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Kawasaki Classic Motorcycles

Kawasaki Classic Motorcycles

Kawasaki's Aircraft Company began the development of a motorcycle engine in 1949. The development was completed in 1952 and mass production started in 1953. The engine was an air-cooled, 148cc, OHV, 4-stroke single cylinder with a maximum power of 4 PS (3.9 hp/2.9 kW) at 4,000 rpm.

In 1954 the first compete Kawasaki Motorcycle was produced under the name of Meihatsu, a subsidiary of Kawasaki Aircraft. In 1960 Kawasaki completed construction of a factory dedicated exclusively to motorcycle production and bought Meguro Motorcycles. Kawasaki has since then become one of the world's major motorcycle manufacturers.

Bike Image Description
1988 Kawasaki AR50 C6 Kawasaki AR50  
1989 Kawasaki AR50 1989 Kawasaki AR50  
1960's Kawasaki M11 Kawasaki M11 Later version of the M10, with 2cc more, giving it 52cc!
KawasakI AR80 1981 Kawasaki AR80 Kawasaki AR80 Gallery
1966 Kawasaki J1TL Kawasaki J1TL The Kawasaki 85 model J1TL is designed for highway touring at speeds up to 62mph. The rotary disc valve allows the single cylinder 2 stroke engine to rev up to top output of 8hp in a hurry, but runs for hours without heating up. Powerful low speed torque makes the Kawasaki 85 easy to handle in traffic, too. This beautifully designed, sturdy and trouble free motorcycle featuring a light but strong frame, superb engine and 4-speed transmission.
1970 Kawasaki G3TR Kawasaki G3TR Kawasaki G3 Classic Bike Gallery
1971 Kawasaki G4TR 1971 Kawasaki G4TR

99cc. The G4TR was the evolution of the first rotary valve single cylinder Kawasaki's,starting with the little J1 85cc street bike in the early 1960's imported into the USA.It's roots are more akin to the GA and G3 series that came a bit later although.This was the first of the small singles (to the best of my knowledge) to use the aluminum cylinder with cast iron liner for superior cooling like it's bigger counterparts,the F3 "Bushwacker",F7 175,F8 250 "Bison", F5 350 "Bighorn" and it's racing brother the mighty-mite G31M (chrome bore). 1970 was the first model year for the "Trail Boss" 100cc, 10 speed.The high/low ranges of the main 5 speed gearbox are selected by a lever on the left hand engine cover,eliminating the task of switching rear sprockets as was more common on earlier street-trail and enduro machines.

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1985 Kawasaki KC100-C4 Kawasaki KC100  
1983 Kawasaki KC100 C4 KC100  
1968 Kawasaki D1 Kawasaki D1 100cc
1986 Kawasaki KH100-G6 Kawasaki KH100  
1973 Kawasaki G5 1973 Kawasaki G5 100cc 2-stroke.
1975 Kawasaki G5 Kawasaki G5 100cc.
1970 Kawasaki G31M 100cc Flat Track 1970 Kawasaki G31M 100cc Flat Track
5 speed, Rotory Valve 20 HP @ 10,000 RPM Owned the 100cc class in the USA in the early 70's
1969 Kawasaki 120cc Roadrunner 1969 Kawasaki 120cc Roadrunner 4 speed rotory transmission all up and hit neutral again. Very confusing at times. 11 HP
1975 Kawasaki KD125 1975 Kawasaki KD125  
1975 Kawasaki KE125 Kawasaki KE125 Kawasaki KE125 Gallery
1980 Kawasaki KX125 KX125 Kawasaki KX125 Gallery
Kawasaki KH125A 1980 Kawasaki H125A
1980 Kawasaki KH125 Kawasaki H125
  • Air cooled, two stroke, single cylinder
  • 6 speed
  • 95kg
1975 Kawasaki KS125 Kawasaki KS125  
1986 Kawasaki AR125-B3 AR125 Kawasaki A125 gallery
1972 Kawasaki F7 1972 Kawasaki F7

175cc. The F7 was on of the first trail bikes that Kawasaki ever produced and was considered one of the best of it's era.

