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Build Your Own Custom Motorcycle

Welcome to the Choppers Project Page. Here you can learn how to take a stock Harley-Davidson FXSTC and create a totally custom show winning chopper. There are many details here to see and learn what is really involved in this process. From frame modifications, wiring diagrams to custom paint and its all free.

Stage 1 - rear assembly | Stage 2 - rear hot mock-up | Stage 3 - front dissembly | Stage 4 - frame geometry | Stage 5 - front modification | Stage 6 - full hot mock-up | Stage 7 - test ride | Stage 8 - paint preparation | Stage 9 - paint process | Stage 10 - final assembly

Rear Disassembly Rear Hot Mockup Front Disassembly Frame Geometry Front Modification Full Hot Mockup Test Ride Paint Preparation Paint Process Final Assembly

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