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Yamaha Classic Motorcycles

Yamaha Classic Motorcycles

Japanese motorized vehicle-producing company, is part of the Yamaha Corporation. After expanding Yamaha Corporation into the world's biggest piano maker, then Yamaha CEO Genichi Kawakami took Yamaha into the field of motorized vehicles on July 1, 1955. The company's intensive research into metal alloys for use in acoustic pianos had given Yamaha wide knowledge of the making of lightweight, yet sturdy and reliable metal constructions. More info...

Yamaha History - 1955-1959 | Yamaha History - 1960-1969 | Yamaha - 50 years of racing

Bike Image Description
1973 Yamaha SS50 Yamaha SS50 More Yamaha SS 50 info..
1971 Yamaha SS50 1971 Yamaha SS50  
1989 Yamaha FS1 1989 Yamaha FS1

More info..

Fizzy Gallery

1977 Yamaha TY50P 1977 Yamaha TY50P

The TY50P was introduced late 76 and phased out july 77 due to the laws restricting them to 30mph and no pedals. This is an early 77 model totally standard and unrestricted.

Yamaha TY 50 Gallery

1969 Yamaha U5-pal 1969 Yamaha U5-pal 50cc, 2 stroke, 3 speed semi-auto.
1985 Yamaha MS50 Yamaha MS50  
1986 Yamaha MA50M Carrot Yamaha MA50M  
1975 Yamaha FT1 GT50 1975 Yamaha FT1 GT50 A pioneer of the “mini-trail” category, the FT-1 mounted a rotary disk valve 2-stroke 50cc engine on a compact chassis. Despite its small displacement, this model boasted features like a full-fledged double-cradle frame, Ceriani front fork and separate meters. Its spirited running performance and full array of features won it solid popularity.
1978 Yamaha RD50 1978 Yamaha RD50 Yamaha RD50 Gallery
1987 Yamaha YSR 50 Yamaha YSR 50  
1988 Yamaha YSR50 Yamaha YSR50 Two stroke, air-cooled 50cc street legal race bike.
(bored to a 60cc, Team Calamari pipe and carbon fibre reeds).
1987 Yamaha DT 50 Yamaha DT 50

Images kindly provided by

Yamaha DT50 Gallery

1980 Yamaha YZ50G Yamaha YZ50 1980 Yamaha YZ 50 G. This is the only year Yamaha produced the YZ50, 1981 & 82 it was the YZ60. YZ60 parts are interchangable.
1974 Yamaha RD60 Yamaha RD60  
1962 Yamaha YJ1 Yamaha YJ1 60cc.
1972 Yamaha YG1 YG1 Yamaha YG1 gallery
1967 Yamaha U7 Yamaha U7 A classic 1967 Yamaha 3 geared semi-automatic step-through (road tax exempt). First of a new generation to have auto-lube 2-stroke (no need to pre-mix fuel).

1975 Yamaha 75 1975 Yamaha 75 73cc.
1985 Yamaha T80 Townmate Yamaha T80 Townmate Yamaha T80 Townmate Gallery
1983 Yamaha RD80 LC 1983 Yamaha RD80 LC

RD125LC rolling chassis with a 80LC engine fitted. Built by Yamaha these were produced for the German market due to their 80cc learner laws.

More Yamaha RD 80LC info..

1987 Yamaha YSR80 Yamaha YSR80
1978 Yamaha GT80 GT80 Yamaha GT80 Gallery
1973 Yamaha GTMX80 Yamaha GTMX80
Yamaha TY80
Yamaha TY80 Yamaha TY80 Gallery
1974 Yamaha YZ80 A Yamaha YZ80 Yamaha YZ80 Gallery
1963 Yamaha Y20 Yamaha Y20

The Yamaha dealer ran the numbers for me and they decoded the bike to be a YG1 model which was Japan only and not imported into the United States which explains why this early 60s bike has turn signals.

Photo courtesy of James Weyand, Seattle, U.S.A.

1964 Yamaha Y22 Yamaha Y22

The Yamaha dealership ran the vin numbers for me and they decoded the bike to be a YJ1 model which was also Japan only and not brought into the States (hence, the lack of information on the web).

Photo courtesy of James Weyand, Seattle, U.S.A.