Kawasaki F7 gallery

1970 Kawasaki Bushwacker 175cc 1970 Kawasaki Bushwacker 175cc
1980 Kawasaki KDX175 Kawasaki KDX175
  • Air cooled, two stroke, single cylinder
  • 20bhp @ 9000rpm
  • Drum brakes
  • 103kg
1982 Kawasaki KDX175-B1 KDX175  
1979 Kawasaki KE175 B3 1979 Kawasaki KE175 B3 Kawasaki KE175 Gallery
1966 Kawasaki F1 Kawasaki F1 175cc.
1979 Kawasaki KZ200 Kawasaki KZ200
Kawasaki Z200 1980 Kawasaki Z200 Kawasaki Z200 Gallery
1988 Kawasaki KMX200-A2 Kawasaki KMX200  
1989 Kawasaki KMX200 KMX200  
1984 Kawasaki KDX200 Kawasaki KDX200
  • two stroke, single cylinder
  • 6 speed
  • 101kg
1976 Kawasaki KT250 Kawasaki KT250  
1982 Kawasaki Z250 Z250 Kawasaki Z250 Gallery
1970 F21M Kawasaki Flat Tracker   1970 F21M Kawasaki Flat Tracker 
238 cc 4 speed 35 HP. Dominated the 250 class in the early 70's
1970 Kawasaki F4 250 (238cc) 1970 Kawasaki F4 250 (238cc) 4 speed Enduro Model of 238 Greenstreak (F21M)
1968 Kawasaki F21M Greenstreak 1968 Kawasaki F21M Greenstreak The Kawasaki F21M "Green Streak" was a 238cc, 2-stoke off-road motorcycle manufactured by Kawasaki from 1967 through 1971 which competed in 250cc events. The F21M was Kawasaki's first attempt at building a flat track or off-road racing bike from the ground up and based on the Kawasaki F4. The F21M was advertised as the "Greenstreak 238" Scrambler. It was marketed mainly as a Tourist Trophy (TT), Scrambles and Flat Track motorcycle. Kawasaki produced the Green Streak for flat track and short track competition, and kept the overall design of the motorcycle as simple and light as safety would allow. The four speed rotary valve motor pumped out an impressive 35 horsepower at 6500 rpm, and was housed in a lightweight frame that made the bike a force to be reckoned with on the flat ovals it was designed for.

Kawasaki's first "Green" motorcycle, It featured a two-stroke, rotary valve 238cc four-speed engine. It had an up-pipe, 19 inch front wheel, competition air filter and Kawasaki's Rotary Disc Induction System, where the carb was housed inside the right engine cover and fed fuel directly into the crankcase.

1988 Kawasaki GPX 250R Kawasaki GPX 250R Kawasaki GPX250 Gallery
1983 Kawasaki GPz250 Kawasaki GPZ250 Kawasaki GPz250 Gallery
1974 Kawasaki F11 250cc Enduro Kawasaki F11  
1973 Kawasaki F11 Kawasaki F11 250  
Kawasaki A1 Samurai Kawasaki A1 Samurai Kawasaki Samurai A1 Gallery
1972 Kawasaki S1 250 Kawasaki S1 250 Almost 1 year after the 350 S2, Kawasaki sells the 250 S1 on French soil in May 1972. This model breaks with the previous generation, the Samurai 250 at any point of view: mainly on aesthetic engine. Indeed, the line of the machine is modern (it includes the lines of the 350 S2 and the 750 H2) and the engine resumed its architecture machine kawasaki flagship, the 500 H1, a 3-cylinder 2-stroke .

The 250 S1 shares a number of important piece with the 350 S2. They are however easily identifiable. The 250 S1 is initialiement delivered in a white robe and cylinder engine do that 6 cooling fins (against 7 for 350). The engine is virtually indestructible (designed to withstand the power of 350). If it is also rageur than those big sisters, it is perfectly manageable, even for a beginner.

Given the low power (32 hp instead of 45 for 350), framework and braking are widely size. The 250 also retain throughout his career his dual front brake cam (it was not until the appearance of the KH to see a disc brake).

1973 Kawasaki S1 1973 Kawasaki S1 250cc.
1978 Kawasaki KH250 Kawasaki KH250 Kawasaki KH250 gallery
1978 Kawasaki KL250 Kawasaki KL250
1976 Kawasaki SC-1 1976 Kawasaki SC-1
Kawasaki KR250 1979 Kawasaki KR250

Kawasaki designer Nagato Sato started work on the first KR twin during 1974 adopting an inline layout in order to minimise the width and thus the frontal area of the machine whilst still being able to utilise disc valves. The liquid cooled engine was housed in a conventional twin loop steel frame with twin rear shock absorbers. The machine first appeared in competition during 1975, often with Mick Grant in the saddle continuing into 1976. These years brought little in terms of success, but provided a wealth of information and the opportunity to develop the fledgling racer. 1977 marked a turning point for the twin and Kawasaki when Mick Grant secured the firms first Grand Prix win in the 250cc class at the Dutch TT at Assen and followed that success with a win at the Swedish Grand Prix later the same year. More Kawasaki KR250 history

Kawasaki KR250 Gallery

1989 Kawasaki KR-1 Kawasaki KR-1

. 60bhp.

