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The 2006 Ducati Motorcycle Range

GT 1000 (Prototype)

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Refinement, a unique sense of aesthetics, and a clearly marked style are the guiding principles infused into the Ducati apparel collection designed to suit any need, whether on the bike or off during leisure time.

The use of logos and colors from Ducati's history has inspired a series of lines stamped with a 1960s and 1970s style. The 2006 collection, developed with meticulous care in the personalization and treatment of the garments, aims to satisfy the varied demands of Ducatisti and other style-conscious consumers.

This year the new collection has been produced in collaboration with Aldo Drudi, a noted designer in the motorcycling industry. Tapping his 20-year knowledge of motorcycles and riders the world throughout, he has come up with some very select garments.

The 2006 collection, in addition to the expansion of the retro lines, sees a repeat of the "Ducati Corse" line, which ranges from fabric jackets to sportswear to merchandising. A recurring theme in the new styles for 2006 is the Italian flag motif emphasizing the nationality of the marque. Also included is a new children's clothing line featuring the introduction of styles created especially for future Ducatisti; bright colors and clever graphics go hand in hand with the durable wear and unmistakable style of the Ducati marque.

80s Jacket;

This techno jacket in cowhide sporting clean lines and a trendy look stands out for the Ducati logo designed by Giugiaro in the 1980s.

Designed to accommodate a back guard, it has CE-certified removable protectors, non-removable lining treated to ensure hygiene and long wear, adjustable hip fastening and elastic inserts on shoulder blades to improve movement. Also available in a women's version.

80s Helmet;

The modern and enticing graphics of the 80s helmet is the perfect complement to the 80s jacket. The shell is in laminated fiber composite with superior shock proofing. The interior is in an allergy-free fabric, the CE-certified visor is scratchproof, fogproof and the strap features the racing inspired D-ring fastening.

Wing Jacket;

The essence of this jacket in aged cowhide is hi-tech yet still has a retro flair. CE certified protectors on the shoulders and elbows, thermal removable lining, adjustable hip fastening and zipper to join pants complete the features of the jacket available in variations of orange/cream and black/cream.

Wing Helmet;

Classic graphics on a racing helmet with shell in high shockproof laminated fiber composite, cervical protection, removable and washable interior in allergy-free fabric. The CE-certified visor is scratchproof, fogproof, and the strap has D-ring fastening.

Wing Tex Jacket;

The fabric Techno jacket, with the famous "Scrambler wing" is reminiscent of the trendsetting bikes of the 70s. With CE-approved protectors and removable thermal lining, the jacket is waterproof and breathable. Adjustable waistband, elastic inserts on shoulder blade and a space to accommodate a back guard complete the jacket's characteristics. Also available in a women's version.

Corporate Suit;

Downplayed, yet effective, the new two-piece suit has CE approved protectors on the shoulders, elbows, knees and shins, and utilizes elastic inserts on shoulder blades and knees to enhance ease of movement. Sliders, adjustable waist fastening, and non-removable lining with anti-bacteria treatment top off the features of this garment. Available in a women's version too.

Ducati Corse Sportswear;

The new all-season line offers a wide range of apparel, from fleece to sweatshirts, long and short-sleeved t-shirts, tank tops, pants and caps. The line's totally reworked look is devoted to aficionados of the Ducati Corse style. Recurring themes: raised embroidered Italian flag, the Ducati Corse shield and the band in new colors. A broad selection is also offered to those women increasingly attracted to the world of motorcycles.

Borgo Panigale Jacket;

This cowhide jacket has a biker style combined with a trendy look and fit. The entire line of Borgo Panigale apparel pays tribute to the area of Bologna where the red desmodromic machines are manufactured. The men's version is available in black/cream whereas the women's is in black/cream/red. Available also in textile version.

Borgo Panigale Sweatshirt And T-Shitr;

Simple lines and "peach fuzz" fabrics, the result of meticulously researched methods of treatment, are some of the features characterizing the Borgo Panigale line.