1969 Yamaha L5T Yamaha L5T  
Yamaha AT90 (1965) Yamaha AT90 This model appeared as a dual-purpose bike that combined business utility with sportiness. Mounting a small-displacement high-rpm type 90cc twin cylinder engine known as the “jet twin,” this model became especially popular among sports-minded riders. The “AT” in its name came from its Autolube lubrication system. This forced lubrication mechanism achieved both high performance and low fuel consumption as well as good utility.
1975 Yamaha DT100 1975 Yamaha DT100  
1967 Yamaha YL1 Yamaha YL1 Yamaha YL1 gallery
1967 Yamaha Trailmaster 100 YL2C Yamaha Trailmaster 100 YL2C  
1967 Yamaha YL2C Trailmaster Yamaha YL2C Trailmaster  
1967 Yamaha YM2C Yamaha YM2C  
1968 Yamaha YM2C YM2C  
1972 Yamaha LS2 1972 Yamaha LS2 Yamaha LS2 Gallery
1972 Yamaha LT2 1972 Yamaha LT2


Yamaha LT2 gallery

1974 Yamaha MX100A 1974 Yamaha MX100A
Yamaha YB100 YB100

An original YB100 for £300 bought in 2002. A great little bike known in the VJMC as Rhubarb!

Yamaha YB100 Gallery

Yamaha RS100 Yamaha RS100
  • Engine - 97cc, 2 stroke single
  • Power - 10 bhp
  • Top Speed - 60mph
  • Produced - 1978-1987
  • MPG - 80mpg
  • weight - 95kg (210lb)
  • Yamaha RS100 Gallery

    1985 Yamaha RXS100 Yamaha RXS100 Yamaha RXS100 Gallery
    1977 Yamaha YZ100 Yamaha YZ100  
    Yamaha YA-1 (1955) Yamaha YA-1 This was Yamaha’s first motorcycle. At a time when motorcycle design was dominated by imposing all-black styling, the YA-1 with its simple form and modern chestnut red coloring, quickly became popularly known by the nickname “Aka-tombo” (the Red Dragonfly). What’s more, it immediately demonstrated its high performance by winning the 3rd Mt. Fuji Ascent Race in July of 1955, and then swept the top places in the ultra-light class of the 1st Asama Highlands Race of the All Japan Endurance Championships. In an era when the national average starting salary of a male college graduate was 10,780 yen, this model, priced at 138,000 yen, was a coveted extravagance beyond the reach of most users.
    1969 Yamaha YAS 1 1969 Yamaha YAS 1 Yamaha YAS1 gallery
    1967 Yamaha YA6 1967 Yamaha YA6

    Very Rare Classic Japanese Motorcycle 125 Two stroke single 12v autolube and electric start!!.This bike is one of the first 2-strokes with the innovative autolube (seperate oil tank-no messing mixing).The 12v electrics give excellent reliability/lighting and electric start which must have been like space age technology in 1967.

    Yamaha YA6 Gallery

    Yamaha AS1 Yamaha AS1 Early in 1969 Yamaha acknowledging the popularity of the 125cc GP class of roadracing, released a limited number of GYT “hot up kits” to suit their AS-1 roadbike. The kits consisted of barrels, heads, pistons (longer to suit higher deck height), rings, exhausts, racing magneto ignition, carburettors, con-rods, big end bearings, clutch plates, a pair of gears (alternate ratio), gear change lever, clip-on bars and a racing twistgrip.

    An interesting side note… Yamaha also released a GYT hot-up kit for their 100cc YL-1 twin cylinder roadbike in 1969.Next from Japan came a similar kit for the new AS-3 roadbike including, once again barrels, heads, pistons (shorter to suit standard deck height), rings, exhausts, racing magneto ignition, carburettors, con-rods, big end bearings, clutch plates, gear change lever, clip-on bars and a racing twistgrip. This time around it also included gear components to bring the bike up to a seven speed. Nothing except con-rods, rings and gears were interchangeable with the AS-1 kit to fit an AS-3 or vice-versa.

