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remove wiring harness

Remove the wire-harness, ignition coil, voltage regulator, blinker computer, and wire-harness mounting hardware.

forward controls

The brake and shifter forward controls were removed. The rear wheel was attached to the bike vice and we have installed the ramp support hardware for the front extension.

front brake

Remove the front brake caliper while leaving the brake line attached. The handle bars will be removed next, this will save time so the brake bleeding will not be needed.

handle bars

Remove the handle bars with the brake caliper attached.

remove axle

Support the front with a bottle jack and remove the axle caps and axle nut. Loosen the acorn nuts and slide the axle out. The tire is now free from the forks.

fork tubes

Loosen the pinch bolts and unscrew the steering stem from the upper triple tree by hand and slide it completely out of the lower triple.


Remove the fork stem cap, bend the lockwasher tab away from the fork stem nut and remove the nut. Remove the adjusting nut and pull the fork out of the steering head.

engine pull

The 4 motor mount bolts were removed and the engine lifted out onto a couple of 2x4.

wooden engine stand A temporally engine stand was constructed until the 'real' engine stand arrived.

engine stand

The new engine stand now holds the motor. Mounted onto a small dolly, the motor can easily be moved around the shop. (Should have saved the $40 and just used the wooden stand)


The steering head(triple tree) was then removed.

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