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2006 Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Range

Guzzi news; Griso 1100 is here, 25/02/06 | Guzzi Wins Daytona, 21/03/06 | Guzzi Available in Pearl Blue, 09/05/06
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Breva Touring 750 | Nevada Touring 750 | California Touring | California Classic

The Legend of the Italian Eagle;

With 84 years of history behind it, Moto Guzzi rightly represents a legend in Italian motorcycling. The marque of the eagle was established in Mandello del Lario on the 15th March 1921. The young company's first motorcycle was the now legendary 8 HP Normale. A number of highly successful models followed, including the Guzzi G.T. (1928), called "Norge" as per the raid to Arctic Circle and the Airone 250 (1939), which was the best selling 'middleweight' in Italy for over 15 years. The company also achieved deserved success in motorcycle racing, with their first ever victory at the prestigious 1921 Targa Florio. Moto Guzzi went on to record an impressive series of wins, and by the time the company withdrew from motorcycle racing in 1957, an amazing 14 world titles and 11 Tourist Trophies had been accumulated.

After the Second World War Moto Guzzi presented the world with models like the Galletto (1950) and the Lodola 175 (1956). In 1950, Moto Guzzi was the first motorcycle manufacturer in the world to install a futuristic wind tunnel at its Mandello del Lario plant, to test and develop the first truly modern fairings. Moto Guzzi's racing team brought together a tightly knit group of talented individuals, including engineers like Umberto Todero and Enrico Cantoni, plus a designer who would soon become a legend in his own right, Giulio Cesare Carcano - who sadly passed away on 14 September this year - father of the Otto Cilindri, capable of an amazing 285 km/h.

In the late 1960s Moto Guzzi introduced the first 90 V-Twin engine that would soon become the very symbol of Moto Guzzi. In one form or another this unit went on to power many models, including the famous Guzzi V7, V7 Special and the legendary V7 Sport. Already crowned in glory, this same V twin was later produced in smaller versions for the Guzzi V35 and V50. Moto Guzzi's definitive large capacity Gran Turismo, the California, is now equipped with electronic fuel injection and a triple disc integral braking system with pressure distribution valve. Moto Guzzi's racing heritage on the other hand is represented by models like the Le Mans, Daytona, Centauro and Sport 1100. The company's unmistakable style returned to universal popularity in the nineties with the introduction of the new series California, Nevada and V11 Sport.

On 30 December 2004 Moto Guzzi became part of the Piaggio Group, (president Roberto Colaninno, managing director Rocco Sabelli, general manager Gianclaudio Neri), Europe's leading manufacturer of two wheelers and one of the world's leading names in motorcycle and scooter production. In March 2005, Daniele Bandiera was appointed as managing director of Moto Guzzi S.p.A.

The Breva 1100 was presented in March 2005 to re-launch the marque of the glorious Eagle. The Breva 1100 (named after the wind that heralds the arrival of summer over lake Como) is the latest Italian success story on the highly competitive naked market.

On 8 September at the Milan Triennial it was the turn of the brand-new Griso 1100. A motorcycle at last revealed in its definitive configuration and immediately defying all conventional definitions. As befits the latest heir to Moto Guzzi's unique motorcycling tradition, the Griso 1100 (named after the most famous "tough guy" in Italian literature) embodies innovative technical solutions and bold styling. No compromise has been made in turning the original concept into reality around the magnificent new Moto Guzzi 1100 cc V-Twin engine. And like the concept, the reality of the Griso is guaranteed to amaze and offer a unique riding experience. Moto Guzzi is attending EICMA with a completely updated 2006 range, all fitted with Euro3 compliant engines, not to mention the ultra-new Norge 1200 and California Vintage right at the cutting edge. And the flight of the Eagle continues.

Moto Guzzi - All the Roads of the Future;

The Mandello del Lario company has decisively turned the page. A change of direction which is more than just words, taking concrete form in the market launch of innovative, technologically updated models, designed to satisfy the needs and reflect the tastes and trends of modern day motorcycling. Take for example the debut of the Breva 1100, the comfortable and reliable naked, or the appearance on the market of Griso, a modern motorcycle in shape and substance.

These are the first signs of the Moto Guzzi of the future, promises already kept and turning the spotlight on a tomorrow packed with interesting developments. The strategies for the future have already been defined and the first step is a complete updating of the range, extended with new motorcycles and new categories. The great classics of the Italian Eagle have been reworked with the introduction of a whole series of innovations, while new "touring" versions of a number of key models have been created, going back to the spirit of the company's origins, breathing new life into a great heritage by applying the most advanced technologies.