Kawasaki KR-1 gallery

1975 Kawasaki KX250 Kawasaki KX250 Kawasaki KX250 Gallery
1987 Kawasaki ER250-B2 Kawasaki ER250  
1989 Kawasaki ER250-B3 ER250  
1987 Kawasaki 250 Eliminator 1987 Kawasaki 250 Eliminator  
1986 Kawasaki GPz305 Kawasaki GPZ305  
1983 Kawasaki GPz305 GPZ305
  • Four stroke Parallel twin SOHC
  • 6 speed
  • 65mpg
  • 101mph
  • 164kg
1988 Kawasaki GPZ305-B5 1988 Kawasaki GPZ305  
Kawasaki CSR305 Kawasaki CSR305
  • 306cc displacement
  • Chain or belt drive
  • 6 speed transmission
  • front disk, rear drum brakes
  • point ignition
1981 Kawasaki Z305 CSR Kawasaki Z305 CSR  
1971-72 Kawasaki S2 350 Kawasaki S2 350 Kawasaki S2 Gallery
1971 Kawasaki F5 Bighorn 1971 Kawasaki F5 Bighorn The Kawasaki F5 Bighorn was a 350cc, 2-stroke, dual-purpose motorcycle manufactured by Kawasaki in from 1970 through 1971 and known as the big brother to the Kawasaki F4 Sidewinder, the Bighorn used a newly designed 350cc engine with a 5-speed gearbox and produced 33 hp @ 6,500. The F8 had an enclosed carburetor to keep out water and dirt, and sufficient ground clearance. The F8 was also one of the few Kawasakis to utilize the unique Hatta forks.
1972 Kawasaki F9 350 Kawasaki F9 350

Big Horn Enduro.

  • 350cc
  • 2-Stroke, 1 Cylinder
  • Rotary Disc Valve
  • 5-Speed Return Shift
  • Maximum Horsepower: 28 HP @6,500 rpm
1975 Kawasaki F9 Bighorn 1975 Kawasaki F9 Bighorn 350cc.
1974 Kawasaki F9 Bighorn Kawasaki F9  
1971 Kawasaki A7a 350 Kawasaki A7a 350 Kawasaki Avenger A7 Gallery
1973 Kawasaki S3 400 1973 Kawasaki S3 400 Kawasaki S3 gallery
1977 Kawasaki KH400 1977 Kawasaki KH400 Kawasaki KH400 gallery
1975 Kawasaki KZ400 1975 Kawasaki KZ400
  • 396cc, 4-stroke, 2-cylinder
  • 55.59 mpg
  • $1170 (new)
  • 399 lbs

Kawasaki KZ400 gallery

1979 Kawasaki KDX400 Kawasaki KDX400
  • Air cooled, two stroke, single cylinder
  • 39 bhp @ 7000rpm
  • 5 speed
  • Drum brakes
  • 118kg
1985 Kawasaki GPZ400R Kawasaki GPZ400R Import.
1986 Kawasaki GPz400R GPZ400R  
1976 Kawasaki Z400 1976 Kawasaki Z400 Kawasaki Z400 gallery
1986 Kawasaki Eliminator ZL400 Kawasaki ZL400  
1986 Kawasaki GPX400 Kawasaki GPX400 Kawasaki GPX400 Gallery
Kawasaki ZXR400 Kawasaki ZXR400
  • Engine - 398cc, DOHC 4
  • Top Speed - 135mph
  • Maximum Power - 65bhp
  • Dry Weight - 162kg (356 lb)
  • Launched - 1991
  • Fuel Consumption - 50mpg
  • Kawasaki ZXR400 Gallery

    1988 Kawasaki ZX-4 F3 1988 Kawasaki ZX-4
    • Liquid cooled, four stroke, transverse four cylinder, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder.
    • 177kg
    • 59bhp @ 12,000rpm
    • 6 speed

