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Motorcycle Glossary of Terms


Please e-mail us if you have a glossary term suggestion to add to our motorcycle glossary:

Ibf ft - Pounds-force feet. An imperial unit on torque. Sometimes written as ft-lbs.

Ibf in - Pound-force inch. An imperial unit of torque, applied to components where a very low torque is required. Sometimes written as in-lbs.

Ignition advance - Means of increasing the timing of the spark at higher enigne speeds. Done by mechanical means (ATU) on early engines or electronically by the ignition control unit on later engines.

Ignition timing - The moment at which the spark plug fires, expressed in the number of crankshaft degrees before the piston reaches the top of its stroke, or in the number of millimetres before the piston reaches the top of its stroke.

Inverted forks (upside down forks) - The sliders or lower legs are held on the yokes and the fork tubes or stanchions are connected to the wheel axle (spindle). Less unsprung weight and stiffer construction than conventional forks.

IOE - Inlet over exhaust, a common arrangement with an overhead inlet and side exhaust.