    Sondel Yamaha AS1 Test

    1968 Yamaha AS1C Yamaha AS1C 1255c, twin-cylinder 2 stroke.
    1968 Yamaha AS2 C Yamaha AS2 This 1968 AS2 started life in the US, and was then imported into the UK and subsequently restored.
    1971 Yamaha AS3 1971 Yamaha AS3


    Yamaha AS3 gallery

    1982 Yamaha XT125 DT125 Yamaha XT125 gallery
    1974 Yamaha DT125 DT125 Yamaha DT125 gallery
    1974 Yamaha TA125 Yamaha TA125

    More Yamaha TA125 info

    Yamaha TZ125 Yamaha TZ125

    The first water cooled two stroke 125cc roadracer from Yamaha was released late in 1979 in the shape of the TZ 125G. This single cylinder racer shared little with it's big brothers apart from items such as brake discs, instruments, controls and graphics.

    1980's "G" model produced 30bhp @12,000rpm meaning that attention to crank maintenance was of the utmost importance. The bike weighed in at just 72kg dry. It ran a Hitachi CDI which was actually identical to that fitted to the YZ 125 G motocrosser. Yamaha TZ 125 Gallery

    Yamaha RD125LC Yamaha RD125LC
  • Engine - 123cc, 2 stroke single
  • Power - 12 bhp
  • Top Speed - 70mph
  • Dry Weight - 118kg (260 lb)
  • Produced - 1982-1989
  • MPG - 70mpg
  • Yamaha RD125 gallery

    1986 Yamaha RZ 125LC Yamaha RZ 125LC Liquid cooled, two stroke, single cylinder.
    1975 Yamaha TDF125 DE 1975 Yamaha TDF125 DE
    1987 Yamaha TZR125 Yamaha TZR 125 Yamaha TZR125 gallery
    1971 Yamaha AT1 1971 Yamaha AT1 Yamaha AT1 Gallery
    1975 Yamaha AT2 1975 Yamaha AT2  
    1973 Yamaha AT3 125 Enduro 1973 Yamaha AT3 125 Enduro  
    1973 Yamaha AT3 Yamaha AT3  
    1975 Yamaha TY-125 1975 Yamaha TY-125  
    1978 Yamaha RS125-DX RS125 DX Yama ha RS125 Gallery
    1982 Yamaha SR125 1982 Yamaha SR125
    • Air cooled, four stroke, single cylinder. OHV, 2 valves per cylinder
    • 115kg
    • 5 speed
    • 12bhp @ 8500rpm
    1982 Yamaha SR125 Yamaha SR125  
    1981 Yamaha YZ125 YZ125 Yamaha YZ125 Gallery
    Yamaha YC-1 (1956) Yamaha YC-1 A deluxe version of the YA-1, this model immediately drew public attention when it appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show held in Hibiya Park in April of 1956. With a grayish-brown finish, taking its image from the wet pavement of the Champs-Elysees, this model represented a high-level marriage of design and function with features like the first domestic-made monobloc carburetor. This immediately boosted the brand image of Yamaha, a company that was still at the time, a latecomer to the Japanese motorcycle industry.
    Yamaha TY175 1979 Yamaha TY175 Yamaha TY175 Gallery
    1973 Yamaha DT175 Yamaha DT175 Yamaha DT175 gallery
    1973 Yamaha CT175 Yamaha CT175 Images kindly provided by
    1971 Yamaha 175cc CT1 Enduro 1971 Yamaha 175cc CTI Enduro  
    1972 Yamaha CT2 175 CT175  
    1973 Yamaha CT3 Yamaha CT3  
    1974 Yamaha 175 Enduro 1974 Yamaha 175 Enduro  
    1967 Yamaha YCS1 Yamaha YCS1 Yamaha YCS1 Gallery
    1968 Yamaha Bonanza Yamaha Bonanza 180cc.
    1971 Yamaha CS2 1971 Yamaha CS2 180cc twin.
    1969 Yamaha CS2E Yamaha CS2E 180cc twin.
    1982 Yamaha SR185 1982 Yamaha SR185
    • Air cooled, four stroke, single cylinder, SOHC.
    • Drum brakes
    • 5 speed
    • 34mm Mikuni carb
    1969 Yamaha CS3, 250cc 1969 Yamaha CS3, 250cc Yamaha CS3 Gallery
    1980 Yamaha RS200 RS200 Yamaha RS200 Gallery
    1972 Yamaha CS5 1972 Yamaha CS5 200cc.
    Yamaha CS5E Yamaha CS5E