    Kawasaki ZX-4 Gallery

    1980 Kawasaki KZ440 Kawasaki  KZ440 Kawasaki KZ440 Gallery
    1984 Kawasaki Z440-D6 Kawasaki  Z440


    Kawasaki Z440 Gallery

    1980 Kawasaki KDX450 Kawasaki  KDX450
    • Air cooled, two stroke, single cylinder
    • 5 speed
    • Drum brakes
    • 118kg
    Kawasaki H1 Mach III Kawasaki 500 H1B
  • Engine - 498cc, air-cooled, two-stroke triple
  • Top Speed - 120mph
  • Maximum Power - 60bhp
  • Production - 1969-1975. More Kawasaki Mach III info..
  • Kawasaki H1 gallery

    1980 Kawasaki KR500 Replica 1980 Kawasaki KR500 Replica Rare & exceptional Kawasaki KR 500 Replica, identical in the smallest detail to the works KR 500 entrusted to the official Kawasaki rider Kork Ballington during the 1980 500cc world championship season. Just two examples of the original machine were built by Kawasaki in 1980, with just a further two built in 1981 and was quite revolutionarily for its time.
    1979 Kawasaki Z500 Kawasaki Z500

    498cc, 50bhp.

    Kawasaki Z500 Gallery

    1987 Kawasaki GPz 500S Kawasaki GPz 500S Kawasaki GPz500 Gallery
    1981 Kawasaki GPZ550 Kawasaki GPz550 Kawasaki GPZ550 gallery
    1986 Kawasaki z550-GT Kawasaki z550-GT Kawasaki Z550 gallery
    Kawasaki ZZR 600 Kawasaki ZZR 600
  • Engine - 599cc, liquid cooled, DOHC, in line four
  • Bore x Stroke - 64 x 46.6mm
  • Final Drive - roller chain
  • Wheelbase - 1440mm (56.7in)
  • Top Speed - 146mph (233kph)
  • Maximum Power - 98bhp @ 11,500bhp
  • Dry Weight - 295kg (429 lb)
  • Standing Quarter Mile Time - 11.7sec
  • Launched - 1990
  • Fuel Consumption - 50mpg
  • 1986 Kawasaki GPZ600R Kawasaki GPZ600R Kawasaki GPZ600 Gallery
    1988 Kawasaki GPX 600 Kawasaki GPX 600 Kawasaki GPX600 Gallery
    1968 Kawasaki W1 Kawasaki W1 650cc.
    1969 Kawasaki W2TT Commander
    Kawasaki W2TT Commander

    Kawasaki followed the W1 with the W1SS which featured revised street scrambler styling and an increase in power due to a move to twin carburettors in an attempt to redress the balance. This was followed by a further refinement in 1969 with the introduction of the W2TT Commander featuring a high level exhaust and independently mounted instruments.

    Despite being good, well built machines with good performance and attractive styling the W series twins never made the breakthrough in the American market that was expected of them and Kawasaki seem to have lost interest in them, looking forwards to the release of the two stroke twins and triples, which succeeded in establishing their presence. Consequently the twin cylinder four strokes are rare with the W2TT being the rarest.

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    1978 Kawasaki KZ650 SR 1978 Kawasaki KZ650 SR Kawasaki KZ650 gallery
    1978 Kawasaki Z650 B Z650 Kawasaki Z650 gallery
    1987 Kawasaki KL650-A1 Kawasaki KL650  
    1989 Kawasaki KLR650 Kawasaki KLR650  
    1989 Kawasaki KLR650 KLR650  
    1972 Kawasaki H2 750 Triple Kawasaki H2 750 Triple Kawasaki H2 gallery
    1984 Kawaski GPz 750 Turbo 1984 Kawaski GPz 750 Turbo

    More Kawasaki GPz 750 Turbo info..

    Kawasaki GPZ750 gallery

    1985 Kawasaki ZX 750-E1 Turbo Kawasaki ZX 750-E1 Turbo Kawasaki ZX750 gallery
    1976 Kawasaki KZ750 Kawasaki KZ750

    Kawasaki KZ750 Gallery

    Image kindly provided by

    1976 Kawasaki 750 Twin 1976 Kawasaki 750 Twin
    Kawasaki 750 Triple Kawasaki 750 Triple  
    1986 Kawasaki GPX 750R Kawasaki GPX 750R  
    Kawasaki GT750 P2 Model Kawasaki GT750
  • Engine - 736cc, 4-stroke dohc 4
  • Top Speed - 125mph
  • Maximum Power - 74bhp
  • MPG - 48mpg
  • Production - 1983-1996
  • Weight - 227kg (500lb)
  • Kawasaki GT750 Gallery

