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2006 KTM Motorcycle Range

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KTM has again enjoyed considerable success in the business year Sept.1, 2004 - Aug. 31, 2005, registering healthy increases in sales and turnover as well as forming an exciting new partnership with the U.S. company, Polaris, the largest non-Japanese manufacturer of ATV's, snowmobiles (world market leader) and 4x4 utility vehicles.

The KTM-Polaris partnership matches two like-minded companies that share "a passion to ride" and secures footholds for each other in the two respective continents. Effective immediately KTM and Polaris will cooperate on product development, manufacture and distribution. The partnership will be further enriched by the exchange of know-how and R&D capabilities and accelerate the innovation power of both entities.

KTM continues to expand, particularly into Eastern Europe and through the Polaris partnership will enjoy an enhanced product pres-ence in the already lucrative US market.

KTM's successful entry into the onroad sector is illustrated by an in-creased model range in the exciting sport oriented road bike sector. The successful launch of the 950 Supermoto in the spring of 2005 will be followed by an expanding range of road bike models.

Looking forward, KTM expects to continue firmly on the business road to success, as well as continuing its successful product philosophy "Ready to Race".

We see KTM's presence at the large international trade fairs as a way of sharing this philosophy with established and potential members of the ever growing KTM "family". We welcome you to join us for a one-to-one chat at the fair and learn even more about that invigorating "slice of orange" that we call KTM.