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RD/YVPS Hybrid Restoration

Step 11

Now we're getting there!

Time to fit the powervalve servo motor into place. This fit just behind the headstock where the old RG coolent expansion tank went. You will need to extend the loom for that, but its only 5 wires. Again you'll need to make up a bracket or two, mines cable-tied in at the moment. Fit the fuel tank on to check clearance Clarence, as it can be a bit tight.

YPVS servo motor

The YPVS servo motor fits in behind the headstock.

YPVS tacho

Use the YPVS tacho and wire it into the YPVS feed wire from the CDI. The tacho is a nice fit into the hole left by the RG one.

Step 12

Now fit all cables etc, and adjust as normal. Plug all the YPVS connectors and finish the wiring as follows:

  • YPVS Loom RG Loom
  • Earth - Black Black/white
  • High beam yellow Yellow
  • Indicators single dark green Light green
  • Indicators double dark brown Black (part of a 4-way plug)
  • Neutral/oil/temp light brown Orange
  • Neutral - light blue Dark blue
  • Oil black/red Blue/white
  • Temp green/red Black/green
  • Rear light blue/red Brown/red
  • Rear light green/yellow White
  • Rear light black Black/white

I did have a problem with backfeeding on the indicator idiot light, but this was cured with a couple of diodes.

I hard wired in the tail-lamp and rear indicators, and used the YPVS headlamp block connector. You might need to extend the battery leads but other than that it should all fit nice and neat.

Step 13

Offer the exhausts up you will find that they fit almost perfectly, nicely tucked out of the way. Both pipes will need the brackets cutting off and re-welding around 60mm further back., again it's going to be job of offering them up to see. The right hand pipe will need a flat hammering into it for the rear brake pedal.

Now re-fit the body work and fuel tank, complete with new graphic.

RD tank

I retained the original oil tank as I can't be bothered to pre-mix. It fits no problem and you can wire the level light in as well.

Now you can fit the battery, switch it on, listen to the familiar sound of the valves cleaning, and fire it up! Take it easy on the first test ride, keep it short and keep an eye on things like the temp gauge. Then get home – and have a large beer(s).

Step 14

Pull the whole thing apart and put it back together properly.

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