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Motorcycle License Questions

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Q - I have lost my provisional licence and applied for a duplicate, am I still allowed to ride my 125?

A - Yes, your entitlement is still valid.

Q - I am living in the UK will a full Australina bike licence, can I ride a bike in the UK?

A - Yes, you can exchange your licence to the UK equivalent with a form from the Post Office.

Q - I live in America and have a full US bike licence but never took my test in the UK. I am visiting the UK but am not sure if I am allowed to ride a bike on UK roads with a US licence, without taking the motorcycle test in the UK?

A - If you do not have any entitlement to ride a moped or motorcycle and have been out of the UK for over a year, then you would be treated as a visitor from abroad, so you can ride for up to 12 moths on UK roads using your US licence. However, if you have a UK licence of any sort, you will have to go through the normal learner route when you visit the UK.

Q - I have just got my licence back after being banned and have been told that it will cost £50, is this true?

A - I'm afraid so. Also, if you have been disqualified for drink driving then it costs increases to £75.

Q - Just over three years ago, I was caught speeding, given three points and a fine. I subsequently sent my licence to DVLA to remove the points but they said they have to remain for four years?

A - The penalty points only last for three years, however the DVLA will not remove until four years have expired. This does not affert the totting-up process if you receive further points.