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2005 Ducati Motorcycle Range

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Ducati Sportclassic

On the heels of the remarkable public and media success that followed the presentation of the new SportClassic family of bikes at the Tokyo Motorshow, last October 2003, further acclaim arrived from all over the world in the next months. In January 2004, the factory decided to produce the bikes, creating a new product of motorcycles in the Ducati line-up. Due to overwhelming requests, Ducatisti were able to reserve a SportClassic of their choice from March to July. Incredibly, the first year of production of the Paul Smart has 'sold-out'.

The first bike to roll off the production lines will be the limited edition Paul Smart 1000, which will be in the showrooms from November 2005. This machine was inspired by the legendary "750 Imola Racer" with which Paul Smart won the historic Imola race in 1972. This initial limited edition series features top level components, including Íhlins rear shock absorber and front forks. Subsequently the "Sport 1000" will enter production starting from March 2006; handsome, original, fascinating, and keenly aggressive, this bike has all it takes to become a cult icon and trendsetter. A muscular CafÚ Racer style distinguished by the unmistakeable Ducati bright yellow colours, timeless beauty coupled with all the performance that true enthusiasts have come to expect. And just six months later customers will be able to purchase the GT 1000, scheduled to enter production in September 2006. The new GT 1000 is the perfect expression of a long tradition of stylistic elegance and top-level components, with the ease of handling associated with modern machines.

Ducati Paul Smart 1000, Ducati Sport 1000, Ducati GT 1000

Only one sport bike manufacture designs motorcycles that can make enthusiasts dream. Welcome to a new Ducati family of bikes - The SportClassics - motorcycles that capture the essential beauty, timeless style and emotion of the original Ducati sport bikes of the 1970's. Even though they reflect the best of the past, they incorporate the latest Ducati technology and engineering, creating thoroughly modern motorcycles that live-up to today's standards of road-going performance. To attain the timeless beauty of the bikes that were the inspiration for the SportClassics, the key visual design, style and technical features of the originals were studied and targeted for modern interpretation in the Paul Smart, GT and Sport. Ducati sport bikes of the 1970's were typically long and low in stature, with fairings and tanks with curving lines that forced the eye to sweep from front to back and side to side.

The shapes of the body combined with colors ranging from bold, monochromatic yellows and blacks to subtle silver, blue and green hues giving the bikes a sophisticated yet muscular look. The bikes made a powerful visual statement whether parked or in motion. Above all, these were essential, purposeful-looking motorcycles, harmonized by quality components. Tubular frames wrapped the engines that were left proudly exposed for all to see, exploiting the beauty of their cooling fins and polished cases. Twin rear shocks and wire wheels with their radiating spokes laced to chrome or alloy rims were essential to the "look" of the period.

Moreover, no bike was complete without long, elegant chrome silencers or black-painted, race-inspired exhaust systems. Although classically inspired, SportClassics are modern Ducati motorcycles, so they must be powerful, handle confidently and be exciting to ride everyday. The Paul Smart, GT and Sport are all powered by the advanced Desmo 1000 DS engine.

The torquey air-cooled 90║ L-Twin is the perfect match to power these sport bikes. The cylinders with their traditional cooling fins form the classic "L" configuration, reminding us of the original Taglioni design. Slim between the legs and exposed for all to see, the latest two valve Desmo system, fuel-injection, computer controlled engine management and Ducati Testastretta technology ensure that the 1000 DS engine is powerful, dependable and thrilling to ride. Of course, the SportClassics exploit the beauty of the signature Ducati tubular trellis frames. The mitered and welded ALS 450 tubing gains its renowned strength and rigidity from complex triangulation and the integrity of quality material. What's more, our incredibly strong engine case are an active component of the Ducati trellis frame system, a "stressed member", leaving the engine fully exposed, and further enhancing rigidity and reducing weight.

The Ducati trellis frame perfectly enhances the beauty of the SportClassics, while delivering confident handling and consistent road manners. The unique swingarms and suspension layouts ensure their look matches the classic appeal of the bikes, while still delivering the superior road holding and performance you expect from of Ducati. With bikes that are as capable as the SportClassics, great brakes are fundamental. The high quality Brembo "Serie Oro" calipers are used, gripping huge 320mm discs up front for strong and consistent stopping power. Performance is further enhanced with steel braided brake lines front and rear. As you would expect from a motorcycle inspired by the original icons of Ducati sport motorcycles, every element and component is built with only the highest quality materials and engineered with performance as a priority.