    Yamaha CS5E road test

    1979 Yamaha Majesty 200 Yamaha Majesty  
    1984 Yamaha DT 200R Yamaha DT200R Yamaha DT200 gallery

    Yamaha SDR200 1987 Yamaha SDR200
  • Engine - Single cylinder 195cc, Liquid cooled reed valve two stroke
  • Power - 33BHP @ 9000rpm
  • Top Speed - 90mph
  • Dry Weight - 115kg
  • MPG - 70mpg
  • Compression ratio - 5:6:1
  • Trellis Frame
  • Mikuni TM28 Flat Slide Carburettor
  • Front Telescopic Fork, Rear Monoshock
  • Yamaha SDR200 Gallery

    Yamaha XT200 Yamaha XT 200 Yamaha XT200 gallery
    Yamaha DT-1 Yamaha DT-1 Yamaha DT1 Gallery
    Yamaha YDS2 Yamaha YDS2 Yamaha YDS Gallery
    Yamaha TD1 Yamaha TD1 Yamaha TD Gallery
    1970 Yamaha DS6B Yamaha DS6B 250cc.
    1969 Yamaha DS6C Yamaha DS6C
    Yamaha YDS7 Yamaha YDS7 Yamaha YDS7 Road Test
    Kenny Roberts 1974/75 250cc Yamaha Kenny Roberts 1974/75 250cc Yamaha

    Kenny Roberts rode this Yamaha in the 1974 Dutch GP (Assen TT) and won at Laguna Seca (and numerous other AMA races).

    Image provided courtesey of

    1972 Yamaha DS7 250 Yamaha DS7 250 Two-stroke twin. This bike is the precursor to the famous RD 250 and RD 350. As far as I know it is the same frame and setup as the RD models with the only real difference being reed valves in the motor. The DS 7 was the road version of their racing bikes, what Yamaha learned on the track went into next years road bikes.
    1972 Yamaha DS7 1972 Yamaha DS7 250cc two cylinder two stroke.
    1970 Yamaha XT250 XT250 Yamaha XT250 gallery
    1973 Yamaha DT3 1973 Yamaha DT3 250cc.
    1973 Yamaha DT3 Yamaha DT3  
    1977 Yamaha DT250 MX 1977 Yamaha DT250 MX Yamaha DT250 gallery
    Yamaha TY250 Yamaha TY250 Yamaha TY250 Gallery
    1978 Yamaha XS250 Yamaha XS250

    Air cooled, parallel twin cylinder, SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder.

    Yamaha XS250 gallery

    1977 Yamaha RD 250 RD250 Yamaha RD200/RD250 Gallery
    1980 Yamaha TZ250 G 1980 Yamaha TZ250 G Yamaha TZ250 gallery
    1986 Yamaha FZR250 Yamaha FZR250 Yamaha FZR250 gallery
    1980 Yamaha RZ 250 1980 Yamaha RZ 250 This was a supersport model developed with the TZ250 as its base. It immediately created a big sensation after its stunning debut at the 1979 Tokyo Motor Show. Its liquid-cooled 2-stroke, 2-cylinder engine pumped out high power equivalent to 140 hp per liter of displacement. This was mounted on a double cradle frame with a Monocross suspension and other features like lightweight cast wheels to produce unprecedented running performance. Even today it remains a legendary model with a devoted following.

    Yamaha RZ250 Gallery
    1988 Yamaha TZR250 Yamaha TZR250

    Two-stroke Japanese import, it weighs just 284 pounds, and has 50 horsepower. It is a parallel twin cylinder and comes stock with the same size front rotor as an FZR1000 with a 4 piston caliper. More Yamaha TZR250 info..