    Kawasaki KR750 Racer Kawasaki KR750 Racer
  • Engine - 748cc, liquid-cooled, two-stroke triple
  • Top Speed - 180mph +
  • Maximum Power - 120bhp + @ 9500rpm
  • Transmission - 5-speed
  • Frame - tubular steel twin loop
  • Brakes - double disc/disc
  • Kawasaki Z750 1976 Kawasaki Z750 Kawasaki Z750 gallery
    Kawasaki ZXR750 Kawasaki ZXR750
  • Engine - 748cc, liquid cooled, DOHC, in line four
  • Bore x Stroke - 68 x 51.5mm
  • Final Drive - roller chain
  • Wheelbase - 1455mm (57.3in)
  • Top Speed - 152mph (243kph)
  • Maximum Power - 108bhp @ 10,500bhp
  • Dry Weight - 200kg (441 lb)
  • Standing Quarter Mile Time - 11.1sec
  • Launched - 1989
  • Fuel Consumption - 35mpg. Read more..
  • Kawasaki ZXR750 gallery

    1974 Kawasaki KH750 1974 Kawasaki KH750  
    1987 Kawasaki VN750 Vulcan Kawasaki VN750 Vulcan  
    1976 Kawasaki KZ900 1976 Kawasaki KZ900 Kawasaki KZ900 Gallery
    1987 Kawasaki ZX900-A4 Kawasaki ZX900  
    1975 Kawasaki Rickman CR900 Kawasaki Rickman CR900 Kawasaki Rickman CR900 Gallery
    Kawasaki GPZ900R Kawasaki GPZ900R
  • Engine - 908cc, liquid-cooled dohc inline four
  • Top Speed - 150mph
  • Maximum Power - 115bhp
  • Production - 1983-1994. Read more..
  • Kawasaki GPZ900 gallery

    1987 Kawasaki GPZ1000 RX Kawasaki GPZ1000


    Kawasaki GPz1000 Gallery

    1977 Kawasaki KZ1000 LTD 1977 Kawasaki KZ1000 LTD Kawasaki KZ1000 Gallery
    1978 Kawasaki Z1000 1978 Kawasaki Z1000

    Kawasaki Z1 gallery

    1987 Kawasaki ZL 1000 1987 Kawasaki ZL 1000
    1984 Kawasaki ZN1100 LTD Kawasaki ZN1100 LTD  
    1988 Kawasaki ZX-10 B1 Kawasaki ZX-10  
    1981 Kawasaki GPz1100 1981 Kawasaki GPz1100 Kawasaki GPZ1100 gallery
    1982 Kawasaki KZ1100 Kawasaki KZ1100 A2
    Kawasaki ZZR 1100 Kawasaki ZZR 1100
  • Engine - 1052cc, liquid cooled, DOHC, in line four
  • Bore x Stroke - 76 x 58mm
  • Final Drive - roller chain
  • Wheelbase - 1480mm (58.2in)
  • Top Speed - 175mph (280kph)
  • Maximum Power - 145bhp @ 10,500bhp
  • Dry Weight - 228kg (503 lb)
  • Standing Quarter Mile Time - 10.2sec
  • Launched - 1990
  • Fuel Consumption - 40mpg
  • 1979 Kawasaki KZ1300 Kawasaki KZ1300
    • 6 water-cooled cylinders, 1,286cc
    • 710 lbs
    • Horsepower: 120 @ 8,000 rpm
    • Torque: 85.4 ft/lbs @ 6,500 rpm
    • 1/4 Mile: 11.96 at 114.35 mph

    Kawasaki Z1300 Kawaskai Z1300
  • Engine - 1286cc, dohc six
  • Top Speed - 130mph
  • Maximum Power - 120bhp
  • Weight - 300kg (660lb)
  • MPG - 35
  • Production - 1981-1989
  • Price new - £3099
  • Kawasaki Z1300 gallery

    1985 Godier-Genoud 1100 ZR Performance Replica 1985 Godier-Genoud 1100 ZR Performance Replica Authentic Kawasaki Godier Genoud Performance Replica - 1100 ZR (type GG 04 PR). French registered as a Godier-Genoud. Limited edition Performance Replica N° 103, series 4 based on a 1011 cc water cooled Ninja. Full faring.

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