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The 2005 Harley Davidson Softail Range

Harley Davidson FLSTNI Softail Deluxe Harley Davidson FLSTSCI Springer Softail Classic Harley Davidson FXSTI Softail Standard Harley Davidson FLSTCI Heritage Softail Classic Harley Davidson FLSTFI Fat Boy Harley Davidson FXSTDI Softail Deuce Harley Davidson FXSTBI Night Train Harley Davidson FLSTFSE Fat Boy


Softail Deluxe and Springer Classic Deliver Retro Style with Modern Performance MILWAUKEE (July 15, 2004) - Since its launch in 1984, the Harley-Davidson Softail line has combined the classic lines of a hard-tail frame and rigid-mounted engine with modern comfort and reliability. For 2005, the Harley-Davidson styling department tapped a rich vein of Motor Company tradition to create two all-new Softail models.

The FLSTNI Softail Deluxe and the FLSTSCI Springer Classic combine classic Harley-Davidson styling cues with performance and design details that will make them among the most distinctive motorcycles on the road today. "With the Softail line Harley-Davidson has always sought to combine a classic motorcycle profile with innovative mechanical design and technology that makes these models as comfortable and capable as they are beautiful," said Bill Davidson, Harley-Davidson director of marketing, motorcycle product development. "Our new Softail models uphold that philosophy, and use elements of Harley-Davidson heritage to make a fresh stylistic statement."

Each of the seven 2005 Softail models is powered by the 1450cc Twin Cam 88B engine, rigid-mounted in the frame so that it becomes an integral element of the motorcycle. The Twin Cam 88B engine, with Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection, is equipped with internal balance shafts that quell 90 percent of primary engine vibration. The 18 different Softail paint schemes available for 2005 include new solid colour, pearl, and two-tone combinations.

A key change common to all 2005 Softail models is a redesigned dipstick with an improved seal on the oil tank filler neck. This new design makes it possible to accurately check the oil level while the motorcycle is resting on its sidestand. All Softail models will have a new clear-lens, reflector optics headlight for improved lighting performance. A small Bar & Shield cloisonné on the headlight lens adds an interesting detail to the new headlight.

FLSTNI Softail Deluxe

Nostalgic styling cues from several eras mesh perfectly on the beautiful new FLSTNI Softail Deluxe. Start with a tapered chrome luggage rack and a low seat with checked side panels and a chrome grab rail. Then add wide whitewall tyres that wrap around new "Smoothie" Laced chrome wheels front and rear. The FL-style front fender has a sliver of polished trim, and both the tank and fender feature distinctive new emblems.

The Softail Deluxe has an exclusive new sculpted headlight nacelle and clean front and rear lightbars with bullet turn signals. A new tombstone taillight is perched on the rear fender. New narrow, tapered foot boards are trimmed with chrome. Shotgun chrome exhaust pipes and a chrome oil tank match the black engine with chrome covers and complete a look that's bound to become an instant classic. Lowered suspension, pull-back riser and handlebars, and a seat height of just 622mm make the Softail Deluxe comfortable and easy to handle for a wide range of riders.

Despite the lowered suspension, lean angle remains comparable with existing Softail models.

FLSTNI Softail Deluxe features:

  • Rigid-mount Twin Cam 88B balanced engine, with ESPFI
  • Black powder-coated engine with chrome covers
  • Clear-lens, reflector-optics headlight
  • Low 622mm seat height
  • Wide whitewall tyres
  • Profile laced wheels
  • Chrome oil tank
  • Shotgun exhaust
  • Pull-back risers and handlebars
  • Chrome luggage rack and seat rail
  • Tombstone taillight
  • Exclusive headlight nacelle
  • removable passenger pillion
  • Factory security system
  • FLSTSCI Springer Softail Classic

    Throw a little bit of '48 Panhead at a Softail and you get the authentic new FLSTSCI Springer Softail Classic. The key feature is the Springer front suspension-its finished in smooth and durable black powder-coat and highlighted with a chrome shock and springs. A traditional running light caps the front fender, which is otherwise free of trim.

    An aluminium tank graphic and stamped-metal wrap-around trim strip give the fuel tank a classic look, as does a vintage-style metal patent label on the oil tank. The crossover dual exhaust system is reintroduced on the Springer Classic and places a chrome muffler on each side of the rear wheel. The seat texture matches the centre console, and the seat is trimmed with embossed nameplates. A separate passenger pillion can be removed in seconds to give the bike a solo profile. A new tombstone taillight completes a look that balances nostalgia with modern performance and technology.