    Yamaha TZR250 gallery

    1982 Yamaha iT250J 1970 Yamaha RS350 American import 6 speed
    1981 Yamaha SR250 Yamaha SR250

    Images kindly provided by

    Yamaha SR250 Gallery

    1982 Yamaha YZ 250J YZ250 Yamaha YZ250 Gallery
    1965 Yamaha YM1 1965 Yamaha YM1 305cc, 30 Bhp. American Import.
    1966 Yamaha YMI 305 Yamaha YM1  
    1966 Yamaha YM-2 Yamaha YM-2 305cc. This bike was first sold in Compton, California in 1966.
    1969 Yamaha R3 1969 Yamaha R3 350 two stroke twin, the model before the YR5.
    1971 Yamaha R5 350 1971 Yamaha R5 350 Yamaha R5 Gallery
    1967 Yamaha YR1 Yamaha YR1  
    1966 Yamaha YR1 1966 Yamaha YR1 CRMC registered group 1 perion 3. new replica chassis, 35mm ceriani forks, new tony green exhausts complete with carbon silencers, all engine internals new, new cylinders & heads, new PVL ignition, yamaha TR 2 wheels, scitsu rev counter and 34 mm mikuni carbs.
    1971 Yamaha YR5 1971 Yamaha YR5 Yamaha YR5 Gallery
    1969 Yamaha DS-6 Yamaha DS6  
    1972 Yamaha DS7 Yamaha DS7 350cc
    Yamaha Spondon Yamaha Spondon Image kindly provided by
    1970 Yamaha RS350 1970 Yamaha RS350
    1972 Yamaha Tr2b
    Yamaha Tr2b

    Yamaha introduced their first over the counter during 1969, developed from the factory machine ridden by Michael Duff in the States the previous year. Typed the TR2, the twin cylinder two stroke featured a five speed gearbox with Yamaha claiming 54bhp and a dry weight of 115Kg for the new machine. Little changed for the 1970 season, with good reason, as the TR2 was establishing itself as the motorcycle of choice in the 350 class and with riders of the quality of Phil Read, Mick Grant and John Williams using the model to great effect. 1971 did see the introduction of a slightly revised model, the TR2B, which benefited from an increased compression ratio helping to bump the power output up to a claimed 56bhp, a subtly different fuel tank and other detail changes.

    This example was originally ridden by John Williams and is accompanied by a letter dating from 1988 written by George Beale confirming the research that he had undertaken in respect of the bikes provenance. At the time that the machine was ridden by John Williams it was fitted with Femsatronic ignition and Girling rear shock absorbers and the engine capacity was increased to 354cc enabling its use in the 500cc class. The increase in capacity was achieved by using an eccentric crankpin

    Image provided by

    1969 Yamaha TR2 Yamaha TR2  
    Yamaha Spondon Yamaha Spondon 350cc, ex-Robert Dunlop first North West 200 winner.
    1967 Yamaha R1 Grand Prix 350 Yamaha R1 Grand Prix 350  
    1972 Yamaha RD350 1972 Yamaha RD350 Yamaha RD350 Gallery
    Yamaha TZ350 G Yamaha TZ350 G Yamaha TZ 350 Gallery
    1984 Yamaha RZ350 Yamaha RZ350

    Yamaha RZ350 gallery

    photo courtesy of

    1986 Yamaha XT350 1986 Yamaha XT350 Yamaha XT350 gallery
    1970 Yamaha RT360 Yamaha RT360
    • Air cooled, two stroke, single cylinder
    • 125kg
    • Drum brakes
    • 5 speed
    • 32bhp @ 6000rpm
    1972 Yamaha RT2 Yamaha RT2 360cc
    1973 Yamaha RT3 Yamaha RT3 360cc, 32bhp. US import.
    1973 Yamaha RT3 1973 Yamaha RT3
    Yamaha YR2C Yamaha YR2C
    1974 Yamaha DT360A Yamaha DT360 Yamaha DT360 gallery
    1976 Yamaha XS360 Yamaha XS360

    The XS360 is Yamaha's first four-stroke engine bike in the small segment and was among the earliest to be factory-fitted with alloy rims, and rear disc-brake. The design follows the line set by the XS500, however it is clearly different at the tail.

    It became a short-lived model since it soon was to be replaced with the bigger bored and 4hp stronger XS400, witch earned some popularity in Germanys 27hp insurance-class. Though different in outer looks, is the engine remarkably identical with the some older Honda CB360 Twin.

    1974 Yamaha MX360 Yamaha MX360  
    1973 Yamaha YZ360 Yamaha YZ360  
    1982 Yamaha XT400 Yamaha XT400 Yamaha XT400 gallery
    1980 Yamaha XS400 SE Yamaha XS400 SE

    34bhp. Custom Special US Import Cruiser. Kick & Electric Start.

