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2004 Cagiva Motorcycle Range

Cagiva Mito 125Cagiva Raptor 125

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This year (2003), the 61th edition of the EICMA happens to coincide with the anniversary of an historic landmark in the Italian motorcycle industry: the 25th anniversary of Cagiva. It was on October 17, 1978 that the company founded by Giovanni Castiglioni bought the AMF Harley Davidson Italiana production facilities in Schiranna, opening a new age for the Italian motorcycle industry. The first SST and SX models already caught the eye of young consumers during a period when the scooter was all the rage, anticipating the enormous phenomenon of the ultra-technological 125 that marked the 1980's market. Motorbikes like the Aletta Rossa or the sporty Aletta Oro became the motorbike of every sixteen-year-old's dreams and consolidated the commercial success of the firm.

This positive response was also influenced by the sporty image transmitted by clamorous success in all areas of off-road racing and in African marathons. It was, however, the exciting challenge offered by the GP500 where the elephantine logo first achieved extraordinary visibility, beginning with Eddie Lawson, and later with the memorable 1994 season when Jhon Kocinski came within one step of winning the coveted prize. Cagiva also made considerable contributions from an industrial point of view, transmitting the technology and creative energy of its brand name to the promotional policies implemented by Ducati and Husqvarna, and assisting in the rebirth of the glorious brand name of MV Agusta. Even the Cagiva 2004 range remains faithful to the values cultivated during the company's 25-year history by proposing innovative models that boast an enviable combination of performance, style, and price.

The three product families - MITO, RAPTOR, and NAVIGATOR - are ready to hit production with all the chromatic and technical options presented at Munich 2004. Shows, however, should also offer us an opportunity to daydream - and there will be no better place to do that than at the Cagiva stand, thanks to the tantalizing X3 -Raptor, a extreme concept bike that seems to be a sneak preview of more trail-blazing innovations for future Raptors. Rigorously single-saddle, it features high silencers, narrow handlebars, and a stylishly original front fairing dominated by a minimal windscreen and air box fuel injectors. This cutting-edge model is what we have learned to expect from the extraordinary creative capacities of Cagiva.