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Test Ride - Time for a test ride, make sure all parts are functional before painting


Gas up and Rollout: All the fluids have installed during the hot mock up: oil, trans, primary drive and brake fluid. The fuel tank was pressure tested for leaks before final attachments to the bike, with the shop doors open and the fire extinguisher close at hand, the gasoline was added and the bike was rolled out into the street.

SS Carb

SS Carb Gas Leak: After sitting for over a year, the float in carb was stuck in the down position. This means as the gas entered the carb and the bowl filled up, gas will continue to enter the carb and run onto the street. After a quickly shutting of the fuel and inspecting the SS data sheet, a simple tap on the bowl freed the stuck float and all was okay.

Seat install

Seat Clearance: The fuses are located under seat and are very close to the seat pan. All worked fine until my 185 lb butt was on it. With a couple simple taps of the hammer, the inside of the seat pan was bent to clear the fuses.

First ride

Chopper Time: After just a couple of star attempt... the chopper fired up. Man did it sound nice and with no mechanical issues.

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The first ride was awesome, balanced, smooth and comfortable.

Test Ride Complete: The chopper rides great. Time to take it all apart for chrome and paint.

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