    FLSTSCI Springer Classic features:

  • Rigid-mount Twin Cam 88B balanced engine, with ESPFI
  • Black powder-coated engine with chrome covers
  • Clear-lens, reflector-optics headlight
  • Black powder-coated Springer front suspension
  • Crossover dual exhaust
  • Beach-style handlebars
  • Chrome laced wheels
  • Tombstone taillight
  • Removable passenger pillion
  • Fender-mounted light (non-functioning in Europe)
  • Factory security system
  • FXSTI Softail Standard

    The pure custom styling of the FXSTI Softail Standard make it the perfect starting point for any owner planning to create a personal interpretation of a classic motorcycle profile. It's a clean canvas that enables the process of customisation with a wide selection of accessories.

    FXSTI Softail Standard features:

  • Rigid-mount, Twin Cam 88B balanced engine, with ESPFI
  • Clear-lens, reflector-optics headlight
  • Silver powder-coated engine
  • Chrome laced wheels
  • Bobtail rear fender
  • Black horseshoe oil tank
  • Raked FX forks
  • Factory security system
  • FLSTCI Heritage Softail Classic

    The FLSTCI Heritage Softail Classic defines the concept of custom touring, offering a relaxed riding position, ample luggage space with 50s-style leather saddlebags, the protection of a detachable windshield and comfortable passenger accommodations including a backrest. However, the look is truly classic, with laced wheels, a full-skirted FL front fender over a fat front tyre, studded saddlebag and seat trim as well as passing lamps. You'll roll up the miles in style.

    FLSTCI Heritage Softail Classic features:

  • Rigid-mount, Twin Cam 88B balanced engine, with ESPFI
  • Black powder-coated engine with chrome covers
  • Clear-lens, reflector-optics headlight
  • Detachable king-size Lexan windshield
  • Studded leather saddlebags with quick-release buckles
  • Passenger backrest
  • Competition handlebars
  • Full FL front fender with chrome accents
  • Chrome passing lamps
  • Chrome hub cover
  • Chrome plated directional light bar
  • Chrome Laced wheels with blackwall tyres
  • Staggered shorty-dual exhaust
  • Factory security system
  • FLSTFI Fat Boy

    Celebrating it's 15th year of production in 2005, the FLSTFI Fat Boy has become a signature model in the Harley-Davidson line. The Fat Boy rolls down the boulevard with authority, sporting the perfect blend of custom beauty; disc wheels, big chrome headlight, trimmed front fender and shotgun exhaust and burly tradition with chunky rubber, hardtail profile, wide bars and fat front forks. A special tank emblem marks the 15th Anniversary of the introduction of the influential Fat Boy.

    FLSTFI Fat Boy features:

  • Rigid-mount, Twin Cam 88B balanced engine, with ESPFI
  • Black powder-coated engine with chrome covers
  • Clear-lens, reflector-optics headlight
  • Fat FL forks
  • Solid disc front and rear wheels
  • Floorboards
  • FL rear fender
  • 179 mm headlight with chrome fork nacelle
  • 15th Anniversary tank graphic
  • Factory security system
  • FXSTDI Softail Deuce

    Stylistically original, the FXSTDI Softail Deuce is sleek and long. The clipped rear fender and low-profile taillight are signature cues that blend seamlessly with a stretched fuel tank, console, and shotgun exhaust. A chromed FX front end, topped with flat-track styled bars on a curved riser, holds a laced 21-inch wheel. The Deuce begs its rider to stretch out and roll down the road.

    FXSTDI Softail Deuce features:

  • Rigid-mount, Twin Cam 88B balanced engine, with ESPFI
  • Black powder-coated engine with chrome covers
  • Clear-lens, reflector-optics headlight
  • Stretched fuel tank
  • Low, smooth Badlander seat
  • Chrome forks
  • Chrome riser with flat-track handlebars
  • Chrome fender supports with hidden hardware
  • Chrome full-length tank console
  • Chrome laced 21-in front wheel, 17-in disc rear wheel with 160mm tyre
  • Clipped rear fender
  • Recessed taillight
  • Factory security system
  • FXSTBI Night Train

    The FXSTB Night Train projects an attitude that is tough and youthful. The chrome pipes gleam against a dark background of wrinkle-black trim on the engine covers and air cleaner, oil tank and rear fender supports. A matching black console is perched on the fuel tank. The Night Train looks menacing in the traditional colour, Vivid Black and stunning in Black Cherry or Black Pearl, two new paint colours that accentuate the black-and-chrome hardware.

    FXSTBI Night Train features:

  • Rigid-mount, Twin Cam 88B balanced engine, with ESPFI
  • Black powder-coated engine with wrinkle-black and texture-black covers
  • Clear-lens, reflector-optics headlight
  • Chrome laced 21-inch front wheel, 16-inch disc rear wheel
  • Bobtail fender
  • Low, smooth Badlander seat
  • Drag bars on six-inch risers
  • Black tank console, air cleaner, oil tank and rear fender supports
  • Three-dimensional tank emblem
  • Factory security system