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Paint Preparation/Body Work - Prep the fenders, tank and frame before we add color

front fender

Front Fender Prep: The front fender was in good shape. All it needed was Metal Glaze (Polyester Putty) around the welds on the mounting hardware. The sheet metal was scuffed with 180 and wiped down with DuPont Final Klean 3901. The Metal Glaze was sanded with 100, 220 then 320.


Additional Rear Fender Support: During the test ride the rear tip had a small vibration so additional sheet metal was added along the sides and rear tip. This really made a big difference in decreasing the flexibility of the fender. The sheet metal was stitched welded on the sides and spot welded in middle. The grinder smoothed out the welds. Glazing Putty will be added to under side near the edges for a smooth feel.

top side

Rear Fender Tip Prep: 3 light coats of Glazing Putty were added to the under side of the fender and smoothed down with 100, 220 then 320 grit. 2 light coats were applied to the top and also sanded. Only about 1.5" from the outside of the underside was totally smoothed, the underside will be coated with under coating.

The tip has smooth thick feel that is very rigid.

fuel tank

Tank Prep: The WCC Tank is hand made so it will require a lot of prep work. Glazing putty is placed on all the weld seems and sanded 100, 220 then 320.


Frame Prep: Where the Tank meets the frame by the seat, a cosmetic point was previously welded on. This was filled using Z-Grip Evercoat. After the based shape was formed, Glazing Putty is applied for the final affect and sanded smooth with 100, 220 then 320.

custom choppers

Frame Prep: On the lower part of the frame where the seat post meets the bottom rails, 2 steel plates form the base. For a cleaner look, sheet metal was added to fill in the gap between the plates. This will make the frame painting easier and provide a clean look for the wire harness.

custom trikes

Frame Prep: The under side of the Fuel Tank has sheet metal welded on to the frame give the illusion that the Tank and frame are one part. This also hides the wire harness and throttle cables. The ignition key is also located here, this all needs to be filled and smoothed.

swing arm

Swing Arm Prep: The 'stock' belt guard tabs were removed and grinded smooth. Glazing putty was applied and sanded smooth. Holes were drilled in the tubing to hide the tail lamp wiring.


Neck/Down Tubes Prep: All the welds where the neck was cut off and reinstalled have been grinded smooth. Glazing putty was applied to the welds for cleaner look. The neck is very visible even with the tank installed. To keep with the Harley look, the welds are not 100% smooth, we wanted to show some the work that went into the neck.

custom trikes and bikes

Swing Arm Cage Prep: The swing arm cage was widened 10mm to center the tire with the frame. These welds have also been smoothed and glazed.


Final Frame Prep : The frame was suspended in the paint booth and degreased. The existing stock black powder coat was scuffed with red scotch bright pads for the primer to bite into. Masking tape was applied to the VIN and wire-harness. We are now ready for final degreasing and etch primer.

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