    Yamaha XS400 gallery

    1976 Yamaha RD400 1976 Yamaha RD400

    Price new - £980
    Power - 42bhp
    Top Speed - 108mph
    Torque - 28ftlb
    Dry weight - 174kg. Yamaha RD400 Gallery

    1984 Yamaha FZ 400 Yamaha FZ400 Yamaha FZ400 Gallery
    Yamaha FZR400 FZR400
  • Engine - 399cc, 4 stroke DOHC
  • Power - 65 bhp
  • Top Speed - 130mph
  • Dry Weight - 161kg (355 lb)
  • Consumption - 50mpg
  • Launched - 1986
  • Yamaha FZR400 gallery

    1981 Yamaha XJ 400 Seca Yamaha XJ 400 Seca Yamaha XJ400 Gallery
    1979 Yamaha Daytona Special 1979 Yamaha Daytona Special 400cc
    1978 Yamaha YZ400 Yamaha YZ400 Yamaha YZ400 Gallery
    1983 Yamaha XV400 Special Yamaha XV400 Special Yamaha XV400 Gallery
    1976 Yamaha SR400 Yamaha SR400 Yamaha SR400 Gallery
    1986 Yamaha SRX400 Yamaha SRX400  
    1975 Yamaha MX400 Yamaha MX400  
    1986 Yamaha Pulse Yamaha Pulse Litestar Pulse Motorcycle.One of 385 manufactured in the USA.
    • 400cc Yamaha engine
    • Fibreglass bodywork
    • 2 seats
    • standard car type controls
    • slide back cockpit cover
    • windowscreen wiper
    • built in radio
    • extra cooling fan in engine bay
    • registered as motorcycle
    • purpose built towing unit (bolts onto front forks under the fibreglass body)
    1981 Yamaha YZ465 1981 Yamaha YZ465 Yamaha YZ465 Gallery
    1982 Yamaha IT465J Yamaha IT465  
    1983 Yamaha Virago 1983 Yamaha Virago

    More info..

    Yamaha XV500 Virago Gallery

    1983 Yamaha YZ490 Yamaha YZ490 Yamaha YZ490 Gallery
    1986 Yamaha RD500LC RD500 LC

    Unlike the RG500, the 1984 RD500 was more style over substance. Kenny Roberts may have appeared in the ads at the time but its performance could never match the Suzuki's. You could even buy it in Marlboro colours.

    Yamaha RD500 Gallery

    1980 Yamaha TZ500 1980 Yamaha TZ500 Yamaha TZ500 gallery
    1984 Yamaha RZV500 Yamaha RZV500

    This RZV is an import from Japan, and not to many of these about in this condition and they seem to be getting scarcer all the time.

    Yamaha RZV500 Gallery

    1976 Yamaha TT500 Yamaha TT500 The Yamaha TT500 was derived from the XT500. It became popular in the States and Australia finding favour among desert racers. This example, finished in black is described by the vendor as being a "low use, original, unrestored machine" with excellent mechanics.
    1978 Yamaha TT500 TT500 Competition Yellow with matching 1T1 engine and frame numbers.
    Yamaha XT500 Yamaha XT500
  • Engine - 498CC air-cooled single
  • Horsepower - 40bhp
  • Top Speed - 95 mph
  • Production - 1975/1985. XT History.
  • Yamaha XT500 gallery

    Yamaha TX500 Yamaha TX500 Yamaha TX500 Gallery
    1978 Yamaha XS500C Yamaha XS500 Yamaha XS500 gallery
    1973 Yamaha SC500 1973 Yamaha SC500 Yamaha SC500 Gallery
    1978 Yamaha SR 500 1978 Yamaha SR 500 Yamaha SR500 Gallery
    1979 Yamaha HL500 Yamaha HL500  
    1988 Yamaha 535 Virago Yamaha XV535 Virago Yamaha XV535 Virago Gallery
    1982 Yamaha XZ550 Yamaha XZ550  
    Yamaha XZ550 XZ550 Yamaha XZ550 road test
    1982 Yamaha XT550 Yamaha XT550 Yamaha XT550 Gallery
    1979 Yamaha XJ550 Yamaha XJ550 Yamaha XJ550 Gallery
    1988 Yamaha FZ600 Yamaha FZ600

    Oil-cooled 600 in-line four.