The items are a fusion of high quality and a taste for fashion that best identifies Italian crafted products.


Ducati accessories incarnate the spirit that moves every Ducati enthusiast. Passion, commitment and high professionalism are our daily bread, the basis for making sure that from the design to the final development, all the way through the testing stage, complete lines of Ducati accessories are created as ideal tools for any customizing need.

The Ducati range of accessories was developed to satisfy a vast range of technical and performance customizing needs; the new exhaust systems for the 999 and 749, distinguished by the superb materials used and uniquely shaped manifolds, are a clear example of this: developed in collaboration with the Ducati Corse engineers, these complete units bring out the best, in terms of torque and maximum power, of our "Testastretta" engines. All accompanied by the rich baritone sound typical of every Ducati bike.

The new carbon fibre accessories, with their elegant aesthetic impact, provide a touch of elegance to the motorcycles, along with an overall lighter feel to improve handling.

A new generation of certified mufflers is available to enthusiasts of the Monster and Multistrada families: equipped with a removable silencer core (DB Killer), they turn their bike into a mini-race replica, while remaining firmly within current regulations for noise emissions.

To customize one's own motorcycle is a sublime right of ownership; the range of mirrors offered in the 2006 accessories catalogue is enriched with a new model for 999: with a sleeker and more aerodynamic shape, the new mirrors offer greater visibility and function, while keeping the direction indicator built into the body. Also in the Ducati accessories catalogue is the new Ducati Corse tire warmers kit, which ensures clean and lightning-fast starts in the purest "Capirex style." Finally, a new range of tank bags and covers for Monster and Sport Touring fill out the Touring section of the Ducati catalogue for 2006, ensuring ease of use, practicality and easy mounting.

Ducati accessories make wishes come true, enhance the sensations and the unique features of every Ducati motorbike, emphasizing their beauty and personality.

Ducati Motor Holding guarantees all the accessories listed in the Ducati catalogue for a period of two years from the date of sale or installation.

Complete 2-1-2 unit (749/999);

Power, style, exclusivity, sophistication, and absolute technical expression: this and more can be found in the motorcycles that make up the Ducati Superbike family and the Ducati Performance accessories dedicated to them. The result of technologies and materials used in the racing world, the mufflers and exhaust systems of the Ducati Performance line enhance the performance of every Ducati motorcycle. The computer mapping of the Racing engine control units, which serve to maximize the performance of engines equipped with our exhaust systems, have been developed by specialized engineers in collaboration with Ducati Corse and Magneti Marelli, to offer top performance.

The complete exhaust kit for the Superbike family (available with titanium muffler and manifold, titanium muffler and steel manifold, or both in steel) comes complete with the fuel injection control unit and racing air filters. The new complete exhaust system, with 57mm manifolds, represents the evolution of the systems with 54mm manifolds: thanks to the innovative elliptical central pipe, they fit perfectly into the new, sculpted aluminum box-type swinging arm of the 2005 range of Ducati sports models.

Exciting, high-performance, with its vintage sinuous lines in pure Seventies style but with muscle backed by the full weight of the Termignoni racing department; these and many other adjectives describe the sculpted 2-1 exhaust by Termignoni, which gives your SportClassic an even deeper and more unmistakable sound while considerably increasing its horsepower and performance. The kit, complete with racing air filter cover and dedicated engine control unit, meets current standards in terms of noise pollution, and may be converted to the racing version for use solely on the track.

Certified Mufflers for Multistrada (MTS1000 DS/1000S DS from MY03 MTS 620/620, Dark from MY05)

The Multistrada is a motorcycle built for curves and for fun: this is the true character of the Multistrada, whose dynamic features have set a new bar within the category, and that Ducati accessories skillfully enhance. For everyone who dreams of the elegance of an exhaust in evening wear but doesn't want to run into trouble with the law, we have created the certified muffler with carbon cover: it meets current EC regulations on noise emissions, but for use on closed tracks only it can be converted into a racing muffler by removing the "DB Killer" system.