Thanks to the new models, Guzzi is once again part of the aristocracy of international motorcycling, following two main guidelines - pure riding pleasure and maximum attention to design. Two concepts which perfectly embody Moto Guzzi's philosophy for the third millennium and which takes concrete shape in the personality and lines of the whole 2006 range.

On the road where objective factors make extreme performance impossible, Moto Guzzi proposes intense sensations, appreciable right from the start, to be enjoyed kilometre after kilometre and savoured like a fine wine. Going against the logic of speed and haste, Moto Guzzi models embody and propose a different pace of life, giving priority to genuine strong emotions. Because the story of Moto Guzzi is important, just as the story which begins and develops around every rider and his motorcycle is important.

The New Moto Guzzi Range - Every Trip is a Journey;

The journey is more important than the destination. The knee-down excursion on tortuous roads, the leisurely cruise across the continent in company, even the simplest commuting between home and office all have a common denominator - the pleasure of riding your motorcycle, soothed by the throb of the 90 V-Twin, in the seat of the maximum expression of technology and Italian creativity. The new range reflects this idea and applies it to all the facets of motorcycling today.

Proof of this can be seen in the new additions to the range, starting with the Norge 1200, a Gran Turismo model which pushes back the rider's horizons and reinterprets in a modern key the glories of the legendary motorcycle which Giuseppe "Naco" Guzzi, Carlo's brother, took to the Arctic Circle in 1928. The "Norge" G.T. 500 was the first genuine Gran Turismo motorcycle, thanks to a technical innovation conceived by Giuseppe and put into production by Carlo Guzzi, an elastic frame incorporating the rear suspension. A feature which provided hitherto unknown comfort and handling, thanks to the high standards of Moto Guzzi construction and today revived and adopted with use of the most up-to-date technology. Touring is also close to the heart of the new Breva 750 Touring, an agile medium-range tourer, the Nevada 750 Touring and the California Touring, timeless models which tackle the years and the kilometres with the same nonchalance, always in step with the times. A sophisticated tribute to the past comes in the form of the California Vintage, the new tourer, heir to a great tradition, but new inside and out.

The custom segment has always expressed the purest and most direct essence of freedom and is well represented by the Nevada 750 Classic and California Classic, two motorcycles immune to the passage of time. The naked segment is also fierce, with the Breva 750, agile and robust as a genuine Moto Guzzi, its big sister the Breva 1100, attractive and fun to ride, and the extraordinary Griso 1100, a flash of originality and passion to be enjoyed down to the last drop.

Then there is the sports segment, heir to a winning tradition still remembered by Guzzi fans. The absolute protagonist is the MGS-01 Corsa, the motorcycle which brought the Eagle back to the track. Every future trip on the back of a Moto Guzzi will not just be a pleasure, but also much "cleaner", with the Euro3 engines fitted on the entire 2006 range.


  • Nevada Classic 750
  • California Classic
  • These are timeless classics, motorcycles which lose not a drop of their fascination with the passing of kilometres and seasons. Models which represent an extension of the rider's personality, symbols of a free and unconventional riding style and way of life. But they are also in constant evolution, remaining true to themselves in spirit and character, but packed with new design and technological features, because liberty is always looking for new forms of expression. In appearance with new colours and graphics, but also in substance with Euro3 approval.


  • Breva 750
  • Breva 1100
  • Griso 1100
  • The very essence of the motorcycle comes to life in models with a unique personality. With their essential no-frills lines, the result of design work concentrating on the balance between form and function, these are motorcycles for everyday use, tireless travel companions, perfect for about town traffic and dynamic companions in free time adventures. The common denominator is the ever more sophisticated 90 V-Twin, but each model has its own original personality. From the agility of the Breva 750 to the mettle of the Griso 1100, all riders can find the right motorcycle for their particular style. Because your encounter with a Moto Guzzi is a story destined to last.


  • Nevada 750 Touring
  • Breva 750 Touring
  • California Touring
  • California Vintage
  • Norge 1200
  • Competition is one of the "souls" of Moto Guzzi. The road slipping away beneath two tireless wheels, the ever changing landscapes, the new encounters and adventures day after day have made entire generations of motorcyclists dream, then make their dreams come true with a bike from the Mandello del Lario workshop. A past which has never been so alive and looking to the future, thanks to models with all the personality of their predecessors but boasting new technology. The ultra-new protective and comfortable Norge 1200 is the flagship of a new fleet intent on leaving its dynamic mark on roads across the globe with the charisma and performance which have given Moto Guzzi an international prestige, now a new reality.