    Yamaha FZ600 gallery

    1989 Yamaha FZR600 Yamaha FZR600 Yamaha FZR600 gallery
    Yamaha SRX600 Yamaha SRX600
  • Engine - 608cc, 4 stroke dohc single
  • Power - 40bhp
  • Top Speed - 105mph
  • Produced - 1986-1989
  • MPG - 50mpg
  • weight - 170kg (375lb
  • Yamaha XJ600 Yamaha XJ600
  • Engine - 598cc, 4 stroke dohc
  • Power - 72bhp
  • Top Speed - 130mph
  • Produced - 1984-1991
  • MPG - 50mpg
  • weight - 209kg (460lb). Read more..
  • Yamaha XJ600 VS Kawasaki GPZ 600R

    Yamaha XJ600 Gallery

    1979 Yamaha 650 Special Yamaha 650 Special
    1979 Yamaha XS650 1979 Yamaha XS650 Yamaha XS650 gallery
    Yamaha XJ650 Yamaha XJ650
  • Engine - 653cc, 4 stroke dohc
  • Power - 73bhp
  • Top Speed - 125mph
  • Produced - 1982-1985
  • MPG - 40mpg
  • weight - 195kg (430lb)
  • Yamaha XJ650 Gallery

    Yamaha TZ700 TZ700 Yamaha TZ700 Racer Test
    1987 Yamaha FZ700 Yamaha FZ700  
    1985-86 Yamaha XJ700 X Maxim Yamaha XJ700X Maxim
    • Air cooled, four stroke, transverse four cylinder, DOHC, 5 valves per cylinder.
    • 86bhp @ 9500rpm
    • 5 speed
    • 224kg
    • Disc/Drum brakes
    1985 Yamaha XV700 Virago Yamaha XV700 Virago Yamaha XV700 Virago Gallery
    1974 Yamaha 750 ARD Trackmaster 1974 Yamaha 750 ARD Trackmaster  
    Yamaha GX750 Yamaha GX750 This model embodied a high-level marriage of comfort when cruising on the expressway, running stability and the kind of spirited riding feel that customers wanted in a motorcycle. In the quest for high performance, high durability and high reliability, this model adopted unique Yamaha technologies in features like its compact, laterally-aligned DOHC 3-cylinder engine and a maintenance-free shaft drive. The next year the GX750II was introduced with a 3 into 2 muffler and a big boost in power up to 67 ps.
    1982 Yamaha XJ750 XJ750 Yamaha XJ750 gallery
    1977 Yamaha XS750 1977 Yamaha XS750 Yamaha XS750 gallery
    1981 Yamaha XV750 Yamaha XV750 Yamaha XV750 Gallery
    1979 Yamaha TZ750 TZ750 Yamaha TZ750 gallery
    1987 Yamaha FZ750 1987 Yamaha FZ750

    The FZ750 was quick to draw attention at the Cologne motor show in Germany in the autumn of 1984. Its world's first 5-valve DOHC parallel 4-cylinder, 45-degree forward-inclined engine, was the product of Yamaha?s pursuit of increased power output and vehicle stability. This “Genesis” concept has been passed on from the FZ to the FZR, and still continues to evolve.

    Yamaha FZ750 gallery

    Yamaha FZR750 Yamaha FZR750
    • Engine - 749cc, liquid cooled, DOHC, in line four
    • Power - 121bhp @ 11,500rpm
    • Top Speed - 162mph (259kph)
    • Dry Weight - 187kg (412 lb)
    • Standing Quarter Mile Time - 10.9sec
    • Launched - 1989

    Yamaha FZR750 gallery

    Yamaha TX750 Yamaha TX750 Yamaha’s first production 750cc model sold on the market. In a time when multi-cylinder engines were most common in the bigger 4-stroke road sports models, Yamaha exhibited its originality with features such as an SOHC vertical in-line 2-cylinder engine with balancer that had a big twin’s unique sense of torque and pulse, as well as a slim body for nimble handling. Its advanced mechanics included such as a anti-vibration structure which was a first for a motorcycle, dry sump lubrication and opposed-piston type double disc brakes.
    Yamaha XV750 Yamaha XV750
    1983 Yamaha Virago 750se Custom 1983 Yamaha Virago 750se Custom
    1986 Yamaha FZX750 Yamaha FZX750  
    1972 Yamaha 750 OHC 1972 Yamaha 750 OHC  
    1982 Yamaha Seca 750 Yamaha Seca 750 It came in black or brilliant red, It is shaft driven by an 82HP, D.O.H.C., air-cooled, inline 4 cylinder, 748cc engine, with a 5 speed transmission. It is fuelled by 4 hitachi constant velocity carburetors. It weighs 480lbs.
    1981 Dresda Yamaha Turbo Dresda Yamaha Turbo Built by legendary Triton builder Dave Degens. Frame based on the Norton Featherbed. This has the Solitaire frame. Showroom condition.
    1979 Yamaha XS850 1979 Yamaha XS850 Yamaha XS850 gallery
    1983 Yamaha XJ900 Yamaha XJ 900 Yamaha XJ900 Gallery
    1982 Yamaha XV920R 1982 Yamaha XV920R

    The Yamaha XV920R was introduced in 1981, along with the XV750 Virago. In addition to larger engine displacement, it featured some distinctly "un-Virago-like" styling and technical features. This model was geared toward European-style sport touring.