Front footrests made from billet Ergal (MS4R - MS2R800/1000);

The range of original Ducati accessories developed for the Monster family offers a wide selection of products to satisfy those who make continual performance improvement a basic lifestyle choice, as well as those motorcyclists who are most interested in combining practical use and motorcycle design. The front footrests made from billet Ergal emphasize the care taken for detailing. The design combined with the many possible adjustments of the riding position make this accessory something that can further enhance the technical and aesthetic qualities of your motorcycle.

Carbon rear mudguard for box-type swing arm (749/999)

Designed to make Ducati motorcycles into real objects of desire, Ducati Performance carbon fibre accessories are true jewels, each of which has been built using material of the highest quality and in collaboration with the most qualified firms. An extreme attention to finishes combined with the excellent strength and lightweight offered by carbon are the distinguishing features of these accessories. The rear mudguard with chain cover was specially designed for the box-type swing arm. The new aerodynamic rear carbon mudguard delivers the utmost in performance and weight reduction.

Magnesium generator cover (MS2R 1000/M 1000 i.e. MTS1000DS / 1000S DS SS1000i.e.);

Magnesium has always represented lightweight and high performance; a material linked to the racing world, for the same mechanical resistance it reduces weight by approximately 25% compared to traditional aluminum alloys. This noble alloy is found in the magnesium generator cover with titanium screws and dedicated sprocket cover of billet aluminum.

Pair of black mirrors with mini directional indicators (749/999);

The new mirrors developed by Ducati maintain the same construction philosophy, but offer more effective function: the mirror still includes the built-in direction indicators, but has improved the adjustment options and has a larger reflective surface. The mirror is mounted by one of the two original fasteners on the fairing. A cap is included to cover the original hole not used for mounting, as well as the screws needed to install the mirror.

Tank bag with tank cover (Monster, MTS, ST, SS/Sport starting with MY98);

Set off for wherever you're headed, with nothing on your mind but the pleasure of riding. That's what a Ducati motorcycle offers all its enthusiasts. Thus Ducati accessories, specially developed for medium-long-range touring, reflect the spirit of motorcycle tourists, offering everything necessary to travel in complete freedom and safety at all times.

These are the foundations for the travel bag complete with protective PVC tank cover; it fastens quickly to the tank cover and offers an ample carrying capacity. An essential element when using a motorcycle for touring, it is great for storing clothes and personal effects. On long road trips it allows you to refuel simply by detaching the bag with its convenient fasteners. Once the motorcycle is parked, the shoulder strap and its built-in grab straps make the bag even easier and more practical to carry.

Satellite navigation system (Monster, MTS, ST European market only);

The Satellite navigation system is built in collaboration with Garmin, the world's leading manufacturer of GPS for land and sea use; this new instrument differs from the competition thanks to its quality manufacturing, precision and accuracy of the software, and ultra-compact size. Resembling a late-generation cell phone, the new Ducati satellite navigator is complete with special brackets for mounting on the handlebars, and "plug&play" power wiring that conveniently interfaces with the motorcycle's electrical system. The standard set of accessories is quite rich, and includes not only the aforementioned dedicated wiring and motorcycle bracket, but also the support bracket and power supply wiring for cars, speaker and earpiece, battery charger, USB cable for connecting to a PC and a complete and exhaustive instruction manual. With a built-in memory capacity of 243Mb and a more powerful processor, the new Ducati navigator offers maximum navigating precision thanks to the glare-proof active matrix display with 256 colors. The voice directions allow the rider to continue driving along the predetermined route in utmost safety. The European map provided is extremely detailed, showing not just the normal points of interest such as roads, monuments, hotels, and public authorities, but is also complete with the addresses of the entire European Ducati service network and the main racing circuits present throughout the territory. The batteries provided are lithium ion-based and offer a run time of approximately 20 hours once the navigator is disconnected from the main power supply.