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Motorcycle MOT Questions

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Q - I have heard you can apply for a daytime MOT, what is it?

A - It is not necessary to have lights or a rear reflector fitted to be eligible for a daytime MOT, except when it is foggy. You should make it clear at the MOT test station prior to the test and, providing the bike passes, the certificate will be stamped 'daylight use only'.

Q - My CBR600 import is due for its first MOT shortly but the headlight points in the wrong direction?

A - Under the sale of goods act, the dealer that sold it to you had a duty to ensure it was fit for the purpose it was sold for, riding on UK roads. They should rectify the problem without cost to you. The same applies if you bought the bike secondhand from a dealer but not necessarily had it been a private sale.

Q - How much is a bike MOT?

A - The price is £23.80 (as at 1st November 2006), a bike and sidecar is £30.40. Prices are scheduled to be increased to £27.25 for bikes and £34.65 for three-wheelers, effective 24th November 2006 (subject to change).