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2004 Harley Davidson Dyna Range

Harley Davidson FXDIHarley Davidson FXDLIHarley Davidson FXDWGIHarley Davidson FXDXI


Harley-Davidson continues to set the standard for factory custom style and performance with a four-model Dyna Glide line for 2004. For the first time, each Dyna Glide model will be offered with electronic fuel injection on the 1450cc Twin Cam 88 V-Twin engine.

New on all 2004 Dyna Glide models are restyled fuel tanks that are longer than the previous tanks. The restyled tanks are topped with new, full-length consoles. The ignition cover and electrical panel have also been redesigned. The EFI is a closed-loop system identical to that used on the Softail and Touring lines. It automatically adjusts for changes in air temperature and elevation, and offers fast, easy starts, hot or cold, with no choke. An idle air bypass system monitors engine speed and delivers a consistent idle that is scan-tool adjustable from 800 rpm to 1250 rpm.

A knock-detection feature senses engine knock by monitoring ion sense, and retards spark to protect the engine should knock occur. A heat-management system automatically adjusts the engine speed and fuel delivery rate to help the engine run cooler and enhance rider comfort, especially when the bike is operating at low speeds or in a stop-and-go situation. A new returnless fuel system reduces fuel lines from two to one. EFI-equipped engines offer outstanding driveability in all environmental conditions, yet retain the traditional Harley-Davidson Big Twin sound.