  • Weight - 218kg (480lb)
  • Launched - 1983-1987
  • Honda CBX750 gallery

    1983 Honda VF 750F 1983 Honda VF 750F Honda VF750 gallery
    Honda VFR750R (RC30) Honda VFR750R (RC30)

    Honda RC30 gallery

    1983 Honda Shadow 750 Honda Shadow 750  
    1985 Honda Shadow 750 1985 Honda Shadow 750  
    1987 Honda NR750 Honda NR750
    • Liquid cooled, four stroke, 85°V-four oval cylinder, DOHC, 8 valve per cylinder, 2 conrods per cylinder
    • 175mph
    • 158kg
    • 6 speed
    • 155bhp @ 15,000rpm
    • Liquid cooled, four stroke, 85°V-four oval cylinder, DOHC, 8 valve per cylinder, 2 conrods per cylinder
    1979 Honda CB 900 F1 Honda 900 F1 Honda CB900 Gallery
    1979 Honda RS1000 Endurance
    Honda RS1000 Endurance More Honda RS1000 Endurance info...
    Honda GL1000 K2 Goldwing Honda GL1000 K2 Goldwing

    Honda GL1000 K2 Goldwing Road Test

    Honda Goldwing Gallery

    Honda CBX1000 Honda CBX1000
  • Engine - 1015cc, air-cooled in-line six
  • Power - 105bhp
  • Top Speed - 128mph
  • Launched - 1978-1983
  • Honda CBX1000 gallery

    1986 Honda VF1000 F2 Bold'or 1986 Honda VF1000 F2 Bold'or Honda VF1000 gallery
    1979 Honda KZ1000GL 1979 Honda KZ1000GL
    1986 Honda VT1100C 1986 Honda VT1100C
    Honda CBR1000F Honda CBR1000F
  • Engine - 998cc, liquid cooled, DOHC, in line four
  • Power - 132bhp @ 9500rpm
  • Top Speed - 161mph (257kph)
  • Dry Weight - 222kg (490 lb)
  • Standing Quarter Mile Time - 11.1sec
  • Launched - 1987
  • Fuel Consumption - 40mpg
  • Honda CBR1000 gallery

    1983 Honda VF1100C V65 Magna 1983 Honda VF1100C V65 Magna Honda VF1100 Gallery
    Honda ST1100 Pan European Honda ST1100 Pan European
  • Engine - 1084cc, liquid cooled, DOHC, vee-four
  • Power - 100bhp @ 7500rpm
  • Top Speed - 144mph (230kph)
  • Dry Weight - 279kg (615 lb)
  • Standing Quarter Mile Time - 11.3sec
  • Launched - 1990
  • Fuel Consumption - 40mpg
  • 1981 Honda CBR1100R "ex Ron Haslam Bike" 1981 Honda CBR1100R Ron won the Shell Oil Street Bike Championship in 1981 on this bike. It is in 100% original condition, exactly how Ron raced it.
    1982 Honda CB 1100RC Honda CB 1100RC Honda CB1100 Gallery
    1990 Honda CB1000F Honda CB1000F Honda CB1000 Gallery
    Honda - CR77 Replica Factory Race Bike Honda - CR77 Replica Factory Race Bike

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