    The XV920R had a unique enclosed chain final drive, a large 8 inch diameter headlamp, a high-capacity sculpted fuel tank, and rear-set controls and footpegs. Like the Virago, it had a stamped-steel backbone frame, also serving as part of the air-induction system. It had a mono-shock rear suspension, with (air) preload and damper adjustments. The front suspension had air preload adjustment only.

    US sales were discontinued after 1982, with many units still unsold. The rear end styling, with its swingarm-mounted fender (now commonplace), drew much criticism. The bike was also sold in Europe with 980 cc displacement, and called "TR1". European sales were more successful, and continued, with slight styling and color modifications (including a switch to more 'mainstream' rear-end styling), through 1986.

    Yamaha XV920 Gallery

    1982 Yamaha TR1 1982 Yamaha TR1

    V Twin 981cc.

    Yamaha XV1000 TR1 Gallery

    Yamaha FZR1000 Yamaha FZR1000
  • Engine - 1003 cc, liquid cooled, DOHC in-line four
  • Power - 139bhp @ 10,000rpm
  • Top Speed - 172 mph (275kph)
  • Dry Weight - 209kg (461 lb)
  • Standing Quarter Mile Time - 10.8sec
  • Launched - 1987
  • Fuel Consumption - 35mpg
  • Yamaha FZR1000 gallery

    1982 Yamaha XJ 1100 Maxim Yamaha XJ 1100 Maxim
    • Air cooled, four stroke, transverse four cylinder, DOHC, 2 valves per cylinder
    • 5 speed
    • 254kg
    • Disc brakes
    1986 Yamaha XV1100 Virago Yamaha XV1100 Virago Yamaha XV1100 Virago Gallery
    Yamaha FJ1200 Yamaha FJ1200
  • Engine - 1200cc, 4 cylinder inline, aircooled, DOHC, 4 valves/cylinder, 4 carburetors
  • Horsepower - 103bhp at back wheel @ 8500rpm
  • Top Speed - 150mph
  • Standing 1/4 mile - 11.0 sec
  • Weight - 265kg
  • Lanuched - 1986 - 1993. More info..
  • Yamaha FJ1200 gallery

    1984 Yamaha FJ1100 Yamaha FJ1100 Yamaha FJ1100 gallery
    Yamaha Venture Royal XVZ 1200 GL 1983 Yamaha Venture Royal XVZ 1200 GL 1983
    • Engine - 1197cc, V4
    • Horsepower - 97bhp
    • Top Speed - 119mph
    • Weight - 325kg
    1981 Yamaha XS1100 Yamaha XS1100

    Japanese import, 95bhp. An export-only model that ushered in the over-one-liter era. The DOHC in-line 4-cylinder 1102cc engine’s awesome power created new excitement among European and American enthusiasts. The rear wheel was shaft-driven. A European version with continental handlebars and an oil cooler as well as an American version with up-slanted handlebars were available.

    Yamaha XS1100 gallery

    Yamaha XVZ-1200D Venture Royale Yamaha XVZ-1200D Venture Royale The Venture Royale was, in 1983, the Yamaha motorcycle with the largest displacement and power output, and it was developed as a long-distance tourer for the North American market. A liquid-cooled DOHC 4-valve 70 degree V-4 engine and shaft drive for the power unit and full comfort measures including computer controlled front and rear suspension system, made this model great for comfortable long-distance cruising.
    1983 Yamaha XVZ12TD Yamaha XVZ12TD USA Import. Yamaha's answer to the Honda Goldwing, with all the touring kit.
    Yamaha V-max Yamaha V-Max
  • Engine - 1198cc liquid-cooled V4 four-stroke
  • Horsepower - 145bhp
  • Top Speed - 140 mph
  • Lanuched - 1985-2001
  • Yamaha V-Max gallery

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